How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday? How Often and How Long Should You Walk Your Puppy?

One of your primary objectives as a dog owner is to keep your dog happy and healthy. This responsibility, however, is often ignored nowadays. Some pet owners believed it was enough to keep their dog active and friendly just by providing toys, treats, providing the right dog food and doing periodic veterinary checkups. You should alter your routine if you are one of these types of dog owners.

Making your dogs happy, does not need too many toys and treats. Adding on, keeping them healthy requires not only veterinary checks and the right food consumption. There’s a simple way to make sure you’re on the right track… exercise. Dogs also need to exercise like humans. It keeps them active, away from depression, also keeps them healthy and happy, most importantly.

Dogs can use their excess energy through exercise, which implies they are less grumpy, messy and aggressive. While keeping your canine happy and healthy comes through giving them the right nutrition, frequent veterinary exams, and vaccinations, keeping them buff by exercise is also a factor. Keep in mind that if your dog has a good lifestyle and routine, it can’t save you from dealing with too many health problems, it can also extend their lifespan.

How much exercise does a dog really needs Everyday

You understand the significance of keeping your dog happy and healthy as a dog lover, you also know how exercise contributes to all this. While keeping your pooches fit is essential, you must bear in mind that each dog requires distinct levels of exercise and activity. The amount of exercise and activity your dog will receive depends on their breed, age, climate, and physical health. Besides these things, when choosing the right level of exercise and activity for your dog, you may want to consider their personalities, behavior, and abilities.

Exercise for puppies

Unlike adult dogs, the puppies are a lot more playful. They have a lot of energy compared to old pooches. Besides that, they have less endurance than older dogs as well. Because they are a puppy, they are still in the stage of growth and level of adjustment, which implies that their playtime is split into small sessions and they need more breaks than a typical big dog.

1. How long are the exercise sessions for puppies?

For a young dog, you should consider a much shorter exercise session for them. Giving a five to 10-minute exercise session per day is enough for your puppy to stay happy and healthy. 

2. What is the right exercise for puppies?

Easy workouts, short dog walks, or even playing maybe the periodic exercise of your pup. Some of you may think that these things look too usual and simple,but the truth is, the key to keeping your dog happy and healthy is through movement –movement is the key because it can get your puppy’s heart rate up, which is good for their development.

3. How often should puppies exercise?

Every puppy is unique, but when it comes to how often you should exercise them, you should always remember that they are still growing so it could be harmful to exercise them too much. A short session per day is enough. Just as I wrote above, an exercise of 5 to 10 minutes is already a “good activity” to keep them healthy and happy.

Exercise for adult dogs

Unlike puppies, older dogs need a lot more exercise. However, the level of activity and exercise that you should provide them depend on what dog breed they are. 

Your dog’s breed plays a more significant part than you expect when it comes to how much exercise it requires, how often it should be, and how long it should be exercised. Some dog breeds should not be introduced to walking too much, because you will end up carrying them back home, while others may be too vigorous for you to manage.

1. Level of exercise for adult pooches

Your dog’s health and age play a significant role in determining your dog’s exercise level. Apart from that, knowing your dog’s breed is one of the most useful variables in choosing your pooch’s general exercise and level of activity.

2. How long and how often are the exercise sessions for adult working dogs?

In general, when you own a very active dog – a working dog – they usually need a one hour to 90 minutes of exercise session or activity every day. 

3. What is the right exercise for adult working pooches?

Working dogs could be introduced to harder exercise sessions like training, long walks, running, playing with other dogs, or even hiking. 

4. How long and how often are the exercise sessions for adult non-working dogs?

For old non-working pooches or low-energy dog breeds, an exercise session of 30 minutes to one hour each day is already enough for them to be fit, healthy and happy. 

5. What is the right exercise for adult working pooches?

A brief and slow walk around the park or the neighborhood should do the trick for some non-working dog breeds. Apart from that, an easy game like fetch is also a good exercise for them. 

Just keep in mind that your dogs’ exercise and everyday activity depend on their ability, age, health, personality, and breed. 

Where to get exercise for your dogs?

According to Dogtime, there several places where you can do dog activities and exercise sessions. 

1. Backyard. Most dog owners use their backyard as their playtime getaways for their dogs. This is common to pet owners especially if their dog is too aggressive and too hard to handle. 

2. Dog parks. Some towns and even provinces have already constructed several dog parks in their neighborhood where pet owners can take their pooches for exercise, play, and meet other dogs. But, if your dog is too aggressive to meet and play with other dog breeds, this option is not for you.

3. Daycare for dogs. If you are too busy to walk or play with your dog, then you might want to try going to a daycare center for dogs. Through this, they can play with other dogs and at the same time, be in a safe environment. 

Dog exercise tips

There are different ways to encourage your dog to stay active. You can either do an outdoor exercise or an indoor activity depending on your schedule and your dog’s mood or personality.

  • Outdoor exercise

1. Swimming

2. Fetch

3. Bicycling with your dog

4. Joining group exercises outdoor like skating, running, and walking. 

5. Hiking

  • Indoor exercise

1. Treadmill

2. Tug of war

3. Hide-and-seek

4. Stairs

5. Indoor fetch

6. Interactive indoor games

What are the benefits of dog exercise?

Exercising your dog has many benefits. It does not only affect their development, but it also affects their behavior.

Aside from health benefits, through dog exercise, you boost your dog’s happiness. It makes them less attention seeker and become more independent. 

If you teach your dog to remain active and be more enthusiastic to do exercise every day or night or both, you can help them manage their weight, strengthen their bones and digest healthily. Add on, exercising your dog will also help you remain fit.


Having a specific time for dog exercise can be helpful because once they get used to that lifestyle, it will not be hard for you to encourage them to move.

Some dog owners may realize that there is what we call morning dogs and night-dogs as well as human beings. This implies that during the day some dogs are more active and during the night they are calmer. Meanwhile, as it is cooler and less distracting, other dog owners prefer to encourage their dogs to exercise at night.

Whatever breed you have it is not advisable to walk your dog during scorching weather, particularly if you own a very old pooch. While it’s great for some to sweat a lot, extremely hot temperatures may affect the behavior of your dog and may even cause severe health issues. If you’re a big dog owner who usually goes for a jog or walk, also if it’s hot, prepare to bring some water for you and your dog and take a few rests. Adding on, make sure your dog wears a paw protector to prevent burns.

What should dog owners do before starting dog exercise sessions?

Listing what kind of exercise is right for your pooch is good, but most dog specialists and trainers recommend dog owners to go to their vet to have a health check first. Keep in mind that age, ability, breed, and character are not the only considerations you need to consider when choosing the right exercise and activity for your pet; you should also be acquainted with your pet’s health–both physically and mentally.

According to PetMD, veterinarians can recommend an exercise routine or activity plan that is right for your pooch based on their breed, age and health condition. 


Just like humans, know that dogs need exercise as well. Not only does it keep them healthy and happy, but it can also extend their lifespan as well. As a dog owner, you should get acquainted with the situation of your dog to determine what they need to remain healthy and happy.

If you are tired of doing these things, just keep repeating this mantra, and it should do the trick and encourage you to get up and exercise your dog: a healthy plus happy dog is equaled to a longer life. 

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