Corgi German Shepherd Mix: Find Out If The Dog Breed Suits Your Personality and Lifestyle?

Choosing a new dog can be a daunting task. There are factors that you need to take into consideration, such as the character of a dog. If you choose a dog breed that doesn’t suit your personality, then it can be quite a challenge to “get along” well with your new fur baby. Not all prospective dog owners understand that caring for a new fur baby is a commitment that can take an average of ten or more years.s One of the reasons why dog owners give up their dog for adoption or worse is because the dog does not suit the owner’s personality and lifestyle.

In this article, I would like to share with you what you can expect if you get a Corgi German Shepherd dog mix. This is of utmost significance because it will eliminate the problem of dog abandonment and give it up for adoption by having a new canine buddy that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Meet the Parents:

Studying their parents is one of the ways to learn more about a designer dog breed. The result of breeding two purebred dogs is a designer dog breed such as the Corgi German Shepherd dog mix, and in this case, it is a German Shepherd and a Welsh Corgi.

Welsh Corgi:

Anyone who follows the British Royalty knows that Queen Elizabeth is very fond of Welsh Corgi dog breed. Since she was a girl, she has been caring for a Welsh Corgi, and why not? This dog breed is also very lovable despite being known for its stubbornness. It is a working dog breed that is naturally very athletic and can be an excellent watchdog.

German Shepherd:

Being the third most intelligent dog breeds, this breed of dogs is easy to train and very loyal and protective to their owners. However, it may be stubborn, but this conduct can be fixed with early training.

A Mix of Two Parents-Corgi German Shepherd Dog Mix (Corman) Physical Appearance:

Its parents, the Welch Corgi and the German Shepherd, have very strong physical attributes, and no wonder they are passed down to the crossbreeds of the Corgi German Shepherd Mixed Dog. This crossbreed is easy to spot because it has both the face and the color of the German Shepherd, but it got its height and structure of a Welsh Corgi.

Just like a Welsh Corgi, it is not a tall dog as it inherited the short legs of a Welsh Corgi, an average of 12 to 15 inches is its height and may weigh between 20 to 70 pounds. 

It has a pointed nose as well as long and erected ears which are inherited from both of its parents. But its eyes are more of an almond-shaped German Shepherd than a round-shaped one. The color of the coat is more of a German Shepherd too, with colors ranging from tan, black and white to gold and brown shades.

How Much Effort Is Required to Keep It Looking Fabulous?

Natural beauty is a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog features. However, as in all things, for a prospective owner like you, its beauty needs some maintenance, lest it appears shabby. Although its coat is short, it does not shed as heavy as a German Shepherd. So if you suffer from some form of allergy, this dog breed may not be right for you. Since it sheds, an owner must spend at least 15 minutes of grooming time to keep its coat healthy and shiny. I strongly recommend the following tools for grooming:

Not only do you need to spend time to groom its coat, but you also need to look after its nails and teeth/gums to keep a Corgi German Shepherd look fabulous. Moreover, ear-cleaning should be part of grooming. The following items are recommended in the grooming kit:

How Active is a Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog?

The perfect match for this dog breed is someone who loves an active lifestyle. This dog is beaming with so much energy! Despite its short legs, it enjoys a daily long walk. But for a prospective owner like you, this kind of energy is also good. Exercising this dog implies you also get the physical activity needed to make you healthy and strong. It can last an hour of physical activity each day.

I recommend that you give a range of exercises to this dog breed. Besides walking to keep it mentally and physically stimulated, you can also enjoy some fetch matches and outdoor ball matches. Get the following toys for your Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog:

Show Your Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog that You are the Boss!

This mixed dog is a product of two intelligent dogs, but it always wants to be the pack’s leader! It is bossy! That’s why you need to prove you’re the boss! This breed of mixed dogs is renowned for their stubborn conduct. Do not demonstrate any indications when you train it that it can get away with anything, otherwise it will dominate you.

