Where to Leave Your pet When on Vacation?

You want to make sure your pet is well taken care of if you’re going on holiday without them, like every pet owner. You can choose a cattery or kennel to take them to, a pet hotel, or get a friend or relative to look after them. This article describes the various options available to you in detail.

Catteries, Kennels, Hotels

Boarding facilities tend to vary depending on different factors, such as amenities and price. Ask your vet or other pet owners for suggestions or advice if you don’t know enough about the services in your area. It’s a good idea to visit your facility of choice in advance before making a commitment. The most important thing to look for in a care facility is the nature of the premises. They must be safe, clean, and dry. Ask about certification, licenses, and insurance coverage for emergency care.

Don’t be afraid to inquire into whether the staff will actually take the time to keep your pet company. He or she needs enough room to be able to move around. Ask if they have a monitoring system and, if so, how many hours a day it’s available. The kennel, cattery, or hotel needs enough employees to provide quality care for the animals.

When you find a pet hotelthat seems suitable, make sure you ask for proof of vaccination. You don’t want your pet to contract a disease. If they have certain conditions or issues, ask the hotel or boarding service if their staff can accommodate them. Most importantly, the animals at the facility need to look healthy and be clean. 

Asking a Neighbor or Friend for Help

Your pet is likely to suffer when you’re gone. One reason for this will be the changes to their routine when you’re not there. It can be a good idea to get someone you know to look after them in your home to make sure they remain in a familiar setting. Pets like rabbits and cats aren’t fans of new places and people in general. Some dogs areThanks n’t either.

When someone agrees to help out, make sure you tell them everything about your pet that they would need to know to take care of them when you’re gone. 

Getting a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is a good alternative to a relative, neighbor, or friend. It’s not easy to find a professional sitter who is also affordable. No matter how you go about doing your hiring, meet the sitter in person before you commit to their services. There is no better way to ensure they will care for your pet well.

Ask about insurance and check their references. Give them the details they need like you would a neighbor, relative, or friend. These will include the pet’s habits and routine. Any change in these is bound to result in stress for your pet, so ask them if they can help the pet stick to them. Tell them where they can buy your pet’s usual food as well as any special treats. Leave a number at which you can be contacted. It’s also a good idea to provide a vet’s contact details along with where to reach them outside business hours.

Don’t skip any relevant health-related data. Leave a sufficient amount of medication if your pet is taking such and easy to comprehend instructions on how to give them the medication.

Leave Something Familiar if Taking Them Outside the Home

If you decide to take your pet to a hotel or boarding facility or to someone else’s home, provide a blanket, toy, or something else that smells familiar to the pet. Pets like hamsters and rabbits appreciate nesting material in new places. Of course, it has to be clean. 

Finally, let your sitter or the boarding facility staff know details of your pet’s behavior and personality, including likes and dislikes. Provide collars, toys, leashes, litter trays, posts for scratching, or anything else your pet will need. 

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