9 Important German Shepherd and Husky Mix Facts – Could This Gerberian Shepsky Be Your Dog?

A Cool German Shepherd plus a joyful Husky results to an eye-catching Gerberian Shepsky! Even we were shocked to find out how beautiful this mixed breed turned out and we are happier than ever to share what joys this cute doggie can bring you.

German Shepherd and Husky mix, or better known as Gerberian Shepsky, is one of a kind dog, staggering at the height of 20 to 25 inches and weighs from 45 to 60 pounds. They come in many different shades of color that you may like that start from brown until the shade of grey to white! Not only that, but the characteristics of their ancestors have been passed from generations to the present day, making this doggie a perfect fit for families in need of a faithful and loving dog. On the plus side, they are also very energetic and can get you going every morning!

If all of these fun facts excite you then you should keep reading because today, we will be learning all about the 9 important facts you need to know about the wonderful Gerberian Shepsky Mix:

Facts about German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix

1. Family Oriented and Friendly

The German Shepherd and Husky mix make the perfect pet for a family! They can help with chores and make every moment filled with happiness. They are also very sociable and given enough time, they can get along with nearly everyone in the family. Whether they’re big brothers, small cousins, or gleefully running kids around the household, they can be friends with almost anyone. And when appropriately trained, the Gerberian Shepsky can also be quite the obedient doggie and follow any rules you tell him to follow.

On an even brighter note, the German Shepherd Husky can’t get enough affection and will spend most of their time by your side tagging along with any fun games you want to play. And if you’ve ever wanted a dog, you could show off on social media then look no further, because these doggies never shy away from the camera and are quite famous already.

Without a doubt, getting along with this doggo is extremely fun! It gives you peace of mind and awakens your inner love for mixed breeds. They love their owners and always seek their attention. The best part of them is just how well they can handle children. While most other dogs can pose a threat of hurting a small child and putting them in danger from playing too rough, when trained properly, these Gerberian Shepsky can even double-time as a babysitter! Which means more personal time for you and an extra family member to watch over the kids.

2. Exercise Partner

Do you love doing exercises? Are you an athlete? Well, here’s the catch! German Shepherd Siberian Husky mixes are very athletic dogs, and they also make great exercise partners you can workout along with. From getting your cardio for the day in with jogging, and even putting your leg power to the test with sprints – this dog won’t shy away from a challenge. Even dieting becomes a lot more fun because the Gerberian Shepsky also has its own set of nutritional requirements to keep them at tip-top shape!

With a required 2 hour exercise every day, the dog is sure to bring out the inner athlete superstar that has been lying dormant inside of you for years. Heck, you might even go as far as becoming quite a distance runner if you do it regularly and stay consistent. Just make sure you achieve your 170000-2400 calorie requirement for young and energetic dogs, and you are set to have the best time with this athletic dog in your life.

3. Defender

Safety should always be everyone’s number one priority because we all have something important to us that we hold dear and wouldn’t want to be in danger. And for the Gerberian Shepsky, the most important thing to them is keeping their owner safe. This innate loyalty comes from their German Shepherd bloodline and is another amazing aspect of this dog. Who wouldn’t want to have a doggie that would put their owner’s safety and well-being first?

Due to this fact alone, the German Shepherd Husky mix has been regarded as one of the best guard dogs in the world. With its imposing manner and big size, they are sure to ward off any intruders or shady people from ever stepping foot into your backyard. If trained properly, this doggo will fight and save their owners when they feel they are in danger. This doggo in your home, your family will always be safe and secure with him guarding the house.

4. Intellectual

Not all dogs are capable of learning commands, to some extent, other toy dogs would rather lay around and look pretty for their owners. However, the Gerberian Shepsky is the exact opposite and is recognized as one of the fastest learning dogs in terms of commands, tricks, and obedience. Who wouldn’t want a dog that has a few tricks up their sleeves? Just imagine how surprised family friends and relatives will be to see this doggie strut their stuff.

