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We as pet owners should take extra care when it comes to the health of our dogs in times like this when viruses are all over the places. As someone who looks after canines, even though your dog looks good, you can never be complacent. Many infections are hard to detect and often, much like a fever, even the symptoms are not so clear. When you don’t keep an eye on the health of your dog, then it may even get more serious with influenza or something.

Yeah, how do you know your dog runs a fever? Traditional ways suggest you can check your dog’s nose to see whether it’s cold and wet (which means they’re fine) or whether it’s hot and dry (which means they’re unwell) to see if something’s wrong. But, as time goes by, this approach has been replaced as dog owners now use a much more reliable and convenient way to know if their dog has a fever — with the use of dog thermometers. 

What is a dog thermometer? 

Dog thermometers are now commonly used by many dog owners. It is one of the most important tools in your pet’s first-aid kit. It is used by dog lovers to know if their dog is sick or they are just too lazy to go play and eat.

To many dog owners, it is a convenient care device and is a must-have. Without having a canine thermometer, it would be very difficult for dog owners to know if their furry companion needs medical attention as soon as possible.

Can you use human thermometers on dogs? 

If you are wondering if there is a difference between thermometers for humans and dogs, then the answer is no. Thermometers used for humans and dog thermometers are almost the same. 

Human-used thermometers can also be used to know the temperature of your dog; however, you should have a specific thermometer for your dogs, for yourself and your family. Never use the same digital or rectal thermometer your pet uses. It is not only for hygienic reasons but also for your health and safety.

When you should use dog thermometers?  

Dog thermometers are really useful and certain dog owners often bring it while they’re driving or going out. It is a very critical instrument for the wellbeing of your animals. So it is best to use it if you notice your dog appears tired and ill so that you know whether they need medical support or not.

Although there are dog owners who use some methods to take their dog’s temperature without a thermometer, veterinarians still advise using a more accurate device like a thermometer. If you noticed something unusual to your dog’s behavior, then you might want to check if your pet:

  • suddenly lost their appetite
  • is shivering
  • is coughing
  • has excessive warm ears
  • has lost its energy
  • is vomiting
  • has red eyes

If you notice any of these signs, take your dog thermometer and check the temperature of your friend. As pet owners, we should also be vigilant at times like this because if we just let them lie there and have a rest, this might lead to more serious illness. If you are a veterinarian, to prevent any problems, you must carry your dog to a local clinic or to his veterinarian to check his safety as soon as possible.

Types of dog thermometers

Often dog owners are confused about which dog thermometer to use, as there are several types of thermometers in the market and online. Add to that, while they’re both the same and very handy, some dog owners are often more comfortable using the traditional than the new one. Okay, don’t worry anymore, as there is a detailed explanation about these types of thermometers for you. 

1. Digital dog thermometers

A digital dog thermometer is a temperature-sensing device that is portable and has a sensor and digital display. Some experts recommend using the digital device rather than the traditional mercury thermometer because it is easier to use and it provides fast results compared to the other types of thermometers. 

Non-touch thermometers

Since its commercialization, this type of dog thermometer has been widely used by dog lovers. Unlike rectal and in-ear dog thermometers, it doesn’t have to be placed into the ear, rectum or mouth of your dog because it can measure the temperature of your pet from a distance.

How to use a non-touch dog thermometer?

A non-contact dog thermometer operates using radiations and infrared. It is the easiest way to know your dog’s temperature. It is very reliable and accurate and it also provides fast results.

When using it, you do not have to hold down your dog as the testing could be done at a distance. You just need to point it on your dog and viola! You will have the result is just a snap. 

However, the non-contact dog thermometers are the most expensive compared with other types of dog thermometers. As it’s the most convenient way to check the temperature of your dog, the price tends to be higher than what dog thermometers usually cost. Depending on the brand, it could range from $30 to a much higher price. 

Note: If you are caring for a pregnant dog, using a non-contact dog thermometer is advisable because it is safer and will not cause stress or anxiety to mother dogs.  

2. Infrared dog thermometers

It is a device that measures heat waves coming from a portion of a body. These heat waves are measured to know the dog’s body temperature.  

