5 Best Grooming Clippers For Your Dog – Reviews

Have you ever brought your pet to the groomers and unhappily ended up taking home a dog that looks quite different. The high haircut price could make you see red.

Why don’t save money by buying dog grooming clippers and trimming your dog’s coat yourself? Let’s talk about your choices.

Why do you need to buy clippers for dogs?

More than the savings, there are other reasons to invest in a set of clippers to groom your dog.

Even if you take your dog to the groomer, there are still instances where you need to groom your dog in your home. For example, if your regular groomer is unavailable, or your dog has something suddenly stuck in her fur. It can be helpful to have a set of clippers at home for those emergencies.

Also, if you enter your dog in dog shows, then it will be to your advantage if you can groom your dog regularly so that you can show her best side all the time before and during competitions.

Already, you could think about using human hair clippers. But remember that your hair is distinct from the fur of your dog. Human hair clippers have blades that are placed close to each other because human hair is thinner. Clippers made for dogs have heavier blades, allowing even groomers to cut even the coarsest, ringlet fur (think, poodles).

What do you need to consider when buying dog grooming clippers?

Pets grooming clippers come in various sizes and with different attachments. You may be overwhelmed by the choices, so here’s a quick guide to what you should consider when shopping for your pet’s clippers.

1. Kits vs. sets. You may think that kits and sets are the same. For pet clippers, the two words mean different things.

A kit contains the clippers, a charger if it is cordless, and basic attachments like a brush and guide combs.

A set is more inclusive. You will get the clippers, basic attachments, plus nail trimmers and files, tweezers, grooming scissors, and other tools for grooming, if you get a set.

2. Cord vs. cordless. When you choose between cord and cordless, consider the space where you will groom your pet, your pet’s temperament, and what you want to achieve.  

 If your dog is quite calm and you can put her on a leash in a confined space, then you can get the corded clippers. But if your pet is very frisky and your grooming space is big, then you might want to buy a pair of cordless clippers, so you don’t have to worry about being away from an electric socket.

3. Professional grade. Since you are going to use the clippers for a long time, it is better to buy a professional-grade pair. Definitely, many clippers are good enough to be used by professionals because of the new technology, even though they are priced for home use.

If you are intimidated by the word “professional,” though, just make sure to buy you buy clippers with ceramic blades rather than stainless steel because ceramic has fewer chances of overheating.

4. Attachments and accessories. If you’re just getting your dog groomed, you might want to buy a basic kit first. The main attachments are the guide combs that let you cut to the length you want. Make sure the kit you are purchasing has this.

However, if you’re planning to groom your dog all the time, you might need to buy a complete set that has all the tools you need to give your dog a beauty upkeep head-to-toe.

5. Spare parts. Even if you are just going to groom your dog once in a while, it is still recommended that you get a kit or set with spare parts for the clippers. If you buy one that has no spare parts, after just a few years, you’ll probably need to buy a new pair of clippers altogether. Ask the store staff about an extra pair of blades or other set of batteries when shopping around, if the clippers are cordless.

6. Quiet motor. Dogs, even if they are very chill, may startle if the clippers’ motor is loud. So, invest in a gadget that has an ultra-quiet motor and low vibration. This type of motor is especially essential if your dog is skittish or sensitive to loud sounds.

What are the bestselling brands? 5 Best Grooming Clippers for Your Pet

Looking through many brands available in the market may be overwhelming. Based on groomers’ recommendations and feedback from Amazon, here are some brands you might want to explore:

1. ENJOY PET Professional Hair Grooming Kit

One of the most highly recommended clippers. With the 33-tooth ceramic blade, you’ll get four guide combs so that you can maintain the right hair length and width for your pooch even if the coat is thick. Also, the kit comes with grooming scissors and brush for cleaning when you need to trim the cut. The copper-axis is ultra-quiet so that your dog is not afraid of the noise. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can run for seven hours, which means if your dog is skittish, you can go as slow as you need.

