Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs: Good or Bad? Benefits for Dogs Ears, Fleas, Uti, Skin & Arthritis

Maybe you’ve heard so many wonderful things about apple cider vinegar. For example, drying acne can be a powerful remedy for itchy and dry cough relief, giving hair more shimmer, and so on, and so forth. Not to forget, it can add a unique tang to a dish. But did you know that apple cider vinegar is not only for human use but also for pets? In this article, I’m going to discuss the “miracle potion” that is apple cider vinegar for dogs and how it can naturally cure many of the health issues of your dog.

What Makes Apple Cider Vinegar So Special?

Apple is the primary ingredient in the production of apple cider vinegar. The two other ingredients added are fermentation sugar and yeast. If you don’t know how fermentation operates, it is a process wherein an ingredient is used, such as yeast to turn carbohydrate to alcohol. For example, in the event of apple cider vinegar, the liquid from crushed apples is mixed with the yeast to start the alcoholic fermentation process, which means that the apple sugar is transformed into alcohol.

From this, a second fermentation is done so the alcohol is now converted into vinegar through the aid of acetobacter- a bacteria that creates acetic acid. The process takes an average of 11 weeks, and the longer the apple cider vinegar is allowed to ferment, the stronger the flavor would be.

Fermentation is essential in apple cider vinegar as it increases the quality of probiotics and enzymes which are the ones that provide the so-called miracle potion to humans and animals.

What Are The Contents of Apple Cider Vinegar?

  • Citric Acid:  This is used as a natural preservative to prolong the shelf life of the apple cider vinegar. Citric acid kills bad bacteria and regulates sugar in the blood.
  • Acetic Acid:  This is the one responsible for making the apple cider vinegar sour and tangy. This acid also stops bad bacteria from multiplying.
  • Malic Acid:  This is another type of preservative for the longevity of the apple cider vinegar. This acid also has awesome effects on the skin, making it less dry and not prone to skin infections.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Dogs?

The issue is how secure is this vinegar for dogs now that you understand how it is produced? The answer is a resounding YES! Apple cider vinegar, if used properly, will not put your pooch’s health at danger. But there are some exceptions, of course, like using it on dogs with a kidney health problem. But, generally speaking, apple cider vinegar has many advantages for your dog that you may not be aware of. I will list these beneficial uses later in the article. Apple cider vinegar is chemical-free so you don’t have to worry if this vinegar could threaten your pooch’s health.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Dogs:

Do you ever wonder why the apple cider vinegar is not as apparent as the other types of vinegar like the distilled white vinegar? In fact, the apple cider vinegar is brown in color and has some sediments in the bottle bottom. These sediments are referred to as’ mother’ or’ mother veil.’ These sediments are pectin and apple residues. This implies that during the fermentation stage, the finest parts of the apple fruit are not removed. The mother brings excellent enzymes with her that are useful to the body of your dog and can help to relieve ailments like:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs Ears:

Many dogs can get ear infections. In fact, the number shows that ear infections affect an average of 20% of dogs. The shape of their ear canals contributes to this issue. The signs range from a foul odor to head shaking to redness. 

There are many reasons why your dog may have an infection in the ear, and one of them is moisture. But for a fur parent like you, here’s amazing news. There is preventive care for your doggie ear infection and that is apple cider vinegar.  This type of vinegar kills bacteria and fungus.

Mix equal proportion of water and apple cider vinegar. Soak a cotton ball with this mixture and apply on your dog’s ears. You can also use it by spraying the mixture in your dog’s ears and then wipe out excess liquid with a clean cotton ball.

You can use this mixture as a preventive measure and at the same time, as a cure for ear infections.

2.  Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs Fleas:

No matter how hard you try, your beloved pooch can still get infected with fleas. These fleas are present both indoor and outdoor, and this is why controlling them can be a challenge for you. And if you wonder why your dog is suffering from allergic dermatitis, my advice is to take a look at his skin because there may be some fleas hiding behind the paws and ears.

Good news though as apple cider vinegar is an excellent way to prevent fleas from sticking to your dog’s body. There are two ways that you can do with apple cider vinegar for dog fleas.

  • A capful of apple cider vinegar can be added to a bowl of water that you use to bathe. Use your standard dog shampoo like Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor for dogs and Cats then rinse with the apple cider vinegar. No need to rinse again as the fleas don’t like the vinegar’s smell.
  • You can make a solution by mixing equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and then spray the mixture onto the coat of your pooch, its sleeping area and its toys.

