Dog Training Hacks To Teach Dogs How To Roll Over

Anyone would agree with me if I say the roll-over dog trick is probably one of the cutest tricks that we could teach our dogs. If you are a new dog owner, you are probably thinking of ways of how to teach them this skill. Don’t worry! It is really easy, especially if you are patient enough to deal with stubbornness or laziness on your dog’s part.

Why do we need to train our dogs?

Is dog training important? Yes, it is! Dogs need to learn how to live with us, humans, in order to survive. No dog comes into the world knowing what they need to do and how to live in our company. Although we treat our pooches as our furry children and friends, we cannot change the fact that they have their own survival instincts, so as pet owners, it is our responsibility to teach them how to adjust to our lifestyle. 

Any new dog owner needs to know a thing or two about dog training: firstly, it is not only meant to make life easier for you and your dog, but it can also strengthen your bond with each other. By training their pets, owners will have a chance to know more about the animals’ behavior, traits, and personality. So, it is better not to wait until your dog is driving you crazy – teach them even the most basic tricks from the very beginning. 

Dogs need to learn what is acceptable and what is not. Just like a parent, we need to treat them like our own human children. We need to patiently teach our pooches what they need to do. They need to learn basic manners, the house rules, how to behave and how to treat other people kindly. 

What are the benefits of training your dogs?

Being able to strengthen your bond with your dog is one of the many benefits of training them. According to VetWest, research shows that owners with well-behaved pets get more satisfaction and have a stronger bond with their pets. This only serves to prove that experiencing pleasure based on dog ownership leads to your being closer to your dog.

Secondly, by means of training you also get the chance to control your dog more easily. As time passes by, they will become ever more obedient and polite towards you and towards other people. In addition, they will be more sociable. Your dog will not be afraid to meet other people or other dogs, as they will be able to adjust quite easily to whatever environment they are in. 

What else?

Well, through training, dogs will become smarter and more entertaining. They will be more familiar with the things around them and the people they see. Furthermore, you may notice an improvement in your own pet ownership ability and your social life. Remember, dogs don’t only teach us how to be responsible and compassionate, they can also teach us to step out of our comfort zone and meet other people, for example other pet owners. 

However, I think the best benefit that we can get from dog training is safety. A well-trained dog is safer to have around family and friends, especially if you have kids. Moreover, a trained dog can also save you from harm, as it has the ability to protect you from any kind of danger.

I want to train my dog how to roll over, what should I do?

Let us picture a very typical situation that every pet owner has faced. You have a dog and you want to train them a basic command like rolling over, BUT you are too busy to do it. What should you do? Well, it is actually pretty easy to make a transition – you just need patience, understanding, knowledge, and dog training hacks. 

Yes, you read it right!

There are hacks to train dogs quickly and thus make your life a lot easier. Time, treats and tricks are the things you should pay attention to. 

Time. The best time to train your dog is when they start their “me time”, where they run around without caring about what or who they may bump into. You can use this overflowing energy to do something more beneficial, like dog training and teaching your pet how to roll over. 

Make sure to keep the training session short. Just like humans, dogs get tired and bored, so it is advisable to train them for less than 15 minutes. Jacquelyn England of A Dogs Life advises pet owners to organize three or four training sessions each day. 

Treat. Every dog wants treats. Rewarding them for doing something good is one of the best teaching methods. But keep in mind that you should use training treats strategically – the reward you will be giving should depend on the difficulty rate of the trick the dog is practicing. Furthermore, you need to be careful not to turn treats into bribes. Do not manipulate your dog through treats, as it may teach them to continuously disobey you unless you reward them.

Trick. What trick do you want to teach your dog? Sitting down? Handshake? How to roll over? Name it, you can train them to do it as long as you know the proper way of teaching them. 

Training them outdoors is probably one of the most effective methods, because it helps them improve their social skills and attention. 

What else?

Every expert pet owner and dog trainer has their own way of training their dogs. But, if you are a first-time dog owner, you may still be stuck in the “what to do now” stage. Since I want to help you, I have decided to compile a list of simple dog training hacks that you can follow to get things done properly:

1. Be prepared all the time.

Dogs are unpredictable, do not expect them to do the same thing over and over again. They are stubborn and smart. They can trick you and they can mess up with you if they want to. So, be prepared like a scout. 

Have a leash handy in case they misbehave or disobey you. A naughty dog can make problems not just inside your house, but also outside (parks? That is their playground, so you’d better keep this hack in mind). 

2. Be smart (smarter than your mischievous dogs)

Anything can happen. Do not give them a command rule unless one, you are confident that they can follow it and that they understand what you want them to do, and two, if you are in a position to assist them to get it right. 

Keep in mind that as a pet owner and dog trainer, you are responsible of guiding your dog all the way through the training session.

3. Be Consistent

Do not be a stubborn pet owner who always changes their routine and rules. If your style is like this, then you will end up feeling frustrated, because your dog will not be able to understand the training you give them. Learn how to apply the same practices and words all the time. Remember that dogs are like humans, they need to get used to the things around them in order to learn the dos and don’ts.

4. Be Affectionate

Dogs love receiving lots of affection. They are used to being with their mother and siblings all the time, so showering them with love and care is really important, especially if they are taken away from their family and given to you. 

Dogs bond quickly if you try to reach out to them. This can help them better adjust to their new surroundings, lifestyle and to you. Once they are used to their new life, you can easily train them basic manners and tricks. 

Hot to teach dogs to roll over?

1. First things first, before training your dog this cute trick, you need to train them the lie-down trick. If they have mastered this one, ask them to do the down position. After that, kneel beside them and hold a treat near their nose.

2.  Move the treat towards their shoulder, luring them to roll flat on their side. Repeat the process a few times and give them a reward every time they follow the treat and lie flat on their side.

3. Once your dog got used to the move, add another step. This time, keep your hand moving from their nose towards their shoulder, so that your furry friend has to roll over onto their other side. Give them a treat, then repeat the action. 

4. Now, after some more practice, try to get them to roll over without a treat. Just use your hand this time, gesturing the roll-over movement. When they get it right, try adding the command “roll over”, so that they can get used to the verbalization of the move as well. 

5. Finally, after enough practice, try to fade out your hand signal and just say “roll over”. Don’t rush things, give your dog time to figure out what you are asking them to do. If they are unable to follow your command, guide them again by using your hand. 

My dog can’t learn the roll-over trick. What should I do?

Nothing. Just like humans, dogs also need time to learn new things. Be patient.Some dogs can learn this trick in just one day, others cannot. Do not force them. Keep in mind that eventually, they will learn to roll over upon hearing your command alone. Just relax, take it easy and teach them kindly, with love and patience.  

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