Dog Christmas Sweater: Why? How to Look For and Make Your Dog Feel Warm This Holiday Season

When the temperature drops from cold to freezing cold, it’s that time of year again. And it’s not just you who feel the chill, but also your furry pet. That being said, you should make sure your pet dog feel warm this holiday season by giving it a dog Christmas sweater.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sweater for Your Dog

  • Did you notice that during the winter months your pet dog is shivering violently? Then it only means that its coat is not sufficient to provide natural insulation for it. This is particularly true for puppies, senior dogs, short hair dog breeds, and convalescing dogs. So, don’t think twice before you get the Christmas sweater for your dog.
  • If you think it’s only you who can catch diseases such as cough and cold during the cold months, you’re wrong. Your pet dog may get sick when the temperature drops as its immune system is weakened. I’m sure you don’t want your pet dog during the holiday festivities to get under such terrible weather, right? Then buy the dog’s Christmas sweater to celebrate Christmas with her in a beautiful way!
  • By letting your pet dog wear a Christmas sweater, its coat won’t get dirty every time you take it out for outdoor activities. This means less frequency bathing during the winter months. As you know, taking a bath when the weather is cold can be pretty hard for your pet dog. It’s going to shiver. But if you buy a dog’s Christmas sweater, even after a visit to the park, his coat will remain clean.
  • Senior dogs are plagued with different kinds of medical conditions. Issues like arthritis worsen during the cold months. This is why it is a good reason to let it wear a Christmas sweater.

How to Look for the Perfect Dog Christmas Sweater?

Don’t just base your choice on the price alone when you buy a sweater. The reason why it’s cheap is because the fabric is of poor quality for all you know. So let me help you know the factors you need to look for when you want to get a sweater for your dog during Christmas:

  • Select a fabric that does not cause itching. Did you try to wear something that causes an awful amount of itching? It can’t make you think well and you can’t move comfortably well either, right? It’s the same for your pooch. Fleece material is the best for the cold months.
  • Make sure that it works for your pet dog. You do not want to get a sweater that covers the genital area of your dog, lest it makes potty difficult, Then, the sweater should a provision for your dog’s harness or collar.
  • Another factor to consider is the ease of putting on a Christmas sweater. You should know if the sweater is easy to put on and take off if the opening comes with such as velcro, a zipper or a button? Get the one that works for you as well as your pooch.
  • The size is right. Get the circumference of the neck and chest of your pet dog. Then measure the neck-to-waist length. Also, as well as its weight. The right sweater size snugs well but not too fitted. The length must not end until its waist area, to keep the genital area open. The hole in the neck, as well as the holes in the legs, must be sufficiently large not to prevent its movement, but not too large enough for your dog to be able to pulpit head or leg out of the holes.
  • Order different sizes to be sure that there is one that will fit well. Anyway, you can gift the others to your dog lover friends or you can return the items to the sellers.

Dress Your Pooch Up This Holiday Season

Wouldn’t it nice if your pet dog is as savvy as you during the Holiday season? There are many options for a dog sweater that has a holiday theme. For example:

A. Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ever wonder why it is called ugly? Here are some facts:

  1. An ugly Christmas sweater is a sweater designed with Christmas themes that were considered flashy and in bad taste.
  2. Bill Cosby is known to be the Father of this type of sweater.
  3. The Cosby Show where Bill Cosby was the lead cast wore a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters in its episodes.
  4. The ugly Christmas sweaters were first called ‘Jingle Bell Sweaters’.

There are many ugly Christmas sweaters that are not only for humans but for dogs, too.

If you want knitted ugly Christmas sweaters:

Kooltail’s ugly Christmas sweaters are 100% acrylic material that makes them safe and comfortable for your pet dog. The bright colors that have three-dimensional designs like a unicorn will fascinate you and your pooch.

It is available in three doggie sizes-small, medium, and large.

Let it wear a Nacoco sweater whenever your pooch feels cold. It is made of a fabric of high quality and comfort. The elastic sign makes fur parents as easy as you slip it on and off on your pooch. It’s easy to clean, too-either wash it with your hands or pop it into the washing machine.

Are you looking for a hilarious printed dog sweater? Then this one is for you. It comes in six styles that can make the most serious person bust into laughter with gusto. It can also be paired with ugly sweaters for fur parents. So, go ahead and let your pooch turn its head by dressing it up with #followme’s dog ugly Christmas sweater.

If you want LED light-up ugly Christmas sweaters:

A pooch wearing a holiday sweater is no doubt festive but do you know what is more festive than that? A pooch wearing a LED light-up Christmas sweater!

The soft and stretchy fabric is designed with holiday festivities plus multicolor LED bulbs that blink. It is light, comfy, and very safe for your pooch. There is an easy to control switch in the hoodie.

Light up the Christmas party with these 10 LED bulbs that blink and switch into different colors. There’s a hidden pouch at the back and the lights turn on with just one flip of the control. If you’re wondering about the comfort of your dog, don’t worry, as this sweater is lightweight and made of comfortable and hypoallergenic clothing.

If you want a pajama-style ugly Christmas Sweaters:

Who says that pajamas are only for humans? Now, you and your pooch can stay in bed in style. Get those cute little PJs stylish and very comfortable to wear.

Whether your pet dog is big or small, you can find a pajama that fits it perfectly. The best way to keep it warm at home is to wear a light pajama, easy to put on and off, and very comfortable to wear.

If you want a Santa-inspired ugly Christmas sweaters:

It’s the holiday season, so dress up your dog with a dog costume inspired by Santa. Take it out for your Christmas party or take it with you for a walk. It will not only feel warm, but it will also give the people around it joy.

B. Small Dog Christmas Sweater

If you’re having a hard time searching for a Christmas sweater that would fit your little dog, then you have to check this brand out. The sweaters are made for small pooches in particular.

Constructed with fleece as its lining, it will undoubtedly keep your little dog warm. By using the metal snaps, it is easy to put on and take off.

The smallest size can be worn by a small dog with a chest size between 10 and 12 inches, neck of 9 inches, and a length of 9.5 inches.

Perfect on a chilly day for little breed dogs. Your dog will surely enjoy the materials from which these coats are made from. 

The smallest size is good for a dog with a chest size of 10 to 11.9 inches, neck girth of 9 inches, and a length of 9.5 inches.

C. Large Dog Christmas Sweater

Do you enjoy exercising in winter with your big dog? Make sure that your dog is in its proper winter clothing, lest, it might fall victim of colds and cough. You all seek an assortment of great dog Christmas sweaters that are designed with top quality garments for durability. Good examples are the following:

The cool thing about this jacket is that it is reversible. So, with just one coat, your large dog gets to wear it in two ways.  It’s made with an easy-to-adjust adjustable hook. It’s lined with fleece, so it’s sure to maintain your dog warm even outdoors.

On top of that, this jacket is rain-proof making it awesome to use whether it is raining or snowing.

It is available up to 4XL size which is good for a chest girth of up to 47.2 inches, body length of up to 24.8 inches, and neck girth of up to 29.5 inches.

If you’re looking for a big Christmas dog sweater, this is another useful product. Big dogs whose size is 5XL with a chest size of 35.4 inches, a back length of 27.6 inches and a neck girth of 24.4 inches can wear it.


While enjoying the holiday festivities, remember that your pet dog may feel the chills. So, get it a nice and fun dog Christmas sweater. Regardless of the size of your dog-from Chihuahua to St. Bernard, you could find a Christmas jacket to protect it from the harsh winter weather.

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