Can Dogs Eat Peaches? Good? Vitamins and Minerals, Safe?

The peach fruit is one of the things you look forward to in the summer. I could not blame you. Peach is sweet with some tang. Once you bite into it, fresh and delectable juice oozes out of this fruit.  And, since you’re very fond of your pooch, you might wonder if you can also give peach to your dogs.

In this article, I will shed light on whether dogs can eat a peach or not.

What Is Peach and Where Does It Come From?

Prunus persica is the scientific name of peach. It is a fruit-bearing tree belonging to the family of Rosacea. The peach tree bears fruit during summertime, and these trees are widely grown both in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. 

The peach tree is believed to have its origin in China. The Spanish explorers brought the plant to other parts of the globe because of its delicious taste. This started peach cultivation in Europe, Asia and other countries of the Mediterranean.

Can Dogs Have Peaches?

Absolutely!  You can share some of this fruit with your pooch. Allowing your pooch to eat natural food like fruits is a good idea. This is because fruit contains natural supplements that are good for the health of your dog.

The only thing you need to remember is not to give the peach pits or stones to your dog. The peach pits are toxic to your dog. Then, of course, as always, give the right amount of peach to your pooch.

Are Peaches Good For Dogs?

Peach is definitely good for your dog. It’s packed with nutrients that can contribute to your pooch’s well-being. And your dog will love the sweet and tangy peach taste that it will surely wag its tail to ask for more peach.

Let me enumerate for you the nutritional advantages of giving peach fruit to your dog:

1. Peach is good for the cardiovascular health of your dog:

A peach is a good type of snack because it has a low-calorie content. Plus, there is no fat in it. A dog snack that is high in fat is bad for their cardiovascular health. Since peach is virtually fat-free, you can give your begging dog one of the safest and most nutritious snacks.

2. Peach Makes the Skin and Coat Healthy:

The peach fruit contains vitamin A and vitamin E. If you notice that the skin of your dog is on the dry side, it means that there is a lack of nutrition, especially vitamin A. Aside from the improvement of the coat, vitamin A is good for the vision of your dog, more so by preventing the night-blind problem in dogs.

Apart from that, Vitamin A is also good for dogs whose growth is stunted. If you observe that your dog is not growing properly, then it might be lacking in Vitamin A.

In the same manner that Vitamin E fights off radicals and as a result, Vitamin E makes the skin and coat of your dog healthy and shiny.

Vitamins A and E can both be found in peach, and this gives your dog the perfect balance of the two vitamins.

3. Peach Makes Your Dog Active:

Also found in peach is vitamin B3 or niacin. This vitamin works by converting fat into energy, making your dog more active and less likely to become obese.

Furthermore, if you plan to breed your dog, a high level of vitamin B3 may be required. This vitamin is needed for the hormone’s normal functioning and the production of milk.

4. Peach Makes Your Dog’s Tummy Healthy:

This fruit is big on dietary fiber which is great for a regular bowel movement. Fiber lessens the chance of getting colon cancer, thereby lengthening the lifespan of your dog.

If your dog has diabetes, feeding it with snacks high in fiber is the better option.

5. Peach Makes Your Dog Stronger:

Peach is full of minerals and vitamins that can strengthen your dog. It will not easily catch colds and cough. Besides that, peach can provide your dog resistant to skin infections. 

6. Peach Is Good For the Body Organs:

Since this fruit is loaded with potassium, it affects its overall health positively. Low potassium levels lead to diseases of the kidneys, heart, and liver.

The Vitamins and Minerals That Peach Would Give To Your Dog:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Niacin
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Fluoride
  • Antioxidants

Now with all those good stuff that is found in peach, it is safe to say that your dog can eat a peach.

Are Peaches Safe For Dogs?

It doesn’t mean you can share all the peaches you want with your pooch. It is safe, but you have to give it in moderation.  Why? Because too much peach can have harmful effects.

Peach is loaded with fiber, as I mentioned earlier. Too much fiber can cause your dog to go through bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms may go away in a day or two, but if not, take your dog for medication at the vet.

Additionally, too much peach can lead to weight gain.

It is safe to say that yes, peach is safe for dogs but give the right amount only.

Are Peaches Bad For Dogs?

A peach is safe, but there are three ways as to how a peach can be bad for dogs and these are the following:

1. There is a pit or stone in a peach. The pit contains amygdalin, a substance containing a component of sugar cyanide. It can lead to poisoning if eaten in large quantities.

2. If your dog accidentally eats the pit of peach it can be bad. The texture of the pit is not only poisonous, but also hairy and rough. It can cause injury to the throat if eaten, especially by puppies. In addition, from the peach pit, both pups and adult dogs can get choked.

3. If you are going to buy the peach from the grocery, make sure to wash the skin very well. This skin of the peach may be laden with chemicals like fertilizers.

What Are The Symptoms of Cyanide Poisoning From Pits?

If you are unsure whether your dog ate some pits or not, then let me help you find out if your dog is suffering from cyanide poisoning.

The symptoms could include: too much drooling, dizziness, breathing hard, and heavy panting. The dog may get into a coma and die in some cases.

But let me stress that it takes a number of pits before your dog gets poisoned for you not to get paranoid about it. Either your dog eats too many pits in one sitting, or it may happen over a period of time. One pit will not poison your dog, but if it continues to eat pits, then the cyanide will slowly destroy your dog’s system.

Unfortunately, it is known that peaches are one of the common fruits in dogs that cause cyanide poisoning. Be very careful as a fur parent and make sure your dog is unable to access the pits. Throw the pits in areas where your dog could not find it. Remember that dogs have a strong sense of smell, so put those pits in areas that are difficult to reach.

Other Reasons Why You Have To Be Careful When Feeding A Peach:

  • The hard pit can break the teeth of your dog.
  • The pit can lead to choking.
  • If pits are ingested, it could result in blockage in the stomach. Surgery may be required.
  • Peach with molds can result in an upset stomach.
  • If the peach is rotten, the sugar will be converted to alcohol.

How Do You Give A Peach Safely?

Professional advice before feeding your dog peaches is safer. Ask the Vet if you need to look for any signs just in case your pooch is allergic to peach.

Peach is not harmful if given as an occasional treat. Before slicing it into small pieces, always wash the fruit. If stems and leaves are present, remove them. Then always throw the pits away and place the pits in areas where your dog could not find them.

Slice the peach in small serving pieces before giving it to your dog. Always give a few pieces only if it is going to be the first time that your dog will eat a peach. If you do not see any abnormal signs like scratching, then you can increase its peach intake.

Concerning the amount of peach to be given, the best thing to do is to consult a vet. But generally speaking, always follow the 10% rule when it comes to snacks or treats. Roughly, that’s somewhere between half a cup and a cup of peaches occasionally.

Can You Share Your Canned Peaches With Your Dog?

While canned peaches are not toxic to your dog, it’s not a good idea, however. This is due to the addition of sweeteners and additives.  Your dog can have some digestive issues if fed with too many sweets. 

Plus, a majority of dogs are prone to getting overweight. Thus, for the sake of your dog’s good health, do not allow it to eat canned peaches.


If you share some fresh and raw peach with your pooch, it shouldn’t have any big problems. The fruit is full of minerals and vitamins that are excellent for your dog’s health. The only time you can have some problems with your pooch is when you overfeed it with peach and allow it to munch on the pit.

Otherwise, a peach is a healthy snack for your dog but must only be given every so often.

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