Saint Berdoodle (ST Berpoo) Poodle Mix Dog Breed Facts and Information

Have you ever heard of Saint Berdoodle’s designer dog breed? If not, we’ve collected some of the facts and information about them here. This mix dog breed has lots of adorable features you’ll love, so it’s better not to miss out.

What is Berdoodle? A Quick Glance At Its History

Saint Berdoodle or Saint Berpoo is a cross between a Saint Bernard and Poodle. If you have never heard of this dog breed before, it is your chance to learn about them.

Saint Berdoodle Poodle Mix is made up of three types: first generation, second generation, and Saint Berdoodle hybrid. A Saint Berdoodle first-generation is a result of pure Saint Bernard and Poodle dogs direct breeding. On the other hand, two Saint Berdoodle produces a second-generation Saint Berdoodle. A Saint Berdoodle hybrid is a by-product of mixing a pure Saint Bernard or Poodle and a Saint Berdoodle.

The interesting reason why this mixed dog breed has three types is that breeders want to portray an individual helpful gene from the parent of dogs minus the imperfections in their ancestor genes. But generally, Saint Berdoodles are incredibly cute. You may see some of these pups having both qualities of their parents equally because they have three types. Others, on the other hand, may feature a greater resemblance to one of its ancestors.

Saint Berdoodles were first found in the virgin lands of America. However, the origin of this mix dog breed is not yet known. So to fill up the gaps, here’s the origin of its two parents.

St Bernard mix with Poodle

Saint Bernard first appeared in the late 1880s when it was initiated in the American Kennel Club or AKC. It is also believed that it initially originated from Switzerland and is produced by directly crossing indigenous Alp and Mastiff dogs.

This cute mix is an amiable, steady, and kind dog. When it comes to enjoying the attention, it’s similar to other dogs, which implies you have to take time to demonstrate love to them. If you’re planning to purchase or adopt one.

Saint Bernard is an ideal family dog, especially for households with older children and larger space, despite their enormous built. Its name is derived from the Great Saint Bernard that is passed through the Alps from Italy and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Poodle is said to have been around in the 17th century, working as a military working dog. It was bred by hunters in Germany to become water-retrieving dogs. This dog breed has a cute, dense, curly hair that is trimmed to help improve swimming mobility.

Facts and Information About Saint Berdoodle Poodle Mix


Since there are three methods to breed this mix, each Saint Berdoodle Poodle combination may seem entirely different from each other. This mix can weigh between 40 to more than 180 pounds and be 15 to 30 inches tall.

Saint Berdoodle may have two distinct types and colors when it comes to their coat. It can be curly and wavy, but Saint Berdoodles with wavy hair are more perfect for individuals with allergies than curly. The curly poodles, on the other hand, shed less hair. This adorable mix is also available in different colors, including apricot, white, black, cream, blue, silver, sable, brown and white, and black & white.

Saint Berdoodle Poodle mix dogs are most likely to have a large built when they grow into adults. It is since one of its parents, is a naturally large dog breed which is Saint Bernard.


Saint Berdoodle is one of the most loving and affectionate dogs. It loves the attention as well as preferring to be close to each family member. A dog with this breed can also be very intelligent along with a habit of satisfying its master, which makes this dog breed easy to train.

If you have a Saint Berdoodle, you may find it lonely and sulking in one corner when you don’t pet him for quite some time. The explanation is that it feels neglected, particularly if you left it to work for a whole day in your home.

Saint Berdoodle dogs are also reliable. They are known to be territorial and are cautious of strangers so you can expect them to warn you when someone breaks into your home with their loud barks. These adorable pups also protect all family members, making them excellent guard dogs.

The most heart-warming thing about a Saint Berdoodle Poodle mix is the fact that it is patient with children. He can get along with big kids and other family pets, especially when socialized from a very young age. But you have to keep an eye on them if you enable him to play with small animals. It’s because the enormous structure of your dog could cause him to injure his playmates accidentally.

And because of its intelligence and a limitless supply of energy, this adorable mix is perfect to join training and exercises. If you are planning to get a Saint Berdoodle, better to prepare a lot of energy and affection for this charming dog breed.

Training and Exercise

Generally, dogs require exercise every day. For Saint Berdoodle, it’s ideal to walk around the neighborhood once or twice a day. Take note that the young Saint Berdoodle prefer to walk on the grass and not on difficult concrete. The reason for this is because they are fast-growing, which is difficult for their connective tissues and joints, and hard concrete can make this issue worse.

Also, keeping them physically and mentally stimulated is important. They will require early leash train which can only be done by a person who can handle their large built. For this reason, you also have to be physically strong to handle them.

You would love to teach them new tricks because Saint Berdoodles are naturally intelligent dogs who can be following commands easily. But, since they quickly get tired, these large boys also require several breaks in a day. So let them take a brief nap if they pause for a while and expect them to wake up again with a full load of energy.


Since Saint Berdoodle is a hybrid dog, some may have hereditary health problems including bloat, eye disease, and hip dysplasia. They may experience idiopathic illnesses, epilepsy, immune-mediated illnesses, sebaceous adenitis, Von Willebrand’s illness, and gastric dilation volvulus among the other problems.

Owners and potential owners of this combination are urged to take note of the dog’s parents ‘ health history to determine the possible future genetic disease it is likely sto experience. Also keep in mind that when in air-conditioned places or with high temperature, it is best to keep them feel comfortable by providing them a lot of water and properly cooled.

Saint Bernards are bred to live in cold weather mountain as a rescue dog. On the other hand, Poodles needs a little bit of warmer place to live. More so, you can expect Saint Berdoodles to love environments with temperature ranging from 30 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Grooming this charming mix depends upon the coat it got from its parents. If it inherits its Poodle parent’s coat, you will likely need to have their coats clipped regularly. It is because their hair will continue to grow all year round with little shedding. Meanwhile, to keep them clean and healthy, Saint Berdoodles who got the coat of a Saint Bernard only requires periodic hair brushing about 2 to 3 times a week.

Saint Bernards are known to have low maintenance coats. You will only need a metal comb or slicker brush to keep them looking great and clean for most of the year.

Consider to have your Saint Berdoodle’s ears and eyes groomed to avoid the possibility of infection.

Life Span

Given that both of its parents are healthy dog breeds, a Saint Berdoodle Poodle mix dog may live between 8 to 12 years. A Saint Bernard has a life span of about 12 years while Poodle can live up to 8 to 10 years.

Are Berdoodle Dogs Ideal As Family Pets?

Saint Berdoodle Poodle mix dogs are most likely to be family-oriented pets. They are willing to please the members and friends of their family, and they are very affectionate and loving pets. So, if you’re planning to add a furry member to your family, you can consider Saint Berdoodles as one of the best choices. No family of yours is going to ignore them with their looks and attitude.

Your home will be filled with action because of their overflowing energy. Saint Berdoodles likes to play just like most dog breeds, so sometimes be prepared to join them. They are also susceptible to your feelings and behavior towards them. They will be sad and feel neglected if you ignore them or you tend to leave them alone for a long time.

But among all these things, Saint Berdoodles are patient with kids so you can have peace of mind that they will get along well with the family. This adorable huge pup may also be hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for people who are suffering from allergies and sensitivities to danders.


To sum up, the St. Berdoodle Poodle Mix is a big, cute dog that is perfect as a family dog because it tends to be reliable and loving to people and other pets. They are energetic dogs who want to play and have fun with you to lift your mood. You can expect to spend less cash and effort to keep them looking good and healthy because they require relatively low maintenance. Just make sure to take them for a walk every day to maintain their mind and body strong.

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