Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle – Which Poodle Mix Should Be Your Next Companion?

The popular question of someone searching for a designer breed dog is “how to choose a poodle mix dog” and how to differentiate one from the other. Comprehensibly, choosing as these dogs look like each other can be quite difficult. And if you happen to be interested in picking between a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle, I’ll help you figure out the differences between the two breeds of designer dogs so that you can asses which should be your next canine companion.

What is a designer breed dog?

Before I start, let me introduce you to the idea of a dog breed designer. This is the result of two purebred animals being crossed. It implies that the dog has been raised for many years when you say purebred, and it comes from known ancestry or pedigree. You kind of understand what you get when you buy a purebred dog as a purebred dog’s personality has been documented for many years. In brief, you understand if a purebred dog is a sporting dog, a lapdog, or a non-sporting dog.

On the other hand, such is not the case with a designer dog such as Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. This is because it is a mix of two purebred dogs with different personalities. You may get a pup which is more like a poodle or the other way around.

What is a Labradoodle?

A cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, this designer dog breed was developed in Australia as a hypoallergenic guide dog. The outcome of crossing these two purebred dogs is a sweet, friendly, smart, and low-shedding Labradoodle guide dog.

What is a Goldendoodle?

A cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, this designer dog breed is also bred to work as a guide dog. It first appeared in the US during the early ’90s, and it is known to be a hypoallergenic dog.

The comparison between the Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle two doodles

Choosing between the two doodles is quite normal, as both are undeniably adorable and cuddly. But I’m going to point out below the comparisons so that you can find out for yourself which doodle is right for you.

1. Physical Appearance:

  • Goldendoodle can grow to 13 to 24 inches, and many weigh 45 to 80 pounds on average. Remember, however, that these measurements are for Goldendoodles of standard size. Because Poodles come in three sizes, a Goldendoodle range is also called mini. This is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever. On the other hand, a Labradoodle with a weight ranging from 45 to 80 pounds and a height of 13 to 24 inches can also grow the same as a Goldendoodle. A mini version, called a Mini Labradoodle, is also available. Therefore, there is not much distinction between the two doodles in terms of height and weight.
  • The coat of the Goldendoodle is long and either wavy or straight. If not trimmed, the coat can grow up to 6 inches. The coat color comes in the golden shade of a Golden Retriever. The only difference is that the golden spectrum ranges from dark caramel to gold to red.

 On the other hand, the coat of a Labradoodle is short and curly. The color of the coat is more varied as compared to a Goldendoodle. There’s pure black, yellow, cream, dual-colored and tri-colored as well.

Both doodles are hypoallergenic, making them ideal companions for those who suffer from asthma and other forms of allergies.

2. Temperament:

  • The Goldendoodle is sweet as sugar. It’s very affectionate, cuddly, warm and affectionate. It enjoys being around people, whether it’s owners or others. It’s also great with children! The only problem is that they have a low tolerance for being left alone. The Goldendoodles, therefore, tend to become depressed and reticent. And if they get bored due to the absence of human companionship, they can exhibit destructive behaviors.

On the other hand, the Labradoodles are also loving, delightful to be with, and full of energy. 

This designer dog breed also seeks a human companion, and thus, separation anxiety could be an issue to deal with.

  • Basically, between the two doodles, the Labradoodle has a more reserved temperament than Goldendoodle. The Labradoodle is more wary of strangers than the Goldendoodle, which is always happy to greet people, including strangers.

3. Guarding Tendencies:

  • The Goldendoodle is friendlier to strangers. It can greet anyone with so much zest and excitement. On the other hand, the Labradoodle is more of the reserved type, it has a guarded approach to strangers and new surroundings, more so if it is not well-socialized.
  • In short, if you prefer a canine companion which will not greet anyone with so much enthusiasm, then you are more compatible with a Labradoodle. But if you prefer a doodle which loves to be around humans, then the Goldendoodle is yours.

4. Trainability:

  • When it comes to training, there should be no issue. Both doodles come from Poodle, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retriever’s smart breeds. Therefore, they definitely have their’ forefathers ‘ intelligent genes. Early training is still the best, as with all dog breeds, to make sure the doodles know that they are members of a pack and not the pack’s leaders or alpha.
  • Since the doodles have retriever genes in them, you can easily train them on how to fetch and drop dog toys like a frisbee. The Labradoodles and the Goldendoodles wouldn’t mind if you challenged them mentally and physically. They are the perfect designer dog breeds for agility and all forms of obedience training.

5. Exercise Needs:

  • Both doodles generally have the same exercise requirements. They need daily physical exercise for them not to get bored and to have a healthy physique. Both doodles would highly appreciate outdoor activities such as running and fetch games. Do you love the water? So are they! Swimming is an awesome way for them to keep fit and active.
  • Always remember that though Labradoodles and Goldendoodles have pleasant personalities,  physical inactivity leads to boredom. And you know what boredom means to dogs? It means destructive behaviors such as object chewing.

6. Who eats more between the two doodles?

  • Food depends on the weight and the level of activities of the dogs. Since both doodles are of the same weight, then both have similar dietary requirements. It is just a matter of identifying how active the doodles are. So if you are the type of person who would take your doodle to a longer exercise routine, then provide it with more calories.
  • In addition, when it comes to food, do not be frugal. Do not buy cheap dog food as it contains nothing but fillers and by-products of animals. Instead, invest in the costly yet nutritious dog food that includes new meats, veggies, and fruits.

7. Health Issues:

Not surprisingly, since both the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle carry with them almost identical genes, then both have indistinguishable health issues such as:

  • 1. Hip and elbow dysplasia: a condition wherein there is an anomaly in the development of joints.
  • 2. Patella luxation: often seen in the smaller versions of Labradoodle and Goldendoodle wherein there is a dislocation in the kneecap.
  • 3. Progressive retinal atrophy: this is a genetic disorder common in Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. This condition results in vision loss and then progresses to blindness.

Summary of the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle

So which of the two poodle mix designer dog breeds should you choose? It can be a hard choice to make, as both have nearly the same characteristics. Both races are intelligent and sociable. The only distinction is that when it comes to meeting fresh faces and circumstances, the Labradoodle is more of the reserved sort.

In addition, although they have the same physical exercise needs, the Labradoodle is a bit more energetic than the Goldendoodle. So if you are the athletic type of a person, then maybe the Labradoodle suits you better.

Both the doodles can happily and peacefully cohabit with other animals. They are good with young kids as well, thus, making them a great addition to the family.

Eventually, their hair color is the only thing that sets them apart from each other. The colors of the Labradoodles are more diverse than the Goldendoodles. But whatever you choose, I’m sure the whole family will love it will be an excellent and outstanding designer dog breed.

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