Morkie Dog Breed: A Perfect Guide for Buyers

Are you planning to adopt or buy a mixed breed? Then, I would recommend you one of the cutest and most popular lapdogs in the world, the Morkie dog breed.

Not familiar with the breed? Don’t worry, I will share with you the facts about this dog. This article will be your perfect guide for Morkies. I will tell you everything from their origins down to their personalities.

In this post, I have gathered all the vital details you should know before considering crashing your piggy banks and buying a Morkie puppy breed.

So, hold on. Don’t get too excited, guys. Keep in mind that every pet owner should be 100 percent ready about taking care of puppies because this job is round the clock. Your lifestyle should fit the needs, characteristics, and routines of the dog that you want to have.

Just a warning though, don’t skip the details that I will provide to you as every information about this furry and fluffy pup is crucial. As a pet owner, you should be responsible. You should be prepared for what lies ahead with this pooch once you decided to keep him in your care.

What are Morkie puppies breed?

Do you know the Maltese breed? How about the Yorkshire Terrier? Well, a Morkie puppy breed is a mix of these two dogs that is also why the mixed breed pup is called Morkie. However, the dog breed is well-known as “Morkie,” the actual name of this pup is Morkshire Terrier.

This crossbreed puppy originated in the US, but the American Kennel Club does not recognize Morkies as a genuine breed.

I want to adopt a Morkie puppy, but are they suitable for my lifestyle?

You must ask yourself this question before adopting a Morkie puppy breed. Morkies are super sweet, and they have the characteristics of both of the parents, but he is a susceptible and fragile dog. Although they act strong and brave in front of other dogs and pet owners and they fight back whenever other pooches attack them, it does not mean you should let them play around with big dogs and be hugged too much by anyone.

While Morkies are happy to play with anyone, he should not be left alone with kids. With their small size and weight, they always end up getting hurt whenever they play roughly with other people, especially with children. Children tend to feel so comfortable around small dogs as they look like a cute teddy bear, so they hug and squeeze them like a toy, which is dangerous for Morkies. Due to these kinds of encounters, they end up getting injured.

Keep in mind that if you have kids, it is not advisable to adopt this kind of dog breed due to their sensitivity. Simply hugging them or squeezing them is enough to cause them harm. If you still want to have Morkie puppies breed even if you have children, just remember they should be left alone with pooches that are of a similar size.


Morkie puppies breed are not just cute and sweet; they are also intelligent, friendly and playful. They are also trustworthy, affectionate, and hypoallergenic. Since they are a mixed breed of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, they have the same traits as their parents. They possess their parents’ personalities, such as being independent and confident. 

This kind of breed see themselves as big dogs so beware, they will not back out if anyone attacks them, so you need to keep an eye on them because they always end up getting hurt.

Since Morkies have friendly, loving, and sweet personalities, they get along well with other dogs and people. BUT, keep in mind that when playing, you should keep big dogs away from them. Just like what I have mentioned, Morkies are small and fragile, so playing with big pooches may cause them injuries.

What else should you know?

1. Morkies are always hungry.

As a potential Morkie buyer, you should know that Morkies are big eaters — they binge eat so better have a plan to control their food cravings. Always giving them food might get them too fat, which is not advisable for these small-frame pooches.

2. They are (a bit) stubborn.

Morkies love to mess around not just with you, but with other individuals and dogs as well, that’s why after playing they often end up getting injuries. Usually, they don’t obey you because they like doing stuff in their way. But, because their stubbornness is still controllable, you don’t have to worry about this.

3. They are angels.

Morkies are very affectionate to their owners, so be prepared to get a lot of love from them. Although sometimes it is a bit hard to handle their naughtiness, Morkies are good dogs. They are like cute little angels running around your house and eating all your food.

4. Small dog syndrome.

Have you ever heard of this term? No? Well, you should do research about it because Morkies have it – they love barking, which can be a bit of an issue for any pet owner. When they are left alone, they will continuously bark until they get someone attention.

