7 Best Dog Training Books Every Pooch Owner Should Buy

Dog training is probably one of the most exciting parts of having a pooch, but it is not an easy job. You need to repeat everything over and over again until your dog understands what you are trying to do. You are lucky if you have a dog that obeys you immediately, but if you are like me who has a very mischievous pooch, then, you need to do some extra works.

Just like other pet owners, I rely mostly on what I see online and what I read from the books when it comes to educating my dog. There are many “how to train your dog” guides in the market that claims to have a successful result, but not all of them are easy to follow. So, I did my research,s through that, I found out that there are first steps that we, pet owners, should follow before proceeding to a full-time dog training activity. 

Understanding dog behavior

Just like humans, dogs have personalities and (diva-like) attitudes. It is normal, don’t worry. Yes, sometimes it is annoying, but as pet owners, we need to understand them, especially if you want to train them. Thoroughly understanding the most common dog behavior issues should be your number one priority when you are training a dog or planning to do some dog training exercises.

Expert pet owners will agree with me if I claim that dog behavior issues are usually mishandled or misunderstood. Most common dog behaviors that pet owners encounter are barking (every night and every day), digging (our garden), chewing (everything he sees), inappropriate peeing and defecation, chasing, biting, and jumping up. Most dogs behave this way because they need something or want your attention; it is actually easy to control or prevent – you just need knowledge, patience and understanding. However, if you think it is getting worse every day and you cannot control the situation of your dog’s behavior, the best thing to do is to ask a veterinary behaviorist.

How to house train your dogs in one week?

House training dogs is one of the very first steps we should do if we own a pooch. Some pet owners find it hard to house train their pooches because they are first timers and, they do not know what to do.

So, here are the easiest ways to house train your dog in a week or less:

1. Make time. Create a schedule to watch your dog.

To effectively start your dog training, you must lend some time to watch the dog, especially if you want them to learn in just a week. Someone must stay at home with your dog and observe him closely around the clock. Through supervising your pet, you can learn about his routine and behavior right away.

Dogs aged three to six months can learn faster than older dogs. Puppies can be trained easily while older dogs may need more than a week to adapt to their new routine.

2. Leash your dogs and confine them if needed.

You must closely watch your pooch during the first few days of dog training. Some pet owners prefer to leash their pets if they are not playing with them or feeding them to prevent them from making a mess or running outside.

On the other hand, confining your dog in one place like your bathroom or in a crate that is large enough for them to move around is advisable too, especially if you need to go outside or you cannot watch them for a certain period. This is what you called crate training. However, keep in mind that you must not leave them alone and confined for a long time because it might affect their behavior and leave them depressed and sad.

3. Watch for signs.

All dogs have their way of expressing their needs. Through observing your dogs closely, you can learn about the signs and behaviors that they do whenever they want to eat, need to pee or poo.

If you are now familiar with the signs, it will be easier for you to form a dog training method that you can use to teach your pooches easily.

4. Be consistent.

As pet owners and trainers, we are in charge of everything. It is important to have a routine that is appropriate for your dog. Do not just teach them what you want them to learn; you need to understand that some methods are inappropriate for your pooches.

5. Praise your dog and avoid punishing them.

Rewarding your dogs is one of the best ways to train them. Letting them know that what they are doing is appropriate through providing treats is helpful. It can be a way for them to understand which are the right actions and the behavior they need to avoid.

Meanwhile, when it comes to educating them, it is best to avoid punishment as it can affect not only their social behavior but also their relationship with you. Yelling at them, rubbing your dog’s nose in urine or feces, or spanking them are not the best ways to discipline them. When you found your dog misbehaving, it is advisable not to use an angry tone when interrupting them.

If you think you can follow the instructions above, then you are ready to do more. I will give you a list of dog training books that you should buy not only to teach your dogs other tricks but also to understand their behavior.

List of best books about dog training that you should buy.

Like what I have said, dog training is one of the best parts of having a dog, but it is also very exhausting. Few pet owners ask professionals to help them train their dogs, but there are others who want to teach their pooches on their own because seeing their pets learning step-by-step from them is a big reward for any pet owners.

So, here are some of the most popular and most successful dog training books of all time:

1. Dog Training Revolution book by Zak George

Do you know Zak George? He is a popular YouTuber, has a dog training show on Animal Planet. He and Dina Roth Port are the authors of the book that I am recommending you. Aside from being a dog lover and dog trainer, George has also dedicated his time giving dog owners some alternative dog training methods that they can use to teach their pooches.

The book will guide you on how to pick the right puppy, how to housetrain them and how to deal with their behavior.

2. Colleen Pelar’s guidebook called Puppy Training for Kids

Yes, you read it right — kids can also teach puppies. There are easy tips and tricks that every parent can follow not only to train their dogs but also teach their kids how to be responsible and compassionate.

If you are a parent and you have a dog, then this book by Pelar is right for you. It provides advice on how to teach your kids about responsible pooch ownership. Other than that, children’s confidence in puppy training can also be improved through this book because it gives lessons about housetraining dogs, socialization, behavior, buying appropriate puppy stuff and body language.

3. Brandon McMillan’s one-week dog training program called Lucky Dog Lessons

McMillan’s how to train your dog guide is one of the best dog training books in the market. In this dog book, the Lucky Star host provides steps about teaching troubled dogs that he rescued to behave so they can find a shelter that will treat them like a family.

McMillan rehabilitates the dogs that he found. He trains them how to act appropriately around people. Through this book, you will learn the power of effective dog training, how to work with your dogs and create a bond with them, how to build trust and to teach dog commands. Moreover, other than the tips and tricks from the dog expert himself, McMillan also shared his inspirational dog rescue stories that will surely motivate you and touch your heart.

4. Kyra Sundance’s step-by-step guide called 101 Dog Tricks

This book by Sundance has a 3.94-star rating on Goodreads. It was published in 2007, and it remains one of the best classic dog training books of all time because many pet owners have found success with her techniques.

Sundance shared her step-by-step instructions with photos in the book. Each trick that she included in the guide is rated with a difficulty rating and requirements to help you get started in dog training. The tricks in the book range from the easiest ones to the hardest.

5. Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier’s joint book project called Cesar’s Way

If you want something classic and successful, then, Millan and Peltier’s book is the one you should buy. Through this book, you will understand what dogs truly need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Millan, a well-known dog behavior expert, shared his expertise to help dog owners have a stronger bond and more satisfying relationship with their pets. His formula consists of effortless methods: affection, discipline, and exercise. Through this book, he will also guide you to the basics of dog behavior and psychology.

6. Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz’s book, Training the Best Dog Ever

Training the Best Dog Ever was released eight years ago, but it is still a well-known guidebook among pet owners because the training program that Sylvia-Stasiewicz and Larry Kay have provided is effective for training both young and adult dogs.

The method that Millan shared depends on trust and treats, not on leash and collars. The book will improve not only your relationship with your dog but also your bond with them as it will teach you how to understand dog behavior and how to correct them.

7. Dr. Ian Dunbar’s guidebook called Before and After Getting Your Puppy

Dr. Ian Dunbar, the author of the book, compiled two of his popular puppy training manuals and put it into this guidebook. It has clear, helpful and simple steps that you can follow. According to The Good People, Dr. Dunbar provided a structured yet playful and entertaining training program for raising a wonderful dog. The instructions have photos as well so pet owners can easily understand the method.

What you should remember when planning to train your dog?

Having books about dog training can be helpful if you understand your dog and the instruction that you are reading. It is important to lend some time to process all these things, no need to rush. Always keep in mind that things will run smoothly as long as you are determined to help your dog.

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