Mini Irish Doodle: 10 Facts You Need to Know About The Irish Doodle Dog

Are you looking for an intelligent, vigorous and friendly dog? You are lucky then! Also called the Irish poo Setter, Irish Setterpoo, Irish Setterdoodle, and Doodle Setter, the Irish Doodle is a very cute, light-hearted, and very friendly medium-sized crossbreed of Poodle and Irish Setter. This is perfect for those who are looking for a dog that will not shed much and who is going to be smart, social and loyal. This dog rarely barks and can even make excellent connections with pets and children.

So many interesting facts about this breed, yeah? Well, we will discuss some more in this article –in fact, we have here the 10 cute facts you didn’t know about the mini Irish Doodle. Read on to learn more about these and more!

What is the Irish Doodle?

The Irish Doodle is an international hybrid, also known as a designer dog –yes, so much like designer clothes and bags. They are a cross in between two canines –the Irish Setter and the Standard Poodle. These dog breeds are bred for their retrieving and hunting skills; both are active, intelligent and sensitive animals, having affection to the people.

Furthermore, these dogs could create playful, enjoyable, and enjoyable family companions who are frequently tolerant of other pets and even kids, provided they are given adequate attention and mental stimulation. A lonely or bored Irish Doodle, like any other breed, could quickly become destructive or anxious.

Both the parent breeds are still used in hunting even up to this date, and the crossbreed must surely be up to the task of retrieving and hunting, yet they might also shine in advanced obedience training, tracking, freestyle dancing, and agility competitions.

It was stated earlier that the Irish Doodle is a very cute, light-hearted, and very friendly dog breed. In the actual fact, the mini Irish Doodle inherited its friendly and light-hearted nature from the Irish setter. What it inherits from the poodle, on the other hand, is the non-shedding coat.

This dog breed has a very tidy look, having a long coat, as well as an extended face, which ends in a brown or black muzzle. Its ears hang close to its round eyes. The most common coat color of this dog breed is apricot.

Irish Doodle Basics

1. Behavior and Temperament

Irish Doodles are loving and affectionate; they are characterized by their allegiance and dedication Moreover, they are eager to please and have native intelligence, which they inherit from their parents. It is also their intelligent mind and cautious disposition that made them equally good with children and some other family pets. This is what makes them a great family dog ideal –even for apartment life. Not only do they love the members of the family, yet they are also comfortable when meeting strangers.

These pooches, especially the mini Irish Doodles, love attention until they got along in years. Though it is attentive and alert. In case it occurs to come across anything suspicious, it may alert its family immediately.

2. Training

Irish Doodle’s trainability is unpredictable. This might be because of their parents. A standard poodle is an easily trainable and happy-go-lucky dog. However, the Irish setters aren’t always like that, yet they might instead get bored so easily.

The Irish Doodles take after their Irish Setter parents may sometimes require patience and dedication from the trainers. However, once the training process is effectively completed, the Irish Doodle may be the best-trained dog!

The start pack leader and obedience training at an early age. Train them in socializing and being accustomed to meeting new faces. Like their parents, the Irish Doodles are certainly clean, and thus, are so easy to be trained at home.

3. Care

1) Exercise

Not so much exercise is essential for this dog breed. Just a moderate amount of everyday walk is necessary for a happy mind, as well as a healthy body. You might also take them out on their leash for a small session of jogging every day either with your bicycle or on foot. Allow them to play freely. It’s best if you have a fenced yard for it to play around.

2) Grooming

The Irish Doodles nearly don’t shed as they were made. Therefore, grooming them is relatively stress-free. You can simply brush their coat at least twice a week using a strong bristle brush. If the dog is dirty or necessary for one, dry shampooing and bathing are advisable. In keeping their ears, these long-eared pooches need your care. When they’re dirty, clean their ears.

3) Health Issues

Commonly, these dogs are so healthy and hardy. No breed-particular issues have been told. Nevertheless, watch out for some general health problems like blindness, deafness, or dysplasia, common to dogs. You should have enough knowledge of the medical history of the parents of the dogs that you may find out from the puppy breeder.