Training it an early age is the best way to mellow down its stubborn trait. And if you train it well and let it learn that you are the boss, then it becomes an obedient and respectful dog.

An Excellent Guard Dog:

If you get a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog, you’ll feel very secure. It has a strong character that is going to scare people planning to rob your home. Also known as a very expressive dog, it tends to bark to new things and unfamiliar faces. 

Other Pets…Beware!

The Corgi German Mix dog is great for kids, but not for other pets. This is a very jealous dog that does not want its owner to split his attention to other pets in the house. That is why it is best to start socializing once it gets home. But if you’re going to adopt an adult Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog, you may find it difficult to live with the other pets peacefully.

It Has A Big Appetite and It Can Be Greedy!

When you give food, you need to be tough. This dog would ask for seconds, thirds, and more food from you!  Without batting an eyelash, it suffices to say that a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog is a greedy fellow. 

Do not give in to its begging for food behavior. Be strict and make sure it gets only the right quantity of food and treats. Make sure you only get high-quality dog food so it can get a balanced diet. One and a half cups are adequate for puppies, while two to three cups are adequate for fully grown dogs.  Examples are the following:

What are the Potential Health Issues?

Though this dog breed is robustly healthy, it does not mean that it is not susceptible to certain illnesses. Some of the possible health issues are the following:

  • Bloat: Bloating is one of the health problems of a Welsh Corgi and too bad, this is passed on to a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog. Its stomach can twist and cause severe pain and eventually, death.
  • Obesity: Since this dog is a voracious eater, it is no wonder that it can suffer from obesity and its corresponding side-effects. This is why you have to practice ‘tough’ by not giving it too much food.
  • Slipped Disc: This condition in humans elicits the same symptoms in dogs, which include pain and immobility.
  • Eye Problems: Cataract is typical among older dogs but if your Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog is diagnosed with diabetes, it can suffer from eye problems at an early age.

But overall, a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog is a healthy canine buddy which can be your companion for about 12 to 15 years.

Don’t Leave It Alone for a Long Time:

The Corgi German Shepherd is always happy to be with you. Leave it too long will result in whining. Separation anxiety is a problem that needs to be addressed, but if you will start training it to be alone while it is still a puppy makes a huge difference. 

I suggest that you purchase indestructible chew toys for it to be occupied while you are at work.

Human Lifestyle and Personality that Suits a Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog:

In a nutshell, find out if you’re supposed to get this dog. Remember that the average lifespan is between 12 to 15 years, and if you can’t offer what it needs,  then you are better off looking for another dog breed. 

Who Should Own a Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog?

  • Someone who loves the outdoors. It needs plenty of exercises. An hour a day is what it needs.
  • Someone who is physically active. If you cannot take it out for a walk, you can provide indoor exercises such as tug-of-war and fetch activities. 
  • Someone who has the time to groom it. Daily brushing is necessary.
  • Someone who is not clean freak due to the shedding problem. On the carpet and couch, and in other areas of the house, you will find dog hair.
  • Someone who is a natural leader because this dog is bossy. A dog owner who can instill in the mind of a Corgi German Shepherd Mix dog that it should follow commands because you are the leader of the pack.

If You Do Not Want a Dog That Is:

  • Possessive of other animals, then this dog is not right for you. Due to its territorial and possessive traits, it can bite strangers and can fight with other animals.
  • If it is bored, it can get destructive.
  • It tends to bark too much and can be a nuisance to neighbors.

If a Corgi German Shepherd Suits your Personality & Lifestyle, then here are Few Tips to Consider When Getting a Puppy:

  • A reputable breeder will not think twice about letting you inspect its breeding facility. Check if it is clean and has a healthy environment for the dogs.
  • The breeder must show you the health records of the parents and its pups.
  • The breeder must show concern about who will purchase the pups. Indications of pups ‘ welfare issues are the potential buyer’s training skills, his home, and if he can give the right medical and social care to the dog.
  • Stay away from puppy mills.
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