5 Best Brushes For Dogs With Short Hair

All dogs need to be groomed to keep them looking healthy and well-taken care of, regardless of their breed, size, and hair-length. These dogs deserve all the love in the world and that’s not hard to do, especially for short-haired dogs.

One of the best ways to groom short-haired dogs is to have a brush that will easily remove all that loose hair and accumulated debris from their adorable coats. Finding the best brush will also ensure all the body oils your dog has will be spread all over their body.

Now you might think it’s going to be a dead investment but buying your own brush has its own benefits. Getting your own brush will not just save you time and money from trips to the groomer, you’ll also have lots of bonding time with your dog at the comforts of your own home.

There are a lot of brushes out there and it’s hard finding the best tool to target a certain issue. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the list you need to help you narrow down your search! Here are the 5 best brushes for your short-haired fur ball of love.

Top 5 Brushes for Short-Haired dogs

1. FURminator Curry Comb

Short-haired dog owners praise this brush because it does the job of keeping shedding at bay. Regardless of how think your dog’s coat is, this will still do wonders for you. All those features might make it seem like it’s out of your budget but it’s very affordable!

Of course, you definitely want your home to be squeaky clean and free from all that unnecessary fur everywhere. No more daily vacuum sessions because this FURminator Curry comb is created with a patented technology to effectively reduce shedding and remove dust with its stainless steel blade.

Don’t worry about cleaning all those hairs stuck on the brush because you only need to press the FURejector button to remove all of it. Now it solves both the shedding problem and the cleaning problem. But wait, we’re not done just yet! There are still a few features that make this comb a winner.

It also features rubber teeth that evenly spreads your dog’s natural oils as you use this brush all over their body. With its ergonomic handle and rubber grip, you can hold this brush with ease for longer periods of time. To seal in the deal, the plastic material it uses is anti-microbial to prevent bacteria from accumulating on the brush.

All these features can be found is just a single tool. So if you’re looking for a tool to reduce all that shedding at a very affordable price, definitely buy the FURminator Curry Comb. You’re not just saving time from less vacuuming sessions, you’re also keeping your dog groomed and healthy.

2. LA Beauty Labs Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are definitely one of the best options for your short-haired dog because it’s both soft and strong. It might sound ironic but it definitely works. One of the most popular brushes that use this feature is LA Beauty Labs’ Bristle Brush.

This brush features reinforced boar bristles that are known to effectively brush out debris from your dog’s coat. Here’s where the irony comes in: the bristles have been praised to be soft yet strong enough to do what you bought it for. Plus, the bristles don’t easily fall out and last a long time.

These bristles are also evenly spaced from each other to do its job effectively. So whether your dog is a Labrador or a Chihuahua, you’ll get the same result you want. Don’t be surprised to find your dog anticipating grooming time when you use this brush.

Going for that classic look, the LA Beauty Labs created an old-school brush without sacrificing quality and durability. Brushes with this look are guaranteed to be sturdy and long-lasting. Despite not having more advanced features, you’ll find that this brush is one of the most effective ones in the market.

Say goodbye to nylon or metal brushes and swap all of those with this classic and durable brush. This pricey, yet valuable bristle brush is the perfect choice for those who want a classic yet sturdy design to remove all the debris effectively. 

3. Conair PRODog Boar Bristle Brush

Conair is a brand that’s known for having a wide range of brushes for different uses. So it’s no surprise that they’ve also developed a brush to specifically target loose hair and shedding for short-haired dogs.

It’s made with 50% natural boar bristles mixed with 50% synthetic ones that are just the perfect combination to get all those loose hairs out of your dog’s coat. It easily cuts through curly- or short-haired coats with the said combo.

This 50-50 combo is also a great way to evenly spread natural oils all over your dog’s body without much effort. With that being said, Conair made sure that you won’t have a hard time doing just that. With an ergonomic and functional design in mind, this brush fits perfectly in your hand.   

Don’t be deceived by its aesthetic because the entire thing is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. Together with its ergonomic grip and lightweight construction, spreading your dog’s natural body oils might be something you’ll love doing all day long.

Dog owners highly recommend this boar bristle brush for owners who are still unsure of what brush to buy. The quality and effectiveness of this tool easily compares to the more expensive ones in the market. So if you’re on a tight budget yet still want something lightweight and effective, choose this brush instead.

4. Safari Combo Brush

If you’re looking for a double-sided brush to thoroughly brush down your puppy’s coat, Safari Combo Brush has got you covered. Not only that, it’s pretty affordable for just about any short-haired dog owner. Excess shedding will be a thing of the past once you get your hands on this affordable brush.

This combo brush has a bristle brush on one side and a pin brush on the other. Lift loose hair and remove debris using the wire pin brush side and evenly spread your dog’s natural oils using the bristle side to run through their coat. Just simply flip to your preferred side and you’re good to go.

Despite being very affordable, its designed to have an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold regardless of your hand size. It’s also pretty lightweight so constantly brushing your dog’s coat won’t feel like it’s a burden to do. 

It’s made with a durable plastic material that won’t degrade immediately. It’s produced in two different sizes to cater to both small and large dogs. So whether you have a cute terrier or a huge Labrador, this brush will just work fine for both.

The Safari Combo Brush is definitely one of the best for dog owners who don’t have a huge budget but still want an effective brush for their dog.

5. AUBBC Grooming Glove

Are you one of those owners who don’t love brushes? Then AUBBC’s Grooming Glove will sound like heaven to you! These affordable pair of gloves come in a package will all sorts of things to benefit you and your dog. It might even sound expensive, but it’s super affordable!

In the package you’ll be getting 2 pairs of finger toothbrushes, 1 pair of double-headed toothbrush, and a bite-rope toy that your dog can play with while you’re having your regular grooming time. of course, you’ll also get upgraded loves for a very affordable price. 

These gloves are made with thermoplastic rubber that’s known to be quite soft and helpful in removing loose hair from your dog’s coat. Featuring 259 teeth, you can give your dog a massage while you’re softly removing all debris from their body.

It’s designed to fit your hands perfectly with an adjustable wristband and mesh design. The soft inner layer of material will be breathable enough for longer periods of use. Fitting all your five fingers perfectly also means that you can reach areas brushes can’t.

Grooming time will easily become you and your dog’s favourite bonding time. Just simply slip on this pair of gloves and softly run through your dog’s body. Not only are you getting rid of loose hair and accumulated debris, you’ll also give them a good massage every time.


By now, you’re probably convinced that owning your own grooming brush is definitely an investment you want to start today. From cutting down costs on grooming parlours to spending more time with your puppy, the right brush will be one of the best things you’ll ever have.

Choosing from the top five brushes in the market can solely rely on both preference and budget. Regardless of how much you’re willing to invest for your dog, just remember to find the one you think won’t just solve the problem but will also make you guys love grooming time. What are you waiting for? Buy a brush for your dog today!

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