3 Best Chew Toys in Town for Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the smartest and trainable dogs that have ever lived. You can say that as you must have seen many K-9 dogs which are trained to assist policemen on their operations. They are also playful and naughty at times. Like most dogs, German Shepherds are always excited when they are with their owners. In short, most of these German Shepherds are a bunch of cute and lovable dogs that make our homes very sweet and happy.

But how do we make our dogs, especially German Shepherds, entertained? They would always love playing fetch or making them chew everything at home or outside as we walk them. Their chew toys are one of their main sources of entertainment and as owners, we should always invest on what makes them happy. Some of these chew toys may be used for training them as well. They are as smart as anyone can think of.

Chew toys for German Shepherds require durability and safety for the dogs since German Shepherds are the type that can destroy things with little bites. If not guarded, their safety might be at risk since the things that they chew may be toxic and dangerous for their own health. Would you risk your dog’s safety for just any kind of chew toy? It should not be a question for us.

These chew toys are also for their exercise. Being energetic dogs, German Shepherds are a physically strong type. For training, they are required to have mental and physical strength. These chew toys can help them with that and should have durable and safe features.

German Shepherds may be raised or trained as aggressive and tough chewers depending on what we want them to. Remember that they are one of the smartest and most trainable dogs ever. These chew toys may be used for them, either for training or just for fun.

Here are the three best German Shepherd chew toys in the US.

1. KONG Goodie Bone

From cartoons to movies, we can see that it is common for dogs to love bones. Many dog toy bones are durable enough for the dogs to chew on but this Goodie Bone by Kong Company have things that set it apart from other types of bones.

Durability is not an issue for this product since it is made of rubber. This natural and non-toxic rubber is used for the safety of your German Shepherd. Also, it has a small slot on it for some treats for the good boy or girl. This will make them go for their treat while chewing on that rubber bone. It is like an all-in-one package for your German Shepherd.

This Goodie Bone ranges from Classic to Extreme. Extremes are for aggressive and tough chewers. They also have the Puppy version for your small puppies. They can chew all day and all night and you will not have to worry about their satisfaction. You will not have to worry about a worn-out chew bone for a long time since it is made for a long term chewing session for your dog.

Many reviews for this product are indicating good signs that you should buy this. It is not just due to its durability, but because of the hole for the treats and it is what makes this bone special and challenging for the dogs. German Shepherds would definitely love this challenge of chewing while getting that treat from that hole.

Of course, you may choose what you want to give for your German Shepherd. Either they are gentle or extreme, just be sure to give them their happiness bone and don’t forget their treats as well!

2. West Paw Jive Zogoflex Ball

Fetch! It is one of the most common but interesting hobbies of dogs where you throw a ball and they will run for it, catch it, and give it back to you. It is a cycle that they won’t ever be tired of. Well, this Jive Ball will never get tired of them too! From the way it bounces and to the way it rolls, it will surely keep your German Shepherd busy and lively. Their playfulness will come alive.

This ball is easy to throw and also fits a common ball thrower. Your German Shepherd would be the most excited one as he waits for the ball to be thrown away. Jive Ball is not your typical ball where it bounces straight. It is built for your dogs to run really hard for the ball.

Its durability is tested better than a tennis ball and baseball. This will satisfy your dog’s chewing experience.

Safety is not an issue here as well. It is latex-free which means that it is made from natural rubber. This is for the safety of the dog while he is doing his best to chew.

German Shepherds, with their body build, would always want to run back and forth. Either outside your home or inside, the dogs will surely love to have this ball as one of their playmates. Rolling or fetching, this ball will get the best out of your dog.

Do not hesitate to buy this ball. It is satisfying for your playful German shepherd, and it is also safe for chewing as well. Surely, fetch will be his best playing experience with this ball.

3. GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Have you ever tried playing with your German Shepherd on water? You can bring this GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy with you as you go and have fun while you are swimming with your dog. This product is one of the best chew toys in town where it is usable on land or in water. Maximize your dogs’ playing experience as you give them this ring.

Of course, this ring floats on water and can be played and chewed by your dog while swimming. It will give him the best experience of having fun while refreshing himself from all the stresses. On land, this can be used for fetch and it can be thrown in several ways.

The ring can also roll too! Your German Shepherd would be happy enough to follow this rolling ring inside or outside the house. Just give effort and push it, and your dog will run for it.

There is no issue of durability here as it was made from rubber with carbon reinforcement. It has 2 colored layers; the black layer and the red layer. The black layer is the main part of the ring where your German Shepherd can chew it all day long. The red layer is the indicator of the ring’s safety for your dog. When it reaches the red one, your dog should stop playing with it.

Safety is not an issue here as well. This product is made from natural rubber which is totally safe for your German Shepherd. It can also be cleaned with warm water too. 

This GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy is one multi-purpose toy where it floats, rolls, and can be thrown for fetches. Your dogs can sleep with it as well. It may be one of the best toys for any kind of dogs, especially for German Shepherds. It is made ideally for tough chewers with safety indicator as part of its excellent features.


There are still many chew toys in town for your dog which can be used for playing, training, and many more. These three products may be the best ones as we see great and special features from them. By that, your German Shepherds will enjoy and will have a great time playing and chewing.

But it is not just the entertainment purposes that is good among these toys. The products’ durability and safety for dogs are excellent too. It will be a good investment because you will give your dog the best chewing experience, and also you will not waste your time and money by replacing your dog’s chew toys time and time again.

For safety, it is common for these three to have a special feature which is the natural rubber. Natural rubber, from the name itself, is a non-toxic kind which is very safe for your German Shepherds.

For durability, as we can see, these products are made of rubber which is a good material for your dogs to chew since it can be more durable than any other kind of material. Also, some reinforcements are used for these materials like carbon which can support and make your chew toys last longer.

But do not forget that chew toys will wear out and will not last forever. They might last for a long time, but it won’t be long enough for your dog’s safety. Do not risk your German Shepherd’s safety by letting them chew the toys that are not durable enough.

Always remember that your dogs, especially the German Shepherds, are precious and they should be treated with love and care. Do not forget to give them the best of what they can have. These chew toys may help you in giving them the love that they deserve.

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