When started at a young age, the German Shepherd Husky Mix can learn anything. So, do make sure to invest time into training because you’ll be losing out on their intellectual side if you don’t give it a chance.

5. Doggie Friendly

One major issue of many dog owners is aggressiveness, and this problem alone takes out a lot of the fun when it comes to meeting other lovely dogs because dog parks are not an option to not-so-friendly pooches. The Gerberian Shepsky is very doggie friendly. Despite its apparent size and playfulness, it would be more than pleased to sniff the butts of new doggie buddies they meet.

It is in your best interest though to start early and even enroll your German Shepherd Husky puppy into a doggie kindergarten because they can easily get frightened. If given a chance to socialize at a young age and get used to the bustling noise of the city, they can turn out to be the doggie friendly canine that you imagine!

6. Gentle Giant

While most giant dogs tend to have an aggressive nature, the Gerberian Shepsky is quite different and is regarded as a Gentle Giant in many dog-loving circles. With heights reaching up to 20-25 inches, this mixed breed is no small doggo but in contrast to his size is a heart so big that only knows how to love and show affection when given the opportunity. In fact, as the owner, you will receive 100% of their love because it is in their nature to be loyal and loving to their master.

You, your children and family can have happy memorable experiences and unforgettable moments with this doggo. The love you gave to this doggo will come back in many folds! Just make sure to treat it with your best loftiest tender and care!

7. Fluffy Pillow

A mix of a Husky and a German Shepherd will result in the best fluffy, huggable doggo! The Gerberian Shepsky has what we call a double coat. Just like their parents, the coat protects them from extreme heat and cold. The first layer of hair or outer coat is much denser to provide preliminary protection. While the inner coat holds a more luxurious touch for being softer. Due to the nature of their double coat, grooming becomes a necessity when caring for your German Shepherd Husky Mix.

Brushing material is a necessity for all the owners and turning to be owners of the Gerberian Shepsky! You need to brush their fur at least 2 to 3 times a week to get rid of all the dead hair and to maintain the natural sheen. Also, these breed needs to take a bath only if it is necessary, you can’t bathe it every day because they hate it and removes some of the natural fur oil that affects the quality of their fur coat.

8. A Loyal Friend

Dogs are every man’s best friend, so is the Gerberian Shepky! With a mix of love and affection, starting at a very young age, you will easily build a strong relationship with your dog. From their point of view, you are their lifelong friend, and they’ll always be patiently waiting for you to return and shower them with love and affection even when you’re out having fun!

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs hold a strong loyalty for their owners – and while love may be the same, some are more loyal than others. That is the beauty of the German Shepherd Husk mix, being born of the two most loyal dog breeds makes it an exceptionally loyal dog. So, whether it is good times or bad times, this dog will be at your side to comfort you on a rainy day.

9. Unique

Different kinds, different sizes, different colors; uniqueness is what makes every dog special and for the Gerberian Shepsky – variation also happens to be its strongest point. Being a mix of two energetic breeds that already have their plentiful variations alone, the German Shepherd Husky mix also ends up with quite the portfolio. Seeing many distinct lines of work from services dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, and even family dogs – this mixed breed can go anywhere. If you happen to be on the lookout for a new friend to tag along with, then this German Shepherd Husky Mix might just be the one you’re looking for!

In Summary:

The German Shepherd and Husky mix is a beautiful dog that has numerous good qualities that make it a great family dog and a new member to your household. From keeping you safe when danger arises, encouraging you to workout as an exercise partner, and being a gentle giant that loves everyone, this wonderful doggie will make a great companion.

However, as with all dogs the Gerberian Shepsky needs your time and attention to be the best dog he can be, so don’t think you can get a great dog without any effort at all! Show him all the love you can give and without a doubt you’ll be seeing all these great things of the Gerbrerian Shepsky.

If you’ve still got the passion for reading more, then how about you learn the 7 reasons why you should get a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix!

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