Long Eared Dog Breeds: Why Have? List of Dogs with Floppy Ears and How to Care for them?

Looking at long eared dog breeds like a Basset Hound can be incredible. Their long ears swing back and forth every time they walk. But have you ever wondered why some races of dogs carry this physical characteristic with them? I will explain the reason behind this distinctive feature of long-eared dog breeds in this article. Is there a science behind those ears and what are the special purpose of having such long ears.

Surprising Reason Why Some Dog Breeds Have Long Ears:

To start, we should go back to the root, which is the wild. We know that all domesticated dogs have ancestry from a wolf. There are few domesticated dogs which have similar characteristic to their wild ancestors and that include their ears.

But no matter how hard you do research, you won’t find anything pointing to a long-eared wolf. Because no such thing exists. But when humans began to communicate with wolves, the shift occurred. Inbreeding started because for particular reasons humans started breeding dogs. For instance, human beings bred dogs based on various variables such as appearance and athleticism. But they also altered dog breeds to increase their muscles or snouts to fit their needs.

Now behind all these modifications, some things happened which they never expected, and this is referred to as “Universal Malfunction in Majority of Dog Breeds.” If you are wondering why it is referred to as “malfunction”, well, it is because, through inbreeding, a change in the stem cells of the dogs occurred.

For some unknown reason, the stem cells of the dogs begun to malfunction. There is a change in the embryonic structure. In the case of the long-eared dogs, the cells that were supposed to make the ears strong became weak. This leads to deformity as the ears could not stand on its own.  And, if this theory is correct, then long and floppy ears in dogs are considered deformity as a result of continuous inbreeding.

Thus, science points to defective domestication as the root cause, why some dogs have long ears. But in the end, it doesn’t matter whether the long ears are deformities or not as fur parents of long-eared dog breeds know how lovingly irresistible and loyal these canine companions are.

A List of Some of the Cutest Long-Eared Dog Breeds:

1. Basset Hounds:

Bassets are not only famous for their stubbornness, but they are also known for their long and floppy ears. They have droopy and “pitiful” looks which endear them to many. If you are successful in taming its stubbornness, then the Bassets are awesome canine companions.

If you think this dog is not intelligent, you are absolutely wrong. Hounds are smart but the problem is that in spite of their long ears, they do not want to listen. The Bassets require extensive training, so they will do what you want from them. Another distinct quality of a Basset Hound dog breed is its strong sense of smell.

But mostly, the Bassets are fun to have, they are goofy and love to play with its owners.

2. Bloodhounds:

Do not make mistakes by its lazy and goofy look because this is one of the hardworking long-eared dog breeds. Bloodhounds require plenty of physical activities, and if you can do it outdoor, it’s all the more that it will love it.

But this dog breed can also exhibit stubborn conduct, which is why you need patience and perseverance if you want to own one. It’s fairly autonomous, and if it smells something exciting, be ready because a breed of Bloodhound dogs will surely follow the path.

But it is a great pet to have- comes in a big package with sweetness overload and tolerance for riotous children.

3. Afghan:

Let us now talk about the non-goofy looking long eared dog breeds like the Afghan dog breed. Everything about this canine companion is nobility, sophistication, and bright, lustrous coat. Though it looks aristocratic, some Afghan dogs can be clownish, too.

This is a dog breed of high maintenance. Although it is an intelligent breed, due to its headstrong attitude it can be a challenge to train. As its inclination to disobey, it does not like severe disciplining. Rather teach it with gentleness. An Afghan dog breed is very soft and tender to its owners once you are effective in making it obey you.

This long-eared dog breed has a tendency to tug on its leash because of its innate high-prey drive. For this reason, if you plan to own an Afghan dog, it is advisable that you get a strong and durable dog collar and leash like ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash.

4. Irish Setter:

If you are searching for a high-strung dog, then this is one of the active long-eared dog breeds. It is best cared for by someone who spends long hours outdoor, activities like hiking and running are the best forms of exercise.

The issue with Irish Setter dog breed is its separation anxiety. This is because this dog is bred for hunting and it appreciates being trained; otherwise,  If left by itself for long hours, it can take matters into its hand by chewing, digging, and other destructive behaviors.  For this reason, it is best to leave it with some chew toys like Kong Extreme Dog Toy.