Fleas dislike the strong smell of the apple cider vinegar, thus, it is an excellent way to repel flea infestation.

3.  Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs UTI (Urinary Tract Infection):

If you think that humans are the only ones infected with UTI, you’re wrong. Dogs get this right after menstruation, too. Infection of the urinary tract is induced by the bacteria E Coli. In most cases, the bacteria’s entry point is through the opening of the urethra. Some of the indications your dog has UTI are urinating trouble, more frequent urination, bloody or cloudy urine, and genital area foul odor.

The usual medication for UTI is antibiotics. However, there is an alternative treatment for UTI, which is all-natural and much cheaper than medicines and that is apple cider vinegar. The acid present in the vinegar will kill the E Coli bacteria.

By adding 1 teaspoon (small dogs), 1 Tablespoon (big dogs)  of apple cider vinegar to its water will kill the bacteria that cause UTI. By giving this mixture twice a day for seven days, your dog will heal from urinary tract infection.

4.  Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Skin:

Is your dog always scratching its ears, paws and does it shake its head often in a day? If yes, then most likely your pooch has some skin infection.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. Nails and claws are also part of the skin, which can also become infected. There are several reasons why your dog’s skin becomes infected. Pyoderma is a disease that may be caused by bacteria, fungus, or parasite in the dog’s skin.

Pyoderma’s signs in your dog are: itchiness, lesions, crusted skin, redness, to name a few. If you see these indications, take your pooch to the Vet before it worsens its skin condition. Additionally, there is a home remedy you can do besides the Vet’s prescribed medications, which is apple cider vinegar. Here are the situations of the dog’s skin that can be healed by using apple cider vinegar:

  • Hot Spots:

At one stage in their lives, each dog experiences hot spots. Due to serious itching, this makes your dog uncomfortable. Allergens, fungi, or fungal may be the causes. What you can do is mix 50-50 water and apple cider vinegar and then spray it into the infected region. The bacteria will die from apple cider vinegar acidity, and as a result, your dog will be relieved from excessive itching.

  • Dandruff:

It is not surprising to hear many fur parents spend grooming tools to make the hair/coat of their dogs shine bright like a diamond. But some factors can turn the lustrous coat to dull and unattractive coat and one of those factors is dandruff.

A few of the reasons your dog has dandruff are: food or shampoo allergies, Cheyletiella yasguri mites that flourish on the dog’s skin,  fungal and bacterial infections. Use a dandruff shampoo for pets such as Fresh n’ Clean Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs when bathing your dog.  Sprinkle with 50-50 water and apple cider vinegar after bathing it and massage your dog so that the solution goes deep into its skin. Take caution when there is an open wound in your pooch. The apple cider will operate by removing dead skin cells, facilitating the skin’s renewal.

  • Mange:

This is caused by a microscopic organism called mites. This can be transferred from dog-to-dog, and that is why it is important to treat mange right away. The symptoms are bald spots, skin lesions oozing with blood, and hair loss.

The mange treatment plan may take up to one month and may be quite costly. But the use of 70% apple cider vinegar and 30% purified water is another alternative available. Just pour the combination over the coat of your dog. The solution should not be rinsed. You can do this every day for mange treatment.

  • To Strengthen Nails and Teeth:

Potassium concentration directly affects the nails and teeth of your dog. If your pooch is lagging in this mineral, it may demonstrate signs such as splitting nails and decay of the tooth. Good thing apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium, and you’d see a huge improvement in the conditions of its nail and teeth by providing it to your dog. The suggested proportion for small dogs is 1 teaspoon, 2 teaspoons for medium-sized dogs and 1 tablespoon for bigger dogs mixed in their drinking water.

5.  Dog Arthritis:

It’s disheartening to see your old dog suffer from arthritic pain. You can assist your old dog go through life without any pain by offering it apple cider vinegar. Add it to its water every day so that the vinegar acts by breaking down the calcium deposit in your old dog’s joints. You may also soak a cloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap this around its joint.

Wendals Dog Cider Apple Vinegar is a good product that you can use for your old dog.


The fact of the matter is that apple cider vinegar for dogs is a type of alternative and natural medicine that can be securely used for your pets. No one can dispute that there are curative ingredients in this vinegar and therefore it is called miracle potion.

It has antibacterial and anti-fungal characteristics that can cure your dog’s circumstances. Apple cider vinegar is your best bet as a fur parent looking for an alternative healing technique. Just don’t offer undiluted apple cider vinegar and consult a vet all the time.

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