Signs That Your Dog Has A Cold

Cold is a disease caused by a viral infection in the respiratory system, specifically in the respiratory tract. Its effect can be seen on the nose and throat by having a runny nose and sore throat.  These are the common symptoms of a cold, or worse, it can lead to diseases like pneumonia.

For humans, common cold-causing viruses like rhinovirus are the primary causes of cold. These viruses can be transmitted or transferred to another human by air transmission or through physical contact. You can have a cold by simply touching another one with similar symptoms. These viruses only affect us, humans, and they are not transferrable to other species according to some studies.

Cold for dogs is of a different story. Our dogs are somehow immune from our cold diseases since the viruses that cause cold to dogs are not the same as for the humans. It is not impossible for humans and dogs to be infected with each other’s cold-causing viruses. The world is evolving as time passes by, so are the viruses.

Various infectious viruses like canine parainfluenza virus and canine respiratory coronavirus are the causes of cold for dogs. They are viruses that work differently from human cold-causing viruses. The cold symptoms that dogs have can also trigger dog illness such as kennel cough.

Dogs are liable to contact viruses and infections in their daily lives. Cold for dogs can easily be gotten if they are not taking proper diet or even by being exposed to an environment where dogs get cold-causing viruses. Example is being in contact with another ill dog. Air-borne viruses can enter your dog’s body without your knowledge.

We cannot avoid these situations where dogs contact viruses that cause cold, but we can know if they have this disease or not. But how?

Signs that your dog has a cold

Many symptoms or signs of a dog’s cold have been studied for a long time. Their signs show similarity with humans as well. They are not as far as what any other living things are experiencing while having colds.

1. Runny and Clogged Nose

The runny or clogged nose is a common symptom of any illness. It is one of the possible outcomes if a person does not have a healthy diet. The virus can easily enter the body to have a runny nose impact.

It is the same way for the dogs. Dogs live with so many bacteria and viruses that can have a great effect on their body. Some dogs get their nose stuck due to the temperature they can’t handle in the cold environment.

2. Sneezing

Sneezing is one of the cold effects we have in our nose due to itching or irritation.

Sneezing is an involuntary or reflex action by our nose due to the viruses that enter our body. It may also be a sign of some allergies and flu.

They may also have been struck by some allergies for dogs, but it can also be a sign of cold. This may be a sign of breathing issues as well. But in most situations, your dog sneezing is just from breathing something from the air.

Sneezing is also an action which involves air. This may cause the air-borne infections or transfer of viruses through the air. This is a common reason why people and dogs easily transmit infections from one to another. Constant sneezing may be a symptom of a transmitted infection as well.

3. Coughing

Coughing is an effect of irritations from the throat. It is also involuntary and even the same cause of sneezing. We should probably cough when we feel that our throats are itching or if there is something that bothers are throat.

It is a similar cause for dogs. Allergies are also part of the causes of dogs cough. Sometimes it can be as serious as pneumonia and other diseases that require medication. Kennel cough is a usually dry cough. Some coughs like the wet ones are signs that dogs are infected with some bacteria or virus.

Coughing has the same effect as sneezing too. This may lead to transferring air-borne diseases like cold and flu. Always observe your dog for continuous coughing because it may be a sign of an infection that he got from another dog.

 4. Sore throat

Sore throat is a symptom where the throat experiences pain or itchiness. It is due to the virus that causes it and can cause the cold. Sometimes, it comes with coughing, and it is very painful or itchy to deal with.

Our dogs are ones that cannot be able to tell us if they have a sore throat. We can feel them and observe them if they are not eating properly or if they are swallowing in pain. They are probably experiencing some sore throat symptom. Not taking care of it may lead the dogs to a cold or any other sickness.

There are many more symptoms of a dog’s cold, but these are the four common signs of the illness. Many more signs like loss of appetite and being easily tired can be seen from dogs if they have a cold. Dogs are also living organisms, infection by viruses can lead them to illnesses.

Cold can be an issue of breathing as well. It makes it hard for our dogs to breathe easily if they have a clogged nose or sore throat. Loss of appetite may also be a sign of a dog’s sore throat. This may lead to cold and other serious diseases.

It is always important to take care of our dogs, especially those breeds that may have other problems if they would have a cold. It is not just enough for them to eat a balanced diet. It is also important that we monitor their daily activities, where they go and what they do. In that way, we can prevent them from having serious physical problems. 

But what should we do if dogs get a cold?

1. Our number one option should always be to see a veterinarian for your dog because it may lead to more serious illness if not taken care of. Going to a veterinarian may be expensive sometimes, but it will worth it as your dog will be taken care of by a credible individual.

2. Taking care of dogs at home is also not a bad idea as well. We can do medications without the care of a doctor, as long as we know what we are doing and we keep everything as basic as we can. Complicated conditions of dogs should be reported to a doctor.

3. Dogs must always be given proper diet and exercise. They are just like humans, where we will get sick if we don’t take care and maintain our body. You should always give them food, water and medicine if needed. Do not let them run and play all day long, but let them rest as they get tired easily.

4. Another one is preventing them as much as possible from seeing or making physical contact with other dogs or animals. They can give off the infection through air transmission, or in other words, they can infect other dogs. Being cautious of other dogs around won’t bring you harm, and it can save your dog from some uncomfortable feeling of cold.

5. Some other treats like bath can be helpful to them as well. Let them relax as they try to recover from the illness. Do not make them do so much tiring activities as they are not energetic as they used to be.


Being with a pet is more than enough to make us all happy. They bring joy and excitement. They love us as well and make us their world. But they can also get sick and tired from doing anything. They can have their bodies uncomfortable with these illnesses.

Cold is one of those diseases. It may be some common illness, but this may open your dog to a world of serious sickness if you just let them live with it without trying to help them recover. Taking care of our dogs is as easy as it sounds as long as we prevent what can happen to them.

Any cold symptoms should be treated immediately, either see a veterinarian or do it at home. Always remember that dogs can not do any kind of medication for themselves so we should always be there to observe and monitor them. It is essential for dog owners to maintain their bodies to the best shape.

Give them a healthy and balanced diet, let them exercise by taking them outside but remember to be cautious of viruses that can enter your dog’s body. Do not just let them meet other dogs without knowing the dog’s condition.

Love your dog to the fullest! Do not let them be sick.

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