4. Diet or Feeding

Maintain the same routine diet that’s normal for medium-sized dogs like the Irish Doodles. However, there is no particularly recommendable quantity for the daily need for the food of the dog. The quality may differ from a dog to another, depending on the energy level of the person, as well as the daily activity.

10 Facts About Mini Irish Doodle

Here are 10 cute facts that you might not know about the mini Irish Doodle:

1. They Love People, Especially Their Family.

The mini Irish Doodle is very friendly when accustomed to socialization. They love everything and everyone, their family in particular. Further, they stand kids of any age and are so gentle with their grandparents. When raised with them, they are also tolerant of some other animals at home.

However, their love for people may imply that they are struggling to be left alone at home. They might whine, cry, chew, dig, pine, and commonly destroy things in the periods of absence.

2. They Have A High Price Value.

The price of one mini Irish Doodle is very high –you may expect to pay anywhere between $1500 to $3500. This is quite a high price tag for such a small dog. As the demand for these puppies keeps on increasing, expect that the price will do the same.

3. They Are Highly Trainable.

Thanks to the poodle parent’s intelligence, and the Irish setter’s eagerness in pleasing, a mini Irish poodle is very much trainable. Just like all dogs, they also respond best to reward-based training and positive reinforcement. Repetition is the key –give your Irish Doodle chances to learn and set it up to succeed.

4. They Make A Great Running Buddy.

These cute little pooches are best suitable for active homes where there’s a lot of fun happening. They need an aloft of 60 minutes of exercise every day, with additional time spent in training, and working on some brain games.

In spite of their small size, they are surely a contender for a new running partner. Moreover, you need to make sure that you are feeding them good quality food, which meets the daily nutritional requirements, most significantly their fat and protein needs.

5. They Are International Hybrid Designer Dog

Due to the fact that this dog is hybrid, you might never be 100% certain of the personality and temperament of the mini Irish Doodle. They might be more Irish Setter than Poodle, or vice versa.

In search of the best family companion, it’s hoped that by cross-breeding poodle with Irish Setter, the result might be a gentle, sweet-tempered dog with trainability and intelligence to adapt to whatever situation.

6. They Might Be Hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic means that they have a reduced-shedding coat, which subsequently produces lesser dander. Even though some mini Irish Doodles are hypoallergenic, they still need regular grooming, so their coat may commonly get away and soft. Make sure as well, to clean their ears regularly, together with their teeth.

7. They Are Easily Identified.

They are quite easy to recognize. Most of them have a regular teddy-bear like look. As we have said, they are likely to possess a wavy, soft coat. Most are colored brown, yet they may range in some other colors too!

8. They Might Live For About 10 To 15 Years.

Due to the enhanced life span of the standard poodle, the mini Irish Doodle usually has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The best way to ensure excellent health for Irish Doodle is to research a credible breeder and look at both purebred parent dogs ‘ health.

9. They Are Very Friendly And Gentle.

The mini Irish Doodle are loved for their very gentle and friendly nature. When accustomed to socializing at an early age, they’re tolerant of all –pets, kids, etc. Their eagerness and intelligence in pleasing only means they’re more responsive than some dog breeds.

10. Their Parents Are Very Popular And Intelligent.

Poodles are so popular in hybrid mixes because of their hypoallergenic coat. Furthermore, their snug curl traps the dander, thus making them low shedding dogs. Irish setters, on the other hand, are high spirited gundogs known for their grace, freshly red coat, and swiftness. They are popularly great family dogs, rollicking playmates, folk companions, and sweet-tempered.


An even-tempered, sweet-natured, teddy bear-looking dog who loves people.

What’s not to love about these cute little pooches?

The mini and even the adult Irish Doodle are the best addition to any family home! They’re a dream to train, super eager to please and very smart–they’re also an excellent choice for smaller households or when you have smaller children.

Because they are the offspring of two common races, they are best suited for active homes and love to get engaged in all the family can offer.

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