8 Amazing Facts That Make Poodle Dog Breed Super Attractive

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We often see Poodle dog breed as one of the most lovely dogs ever to have existed; they’ve always been thought to be the most appealing because of their beautiful fur coats and robust stature. Most of us, however, have only seen the tip of the iceberg and little do we truly understand about what makes them such a standard option among both skilled and experienced dog trainers and owners. Which raises the question, what must these Poodle Breeds create them decorated with the finest blue ribbons, medals, and hairdos?

To answer this, we’ve decided to list down that 8 most surprising facts that make Poodle Breeds super attractive. And have simplified them into this short read for you to check and find out if this dog is the perfect companion for you! So, keep reading, and you might end up a Poodle Dog Owner yourself and become the next big dog show master to adorn the Poodle Breed stage!

8 facts about Poodle dog breed

1. Very Intelligent

One of the Poodle Breeds’ best traits is its very high intelligence; they are known for being one of the smartest dog breeds both capable of being taught numerous commands and being very obedient. Poodles love having their mind stimulated and getting taught new tricks and things they can do to please their owner and keep them occupied, far from getting bored. And from that fact alone, makes them a very good companion because of how easy you’ll be able to train them and follow your rules back at home.

High intelligence is the dream of any dog owner because a dog who refuses to be trained makes it very difficult to love and stay with at home.

A smart dog will not only make your life a lot more convenient but will also open up many opportunities such as joining dog shows or obedient tests, where you can find out how well your pooch does in comparison to other dogs!

2. Super Playful

In contrast to their calm and collected demeanor, the Poodle Breed is actually a super playful dog that will never drop the chance to have some fun with their owners. This stems from their history to fetch waterfowl for hunters during their hunting days, which is what makes them love running and swimming when given the opportunity! Poodle Breeds love playing so much that not getting enough may lead to some terrible repercussions in their temperament and behavior.

When a Poodle Breed is unable to stimulate itself through some form of pleasure, it can sometimes become quite destructive and start showing some deplorable behavior. So much that even this disorderly conduct could get into your nerves and stress you out, so make sure you give them the playtime they want! All it takes is a good 30-minute time outdoors to immerse yourself in nature and have fun, and they will be back to normal in no time.

3. Jaw-Dropping Looks

The hallmark of the Poodle Breeds have to be their jaw-dropping looks; literally no dog could ever come close to how lush and luxurious they appear when groomed and taken care professionally. Not to mention that there exist a wide variety of great hairdos you could choose from to make your Poodle stand out, and have their personality distinct from the crowd. From Lion Cuts to Modern Cuts, and even down to the Teddy Bear Cuts – there are more than enough to go around for you to design and make your pooch stand out best.

However, this hallmark is also what makes the Poodle Breed quite the tough dog to handle if you aren’t up for the task of grooming them as you mean it. Negligence to proper grooming will lead to a bad coat, and constant shedding will plague your home, so if grooming isn’t your thing, then you best step away. While it can ever, it is still advisable that Poodle Breeds get expert and professional grooming services every three to six weeks.

4. Energetic and Athletic

Despite how primitive and appropriate they look, the Poodle Breed is in fact, a very energetic and athletic dog that needs its fair share of exercise and physical activity to the surprise of many dog owners. The Poodle Breed still maintains this excellent need to spend their energy and be physically stimulated to maintain their body in check because of their background and history as reliable hunting companions. Similarly, the inability to stimulate their need for physical activity will result in the same destructive conduct as forgetting playing time.

From instances of rowdy behavior and destructive nature, not stimulating a Poodle Breeds’ needs is sure to lead to a lot of problems and headache. So, make sure you get in those runs and workouts with your doggie or else you’re going to have a huge problem on your hands. And if you aren’t up for the challenge, we suggest that you work on that before even thinking about the Poodle Breed!

5. Loving and Affectionate

While Poodle Breeds do look like big snobs that can’t afford to share their time with you, the reality is the exact opposite, and they are one of the most loving and affectionate doggies you will ever get to meet and own. Poodles love their owners and will do anything to show their affection and stay close to them for as long as possible. Poodles extremely despise being far away from their owners for a long time, to the point where they can’t handle it and become very sad and destructive.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a dog that is always down to cuddle and will ever want to be by your side, then you may have just found the perfect companion. Keep Poodles close, and you will never have to experience them going sad and destructive, especially if they’ve been properly trained.

6. Come in Three Sizes

Another fact that surprises many dog owners are that there are three distinct sizes of Poodle Breeds! Yes, they’re all puddles and they weren’t bred with other dogs but were a result of bred with other bigger puddles back then.

 Namely, these three different sizes of Poodle Breeds are:

  • Toy Poodle – the smallest Poodle of the three, also considered to be one the rowdiest of the three and has a history of being owned by wealthy merchants and royalty.
  • Miniature Poodle – these Poodles were relatively mid-sized and were used for sniffing out truffles in the forest. They were also much milder compared to the Toy Poodle.
  • Standard Poodle – the typical Poodle size that many are familiar with and is also the most dominant in the dog breed. These Poodles were much larger because of their hunting background and history.

7. Loyal Companions

While Poodle Breeds seem to be very passive and royal dog figures, they are very faithful companions to their owners who will always seek their safety. One of the best examples of this is the Poodle’s reluctance to bark. You’ll rarely ever hear a Poodle barking like other dogs at random. However, if a Poodle feels something indifferent, or if he feels he and his owner might be in future risk, they are more than willing to alert the owner if necessary.

In combination with their high intelligence and affectionate nature, putting all these three together are what make Poodle Breeds a great dog overall for any individual or even a family for that matter. Their loyalty never wavers, and you can be rest assured that your Poodle will always stand by your side no matter what challenges may arise.

8. Great for Novice Dog-Owners

Last but not the least, one fact that many dog owners don’t know is that Poodle Breeds make Great beginner dogs for novice dog-owners. With their high intelligence, easy to train capabilities, loyalty, and specific needs for exercise and fun time – they make the perfect dog for anyone looking to become a dog-owner themselves. From teaching them cool tricks and commands to becoming responsible with their needs, Poodle Breeds serve as a great baseline and foundation for anyone looking for a dog.

While some may argue that the grooming aspect may prove to be over-burdensome for starters, we see this as an absolute benefit. Novice dog-owners who get Poodle Breeds will better understand the importance of proper grooming to not only make their dogs look good but also keep them in perfect health and condition. With that taken away, there is nothing that stops you from getting a Poodle for yourself to become your most loyal companion or the family’s favorite pet.

Poodle Breeds: Dogs that Steal the Spotlight

In summary, Poodle Breeds are wonderful and famous dogs that are well-known for being super attractive, and the stars of many dogs show across the world. However, many people’s perceptions of the dog are very limited to only the tip of the iceberg, preventing them from truly appreciating the beauty of this dog breed. Poodle Breeds hold the most ideal set of traits for any novice dog-owner looking for their very first companion or maybe even the best choice of a family dog. Poodles are very intelligent, super playful, have jaw-dropping looks, athletic, greatly affectionate, and so much more!

Poodle Breeds however, have specific needs in terms of playtime, physical activity, and mental stimulation – and to keep them in ethical behavior and perfect health, it is important to meet these three. Failure to do so will result in a rowdy and disobedient Poodle, a situation that no dog owner would want to be in. Overall though, Poodles make great dogs and is perfect for anyone looking for their first dog or looking for a way to enter the dog show scene.

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