Cord Cordless
Pros Quiet motor, long-lasting battery
Cons Some blades dull quickly

2. Wahl Professional Chromado Clipper

This is a popular 5-in-1 clipper brand and high-performance clipper. Even while charging, this battery-powered clipper can also be used, so it offers both power and function. It is cordless, so you don’t need to worry about getting your frisky dog tangled in the cords. It can even be used on a horse!

Cord Cordless
Pros Quick charge, can be used even when charging
Cons May not work on very thick fur

3. FOCUSPET Grooming Clippers

If your budget isn’t that much, then get this brand. This kit comes with scissors and attachments for combing so that you can control how much you cut. The blades are made of ceramic and titanium to prevent them from pulling the hair of your dog. The motor is very quiet for its kind and has low vibration, so the sound won’t spook even a frisky pet. These professional, lightweight, cordless clippers come with the necessary tools but are lesser than $30.

Cord Cordless
Pros Budget-friendly, lightweight
Cons Can sometimes be clogged

4. YIDON Dog Clippers

The YIDON Dog Clippers’ lightweight motor is so quiet that when you start it your pet won’t be startled and it has low vibration so you can bring it close to your dog’s body. Each kit consists of detachable blades and four guide combs. If you have multiple pets to groom, it has an extra battery for more prolonged use.

Cord Cordless
Pros Extra battery
Cons May not be good on gigantic breeds

5. Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

As mentioned above, a pair of professional-grade clippers is a worthwhile buy even if you are going to use them at home. With this compact, silent corded clipper, you can cut even around the curves of your dog’s body. Don’t worry about the cord because it’s 14 feet, so you’ll have plenty of slack while using it. You can trim the coat of your dog, and avoid clumps or snags. As a side benefit, you have to choose from six colours. Additionally, if you and your pooch backpack to Europe, some kits have a Euro plug.

Cord Corded
Pros Professional grade blades, heavy-duty, quiet, shatter-proof housing
Cons Cord may be awkward

How do you use dog grooming clippers?

If this is your first time cutting your dog’s fur, you need to prepare yourself, your dog, and your home for what you will do. Here are some tips:

1. Prepare yourself.

Look at interesting cuts based on the breed of your dog. Even if you are not going to enter a competition for your dog, these cuts have evolved to take into account the unique comfort, lifestyle and health of a breed.

Observe professional at work or watch videos clipping fur from them. Do not be scared to get tips and ask questions so that when you start grooming your dog at home, you will know what to expect.

When you’ve purchased your tools, get familiar with them before you use them on your dog. Learn how to turn on and off the clippers, how to use the length guides or how to use them to navigate the grooming space. Practice first on a dummy so you know how heavy your clippers should be or how light.

2. Prepare your space and tools.

Make sure that you are comfortable working within the space you will use to groom your dog. Try to arrange things so that you have all your tools within easy reach.

Double-check and make sure your clipper blades are sharp. A couple of quality clippers are an investment, so you have to look after them to make them last a long time. There are specific instructions on how to handle these tools, but the fundamental rule is

3. Prepare your dog.

You need to acclimatize your dog slowly to your instruments. This is a very significant step if your dog is skittish or easily scares.  Your dog needs to be comfortable with the device near her. Do not switch the device ON immediately. Let your dog give it a nose and start to get used to its smell.

The next step is to turn on the device. Your pet needs to learn that the noise from the device—whether it is the motor starting up or the vibrating hum when it is working—is not harmful.

When your dog is desensitized to the clippers and ready for grooming, bathing her is your first step. Remove dirt, tangles or matted fur. Then thoroughly dry its coat. She’s now ready for her hair cut.


Keep assuring your dog she’s safe and give her a treat after your grooming session when she was a very good girl. If she jumps or looks stressed, then halt the process and try again a little later or the next day. Finally, always remember that it can be a fun, bonding activity to groom your dog at home for you and your pet to make it a pleasant experience for both of you!

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