How to Spot Out The Best Dog Shoes For Summer Time

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Summer time is without a doubt the most fun season of the year, with all the spectacular moments you get to experience and adventures you get to go on! Whether you’re at home having a fun time relaxing, out on the beach having a blast, visiting a different country to experience the culture, or even trekking those overdue mountains – the sky’s the absolute limit. And the best part about it for us, dog-lovers, is the fact that we can bring our lovely doggie with us wherever we decide to go!

However, there exists one glaring issue that many dog-lovers tend not to notice, and which ends up hurting their pooch really badly – that is, the importance of dog shoes for summer. No matter where you are in the world, summer time heat can sometimes reach scorching levels, leaving hot pavements everywhere. Consequently, if you fail to give your dog the proper paw protection, they will suffer from painful burns which will require an urgent visit to the vet.

So, in order to help you choose the best ones out there, we’ve prepared a quick and easy guide on how to spot the best dog shoes for summer time!

Dog Shoes for Summer

So, what are dog shoes? Well, just like the shoes we wear, they are used to protect our dogs from dangerous terrain, injury, and bad weather conditions. They are more commonly known as dog booties and have become increasingly famous over the years. Today, we will go over the seven things you should look out for when choosing the best pair of booties for the protection of your dog’s paws:

1. Durability

Dog shoes are meant to last for quite some time, just like the shoes we wear, which is why durability is one of the most important aspects to look for in a pair of dog shoes for summer. You wouldn’t want them to suddenly break and force you to cut your vacation short. Therefore, getting a strong and durable pair of dog shoes is an absolute must.

 A great example of these are the QUMY Dog Boots, made of high quality material and tightly sewn together to last on any adventure you may decide to go on. These should be a set standard for any dog booties you decide to buy for your pooch.

2. Breathability

Next up is breathability. No one likes uncomfortable shoes that make them feel like they can’t move, and neither will your dog, as they need as much room for movement as possible. A breathable pair of dog shoes will allow the smooth flow of moisture, vapor, and air through the booties and help your dog feel as natural as possible when wearing them. This will help your dog get used to the shoes much more easily and thus feel more comfortable.

A good example of breathable shoes is the LONSUNEER Dog Boots, designed to keep paws safe, cool, and dry at all times, no matter where you and your dog decide to go. This pair serves to show the importance of breathability when looking for good dog shoes, because it is the perfect blend of comfort with practicality, keeping everything at optimal conditions. So, when you do head out and start your search for the best dog shoes this summer, don’t forget that breathability is a very important factor!

3. Rugged

Dog shoes are used for paw protection, so you wouldn’t want lackluster shoes doing an unimpressive job keeping your dog’s paws safe from various hazards. For this reason alone, you should always look towards dog booties that are more rugged, especially in this summer heat, with all the debris and rocks you may end up facing. The rugged attribute helps immensely when it comes to giving your dog better traction and stability, which will result in better balance and safety in the face of hazards, no matter the adventure you embark on.

One pair of dog shoes at the forefront of ruggedness is the My Busy Dog – Dog Shoes that provide both quality of material and rugged features. This pair turns the normal dog shoes into waterproof and anti-slip soles that undoubtedly guarantee the safety of your dog, especially if you tend to get into quite slippery situations.

Make sure that the dog shoes you’re getting will offer the same quality of support!

4. Size

A big mistake many dog owners make when it comes to choosing the right pair of dog shoes for summer is not getting the right size for their pooch. In fact, plenty of dog owners are unaware that there exist different sizes of shoes for different sizes of paws, which becomes a major comfort-related problem for your dog. So, it is in your best interest to whip out a measuring tape or better yet let your dog tag along to get the perfect shoe size just for them.

Plenty of different dog brands offer sizes for all types of dogs, from toy dogs all the way to the bigger canine. As such, you don’t need to worry, because you will definitely find a pair of dog shoes that fits your doggie perfectly!

5. Price

One of the most important things to look at when choosing dog shoes for summer is the price; spending too much of your summer budget on dog shoes is just a bad decision. It is in your best interest to look at a multitude of dog shoes with varying prices, from very affordable to expensive, and see which deal gets you the most bang out of your buck. Through comparison, you will find that plenty of dog booties offer great quality at an absolutely friendly price, which in turn allows you to save plenty of budget for travelling.

These HiPaw Breathable Dog Boots offer breathability and paw protection for the summer at nearly half the price of other brands. While this pair may come with certain drawbacks due to the lower price, it’s always best to look for the dog shoes that best suit your plans for the summer vacation.

6. Easy to Use

Another important aspect to look out for in a pair of dog shoes for summer is its ease of use, in terms of putting it on and taking it off as well. There are plenty of quality dog booties on the market right now, however not all share the same degree of comfort when it comes to their actual use. In this regard, if you plan to go out a lot during the summer vacation, you wouldn’t want to be bothered by dog shoes that are hard to put on. This, of course, makes it even more important to look for a pair that guarantees you will not experience this problem.

The HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes are guaranteed to be an easy-on and easy-off pair of booties due to their adjustable strap. The convenience this feature brings is a must for any dog owner planning to go on a summer vacation with their pooch, and will undoubtedly be great for you, too!

7. Online Reviews

Last but not the least, there are online reviews, quotes and comments from other dog lovers who’ve purchased the product and share their experience using them. Even if we can offer you the best advice on choosing the best pair, users and consumers are the only ones who can truly vouch for the promises and features of the product. It is very important that you read the most conclusive of reviews regarding the product to see if its advertising and features really hold up. By reading reviews, you will easily get the full picture of a product without having to buy it – which is a major help when choosing dog booties!

A great tip would be to focus on top comments and reviews, both the positive and the negative, in order to familiarize yourself with both sides of the spectrum. By doing this, you will find out whether the product you’re looking at is guaranteed to be of high quality or if it’s rather a big false hope.


The scorching summer heat is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to the hot pavement potentially burning your dog’s paws and causing excruciating pain. As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to find the best dog shoes for the summer and thus keep your pooch safe at all times. However, when it comes to choosing, you shouldn’t just go wild and grab the first pair of dog boots you see. There are seven key aspects you would need to go over to ensure you’re choosing the best alternative for your dog.

These are durability, breathability, rugged, size, price, easy to use, and online reviews. By taking these seven key aspects into account when going out shopping for dog shoes, you are sure to find the best pair of booties for your doggie. Overall, this is for your dog’s sake, but it will also ensure that both of you can enjoy your summer vacation together, with all of its fun moments and craziness – simply remember that safety is just as big a concern, too!

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