Small dog syndrome is not a serious issue, barking is a usual sign of separation anxiety, and it is common in a lot of dog breeds.

5. Small but terrible.

Morkies are great watchdogs. They will raise the alarm once they notice something disturbing or unusual. They will bark noisily and repeatedly at the smallest movement they see or hear.

6. Cuddle babies.

Morkie puppies breed love to cuddle so they will grab any opportunity to be by your side. So, prepare a soft pillow, put them on your lap, and spend time with them – they love it!

How to care for Morie dog breed?

1. Exercise requirement

Surprised? Did you think that since Morkie puppies breed have a small frame and are usually carried by their owners, they will just lay around and sleep? Well, sorry to pop your dreamy bubble but these pooches are active.

Morkies have so much energy in them so you should keep up with them or else they will be unhealthy and sad. These dogs need only minimal exercise, they enjoy brief walks, so if you’re planning to take them for a morning jog or a lengthy evening walk, prepare to carry them back home. So, save yourself from being too exhausted, schedule a brief walk, and have an easy workout to appreciate your time with them.

Morkie puppies breed love to play around, mess with you, spend time with you and play fetch with you, not just outside but even inside your house.

As a pet owner, you have to keep them healthy. Exercising is not only good for your dog, it is also good for you. Accompanying Morkies in their exercise and encouraging them to stay active will not only benefit them, but it will also give you a healthy lifestyle.

2. Training requirements

Morkies are smart, but they are also headstrong, so training them is advisable to teach them good manners and the do’s and don’ts.

Training Morkies will take time and patience. These dogs are too playful, and sometimes, their activeness is out of place. There will be times when they completely ignore your command and mind their own business, so be understanding, never scold them with an angry voice because if treated harshly, this kind of dog breed won’t listen to you.

Like any breed, treating them negatively, forcing them to train and repeating commands over and over again and doing long-hour training will not have a good result. Instead, it will be counterproductive, and it will create adverse outcomes.

2. Morkie Grooming

Combing and brushing your Morkie at least every other day is not enough to keep them clean and comfortable. It is essential that these kinds of dog breeds get a regular grooming session. Morkies need to be groomed by professionals every few months for a good trim.

When going to a grooming shop, make sure you tell the assigned staff to your dog, to pay more attention to your Morkie’s feet, legs, and tail because this is where tangles are very common. Meanwhile, when it comes to the hair around their eyes, always make sure you clean it daily because the dirt around that area and the tear stain from their eyes could be a problem. It needs to be cleaned every day with a soft wet cloth.

3. Morkie puppies breed’s health issue

Before considering adopting a Morkie, it is vital to research about its health history. Since it is a mixed breed, there is a possibility that it has also inherited its parents’ health condition.

Morkies need to go to a regular vet checkup to track their condition and to keep them healthy. These are the common health issues of this breed:

1. Liver problems
2. Tracheal collapse
3. Heart disease
4. Cataracts
5. Glaucoma
6. Hypoglycemia
7. Portosystemic shunt
8. White dog shaker syndrome
9. Patellar Luxation
10. Dental problems
11. Hernias
12. Cryptorchidism

Most pet owners may understand this, but you never have to purchase a Morkie puppy breed from puppy mills for first-time buyers. Never trust any seller who refuses to offer you or display you the dog’s comprehensive health information you want to purchase. Buying from a legit seller and trusted breeders is essential.


Morkie puppies breed have a long life. Their lifespan can be anywhere from 10 to 15 years.


Now that you read the facts about Morkies, do you think this breed is right for you? Since you are planning to buy them, it very important to determine if your lifestyle suits them.

Morkies does tend to be stubborn, but they are sweet and affectionate at the same time. If you want to adopt one, then you must be ready to deal with their playfulness. Yes, it would be hard sometimes, but that makes the dog parenting more fun.

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