Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix – All You Need To Know About the Beautiful Dog Breed

Have you ever wondered if what makes Australian Shepherd Border Collie’s unique combination different from other breeds? Or, where did they came from and what breeds make them? If you do, here’s our definitive guide to these lovely pups that can assist you to get closer to your dog. Whether you’re planning to get one or living with one at the moment, this article can help you learn more about it.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix dogs are lovely mixed breeds that inherit their parents ‘ best traits. You will get to understand in this article not only their looks, behavior, the best way to groom them, their health, but also the best training and exercises for them. So let’s get started.

Australian Shepherd VS Border Collie

Before anything else, let us learn the difference between the two parents of this mix breed. Check out the following:

  • Appearance – When it comes to looks, both breeds have smooth, long hair. Compared to Australian Shepherd, Border Collie comes with a broader range of coat color combinations. Australian Shepherds comes in Black, Merle, Blue Merle, Red, and Red tricolor. Meanwhile, Border Collies has Mottled, Sable/White, Black/White, Red Merle, Blue Merle, Chocolate/White, Blue/White, and Red/White.  Aside from that, Border Collie’s coat type is relatively rougher than that of an Australian Shepherd. There are also times that the latter is affected by Heterochromia, a condition of the eye where one eye has a different color to the other.
  • Size – Naturally, Australian Shepherd has bigger stature. It is also heavier than Border Collies, but the two breeds are both medium-sized dogs. The weight of Border Collie is around 23 kilograms with a height of between 46 to 58 centimeters. Meanwhile, Aussies can be 50 to 54 centimeter tall and weigh 25 to 30 kilograms.
  • Behavior – Aussies are reliable guard dogs with high alertness. It is different from Border Collies that are slightly less alert guard dogs. In general, both dogs are loyal, caring, and affectionate pets.

What is an Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix?

An Australian Shepherd Border Colie Mix is a dog breed that combines two different breeds that are similar, creative, and active dogs, fond of playing and working hard.

These features are quite evident in the knowledge that the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie both originate for years in ranches and farms, working as shepherds protecting and herding cattle. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is oozing with energy and is perfect for an equally vigorous individual who can spend a lot of time playing games and walking.

This incredible hybrid inherits from its parents a broad range of personal characteristics. They have to be busy all the time to spend their full loaded energy. They tend to get bored quickly, though, by repeatedly doing the same duties. People always look for friendly and faithful ones when looking for a dog. These attributes are present to Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix. Australian Shepherd and Border Collie dogs both have excellent characteristics that create a loyal companion, protecting yourself and your family that will only require you to scratch his ear in return.

This dog breed inherits several positive traits from its parents as well as some negative qualities, which includes quick to boredom.

1. Looks

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix looks more like a Border Collie than an Australian Shepherd when it comes to appearance. You may see an equivalent similarity between its parents when you look at it. But Border Collie’s physical features are slightly dominant, particularly with the facial feature.

Usually, the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix is green or brown in the eye. But in both her parents, the eye condition called heterochromia is particularly prevalent. In this condition, both of its eyes may have a different color. 

This exciting mix has a broad and long tail, but Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix dogs sometimes have bobtail comparable to Australian Shepherd. The looks of this mix breed are generally very similar to Border Collie. A full-grown Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix has an average size ranging from 20 to 23 inches and can weigh 47.5 lbs.

For their coat, you can see adorable dogs with this breed featuring light or mark feathering medium coats along with tight curls. They may also have dense undercoat and topcoat that acts against extreme weather conditions as their protection. This dog breed now has a medium-length coat, yellow, dark brown, blue, amber, and green thanks to the amazing looks of Aussie’s.

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix comes in a wide array of colors as well as spots. It includes black, black and white, sable, red, brindle, blue Merle, tan, silver, as well as tri-color involving blue, white, black and white, red, and black and blue.

2. Behavior

Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix wants companionship. This cute pup expects individuals to shower it a lot of love. Both her parents are known to be gentle in nature and kind in heart. They are known to be willing to serve their owners and to please them, and they want to play and work hard.

You must observe your Aussie Border if it suddenly became quiet. Sometimes this can imply difficulty for the owners as it is simple to bore this dog breed. In your home, they might have done something outrageous when they become silent

On the other hand, Australian Shepherd Border Collie is known for being friendly. They can play with kids, they actually appreciate the kid’s company as they can play throughout the day. But this dog breed doesn’t make a good guard because it is not particularly good with emergencies and chasing people away.

But because both Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are smart, they require mental stimulation to avoid boredom.

3. Grooming

Depending on their coats, dogs involve different methods to groom. Because it has long hair, an Australian Shepherd Border Collie sheds hair lightly. So, if you happen to have an Aussie Border, expect a lot of dog hair to be seen in your chairs, couch, and anywhere your dog stays most.

If you are not able to clean hair scattered all around all the time, consider keeping your pup outdoors or clip its hair short. Brushing its long hair for at least 4 times a week is required.

Besides that, Aussie Borders has deep ear pockets, so keep them clean all the time in order to prevent infections. Also keep their toenails clean because their fur generally grows over their fingers which, at the moment of trimming, may hide the nails from your sight.

4. Health

It’s a great thing that the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are both healthy breeds. You can expect your Aussie Border mix to live for an average of 12 years or 15 years depending on how you keep your pup indoors with adequate veterinary care.

As well as arthritis sometimes, Australian Shepherd Border Collie dogs may experience hip dysplasia. One of the reasons your dog may feel these circumstances is that it’s the most active Aussie Border mix dogs. Another is these pups sometimes enjoy relaxing.

These are the reasons why it is essential to help them get a right amount of physical activity every single day. It helps to keep the muscles and joints healthy.

5. Training and Exercise For Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Since Australian Shepherd Border Collie dogs are loaded with burning energy, many physical exercises must be provided for them. It involves walking around your area, setting a yard for him to play, and much more.

They will get bored, loud, and destructive when these pets have nothing to do. He could produce a task on his own the moment he gets extremely bored. It could be chasing small animals, herding children, or bringing destruction to your home. So, take some time to train them and let them exercise daily.

Naturally energetic, the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix makes it perfect for competitive dog sports. It is a medium-sized dog with great agility particularly the naturally bobbed tail or docked. Specifically for hearing, instruction, police dog, aid, search and rescue, it is also the best for canine dogs.

You can also teach your dog to help you do household tasks, including taking laundry off the ground and giving it to you. But take note that they can’t do the laundry or fold it for you.

Begin training your pup as soon as getting it or at a young age. Provide different kinds of activities to your its daily routine to keep its mind alert and mentally stimulated.

Take note that yelling or using loud noises will not help you out when you train your dog. Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix is a loving dog that prefers beneficial incentives. You can also use treats for your dog’s training. This specific blend breed, however, is intelligent, so avoid giving them treats as a reward when they understand what you taught them.


To sum it up, the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix is an adorable dog. It requires so much love and cares, particularly not to get bored. Moreover, if you plan to include one in your family, make sure you’re able to spend enough time with them. This mix dog breed comes from dogs with natural herding abilities, making it capable of herding kids and other small animals.

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