5. Saluki:

Do you ever wonder which dog breeds are considered fast runners? Well, the Saluki is one of those. It is fast, and it does not shed at all. It runs as fast as 45 miles per hour, so if you are training to run for a full marathon, do train with this long-eared dog.

But before you think of buying a Saluki puppy, bear in mind that it has some special needs.It is a very active dog and can be very destructive, too. It is a puppy that requires rigid discipline, lest it’s going to be a tough ‘war’ from stopping it from destroying things around the house.

A Saluki dog metamorphosed to a calm and loving dog once it matures, who enjoys cuddle time with its fur parents. Be careful though when taking this dog out, it has a high-prey drive and can jump high, so you’d better use a tough collar/leash such as PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash, Strong and Durable Traditional Style Leash.

6. Black and Tan Coonhound:

His droopy face and long ears characterize this dog breed. This is one of America’s oldest dogs known for their hunting abilities. So if you ever want to purchase or adopt one, be ready because it’s one of the very vigorous long-eared dog breeds. Because of this, it requires to burn-off energy, or you’re not going to be pleased with what it’s going to do around the house.

It can be headstrong as it is explicitly bred for hunting. Training can be challenging, especially for an inexperienced dog owner. And, if you and your neighbors for that matter are bothered by incessant barking, then you are better off looking for another long-eared dog breed.

7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

Not all long-eared dogs exhibit drooping or dangling ears. A classic example is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed. Its ears are big and upright. It is one of the cutest dogs around. As a bonus, it gets along well with practically everyone, be it humans or animals.

It is athletic but vulnerable to be overweight. To avoid this, giving it a regular exercise helps. Though obese Pembroke Welsh Corgis are cute to look at but this is unhealthy and makes them prone to weight-related diseases.

The only ‘problem’ is its strong, herding instinct. It can get kinda pushy with regard to keeping its herd together, meaning, its owners and other pets. It is the right pet for the family yearning for each member of the family to be together all the time.

8. Papillon:

It is small in size but very smart dog breed. But if, because of its size, you believe it’s a lapdog, you’re wrong. It is a herding dog that longs for exhausting physical activity. Although usually polite, if you have children, this is not the right dog. It tends to nip and with kids; it doesn’t appreciate the rough play.

9. Cocker Spaniel:

This is one of the long-eared dog breeds popular for its gentleness, lively, and affectionate demeanor. Though this dog breed does not show any aggressive behaviors toward people and other animals, it does not mean it cannot be a good watchdog.

This dog is an attention-seeker. It wants its owners to cuddle and pet it. But don’t overlook that this breed of dogs is also a hunter at heart. This implies that it is active and it requires physical exercise.  Overall, with this dog breed, you can’t go wrong. It’s great for everyone, it’s simple to train, and its long and floppy ears are just added to its lovely character.

How to Care for Long-Eared Dog Breeds?

Regular ear-cleaning is necessary to prevent bacterial ear infections. Here is the proper way to clean the ears of long-eared dog breeds:

  1. It’ll be messy so be prepared for it. Place your dog outside your home or may also be in a tub so it won’t spread the cleaning solution and debris from its ears throughout the house in case it shakes its head. You can use the Best Dog Ear Relief Wash from Vet.
  2. To have a better view, pull the dog’s ears up and then pluck the excess hair. Apply ear powder before pulling the hair. This will make it less painful. Try using Gold Medal Groomers Ear Powder.
  3. Then squirt some ear cleaner on the inside of the flap and the entrance of the ear canal.
  4. Gently massage the ear canal in your dog’s long ears.
  5. Wipe-off excess ear cleaner and then fasten the ear flaps on top of its head and allow to dry for a few minutes.

Another option is to use ear wipes like VetWell Dog Ear Wipes. It reduces wax build-up and other ear debris. It is alcohol-free, so it is safe to use on puppies with long ears.


Certainly, long-eared dog breeds capture many hearts. These ears are too sweet a feature for dogs to have. And, as I’ve pointed out, these long-eared dog breeds are accessible in different ways, and if you want to own one, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle. It will be hard to choose, however, since all long-eared dog breeds are simply irresistible to love!

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