In-ear dog thermometers

The in-ear dog thermometers are much simpler to use compared to rectal dog thermometers.  The most common type of in-ear dog thermometer measures the infrared heat waves from the eardrum of your dog.

How to use in-ear dog thermometers? 

Some dogs might refuse to sit still when doing a temperature check, so better calm them before using an in-ear dog thermometer. 

Once you are all set and your dog is behaving well, you may start checking their temperature. 

  1. Pull the ear of your dog upward and outward gently to straighten their external ear canal. 
  2. Gently put the in-ear dog thermometer in his ear canal. 

Note: Always make sure that you target the right part of the ear to get accurate results. If you put the in-ear dog thermometer in the wrong part of the ear, you might get the wrong result.

3. Traditional dog thermometers 

Traditional dog thermometers usually consist of a glass tube or plastic tube containing mercury inside. Because it is safer to use, most dog users are advised to buy the plastic one than the glass thermometer. When the glass breaks inside your pet’s rectum, it can cause serious injuries.

Rectal thermometers 

The rectal dog thermometer is the most traditional tool that dog owners could ever use. It is also the cheapest among all the types of dog thermometers in the market. However, using this requires extra precautions and help from another person.

How to use rectal thermometers? 

Most dogs are uncooperative, so it’s wise to ask someone else to help hold your dog. This is to prevent him from making any sudden moves when you use a rectal dog thermometer to check their temperature.

  1. Shake the rectal dog thermometer until it stops to the normal temperature, which is 96 degrees or less than that. 
  2. Make sure to apply a lubricant to the tip of the rectal dog thermometer before putting it inside your dog’s rectum. 
  3. Ask someone to help you hold your pet properly so he can’t make any sudden movements because not only it could hurt him, moving could also affect the reading of the dog thermometer. 
  4. Pull up her tail and put the rectal dog thermometer in his rectum. Make sure you only insert the metal tip of the tool. 
  5. You can now pull out the dog’s rectal thermometer after 15 to 30 seconds. I Remember to hold your dog properly while pulling the thermometer out slowly. Take note of the reading, and then clean the thermometer with alcohol.

Note: Remember, you need to be extra careful when using a rectal dog thermometer. Adding on, before using it, make sure the thermometer is suitable for dogs.

If the temperature is higher or lower than normal, take your dog to his vet or to the nearest dog clinic for a proper medical examination.

Top 5 Best dog thermometers in the market

Buying a good quality dog thermometer is a must since it needs to be a permanent part of the first aid kit for your dog. Here are the market’s top dog thermometers for 2020:

1. Aurynns Digital Pet Thermometer

This dog thermometer brand is very popular with dog owners. It is used orally or rectally, and can only be found in Fahrenheit. It has a fever alarm, and automatically shuts it off too. It is suitable for multiple pets.

2. iProven Pet Thermometer

This brand is another very good tool to check the temperature of your dog. It is highly accurate and it delivers results after 20 seconds. It is an instrument intended for rectal, axillary, and oral use. It is waterproof and has Celsius and Fahrenheit settings.

3. Care Touch Digital Thermometer

A Care Touch dog thermometer is an easy-to-use instrument for checking dog temperature. It has a flexible tip and features probe covers. It delivers results in 10 seconds. No need to time it as once the result is ready it will sound an alarm.

4. Hurinan Electronic Dog Thermometer 

This angled digital dog thermometer is suitable for taking rectal or axillary temperatures. It has a Celsius and Fahrenheit setting with an easy-to-view LCD. 

5. Jasun Digital Thermometer

Jasun digital dog thermometer Jasun is designed for both axillary and oral rectal use. Dog owners don’t need to time the thermometer because once the result is ready, it will alarm. The thermometer can give results in just 10 seconds in either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales. 


As a dog owner, you need to know basic first aid. Just knowing how to use certain first aid tools, such as thermometers properly, is very helpful, especially if you care for multiple pets.  Keeping your dog safe and healthy are necessary steps to be able to monitor their health and temperature. 

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