7 Reasons Why You Should Get a German Shepherd And Golden Retriever Mix

While purebred doggies have their own set of outstanding characteristics and qualities, plenty of mixed breed dogs offer the best of both worlds! Proof of that is the German shepherd mix with golden retriever, a playful and affectionate canine that dog-lovers just can’t resist—not to mention, this dog is full of energy and is also very athletic, a trait that many of us instantly fall in love with.

This crossbreed takes many traits from both its parents, the German shepherd and golden retriever, inheriting not only the looks, but also the tendencies of both breeds. They are both guard dogs and playful pets that love to fetch. So, on today’s dogwatch, we will talk about the 7 reasons why you should get a German shepherd and golden retriever mix.

1. Trainable and Intelligent

Golden-shepherd mixes are one of the smartest dogs you will ever get to meet, and this is because of both parent breeds. First are German shepherds; they make great police dogs and have a long history of herding sheep, as their name suggests. Second are golden retrievers, who are also capable of police work, such as sniffing out illegal substances, and they also have a background of being sporting dogs. Put these two together, and you get a very intelligent doggo who is more than willing to be trained by you!

While many dog-lovers struggle with teaching their pooches the most basic tricks, such as sitting, lying down, coming over, and dropping something that they’re chewing, this crossbreed is different. In a matter of days, putting in the time and effort will make the golden-shepherd mix aware of the commands and easily follow what you say. This means you can even teach them more advanced tricks, if that is up your alley.

Likewise, their intelligence also makes them surpass the title of companion and can make for the perfect helping hand at home with chores. From getting the newspaper to finding something you’re missing, the German shepherd and golden retriever mix puppy is sure to be a big help!

2. Big, Loving Dog

While toy dogs and small pooches have beautiful traits, the fun and affection you can get from a big, loving dog is unmatched. The German shepherd-golden retriever mix can reach a height of up to 21-26 inches and can weigh over 50-70 pounds, which is massive, compared to a small-sized chihuahua! So, if you’re a dog-lover who just can’t deny a big canine full of energy and joy, then this golden shepherd mix is truly the dog for you.

With its size comes a big appetite, which means you should always be on top of your food game to ensure that this big, loving dog eats a healthy diet. Being quite the large mix, it calls for an optimal amount of four meals a day as a puppy and dialling it down to two big meals a day as an adult. On a side note, due to the golden-shepherd mix being quite trainable, you won’t need an absurd number of treats to get them to do something, which is a major plus for any dog-lover!

In return for all your care, you should be very prepared to receive copious amounts of love and affection from this dog!

3. Very Friendly and Perfect for Families

One major deal-breaker for dog-lovers looking for a pooch to call their own is a dog who doesn’t get along well with others and poses threat to the people around them. However, this German shepherd-golden retriever mix is the exact opposite of dangerous and might even be called an angel sent from Heaven to please everyone on Earth! This mixed breed takes after its golden retriever bloodline; they have a very kind nature and don’t fear strangers; they want to befriend everyone they meet.

On the other hand, this crossbreed also takes after its German shepherd bloodline; they are very loyal and protective of the people who take care of them. As a result, you get a golden-shepherd mix who is extremely friendly, loves to play with the family, and wishes nothing but to keep the people important to them safe.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a dog who is fit for the family, then this might not only be your safest option but also the best one out there. No one will be able to get enough of them, and they’ll be happy to please every family member who wants to play with them. It’s like having a new, furry, and loving addition to the family!

4. Perfect Hiking Trail Buddy

When it comes to taking care of dogs, exercise is an important aspect in maintaining their health and wellbeing, and this mixed breed is no stranger to exercise! Both of its parent breeds are very athletic dogs who love running around and getting a breath of fresh air during walks when they are out with you. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect hiking trail buddy for the longest time, then you may have just gotten the most active and friendly one out there in the shape of a dog!

At the age of 18 months, the golden-shepherd mix will be more than ready to walk those trails and experience nature and its beauties alongside you. Just imagine the amount of fun you’ll have when you get to bring your canine along for the adventure. It will also provide good exercise for you, as well, because these dogs are quite the athletes.

However, fair warning: You might find yourself out of breath before this doggie even uses 100% of their energy, so try your best to keep up with them!

5. Fun to Groom

One fun aspect of taking care of dogs is grooming, and while plenty of dog-lovers get small pooches to groom to their heart’s desire, not everyone is the same! So, if you enjoy grooming your dog but don’t want to get technical and specific, then this golden-shepherd mix will make for the perfect companion. Contrary to its golden retriever background and because they are crossbred with the German shepherd, their fur is much easier to maintain and groom.

However, it is still advisable to get your German shepherd and golden retriever mix puppies groomed by a professional at least once a month to keep them looking in their best condition. Likewise, the crossbreed might also inherit some of the golden retriever’s infamous shedding, so you may want to prepare for that, just in case it turns into a mess.

Overall, with some simple brushing, and a clean bath and rinse through, they are still a million times easier to groom when compared to dogs with bushy and curly fur—which is a major plus for us because we won’t have to spend more on expensive dog products just to keep them healthy. The simple and inexpensive products will do just fine!

6. Keeps You Safe

One awesome trait of this mixed breed is their tendency of being guard dogs, which stem from their parent breed, the German shepherd. If you’re on the lookout for a dog who is both fun to be around and will keep you safe during dangerous situations and emergencies, then you might be surprised at how capable this doggie can be. Due to its bloodline, it might even inherit a more protective nature and will often bark when it feels unsafe or threatened.

Likewise, these dogs are also always on the alert because of their loyalty, and if they’ve fully recognized you as their owner, they will feel indebted to protect you! However, due to their friendly and protective nature, there is a possibility that they may suffer from separation anxiety when they haven’t seen you for a long time.

This crossbreed is a people-friendly dog and very loyal, too, so never leave them alone, because they’ll be stuck at home, missing you! If you have to leave them for a long time, find a local dog walker or day-care centre to keep them from being lonely.

7. Socializes with Other Doggies

Lastly, one of the best parts about being a dog-lover is getting to socialize with other dog-lovers and their pooches at dog parks. If you really enjoy getting to meet other doggies and people, then you won’t have to worry, because the German shepherd-golden retriever mix is one of the friendliest out there! These dogs treat other dogs like their best friends and easily socialize, unlike other breeds.

This stems from both parent breeds’ playful natures, and the golden retriever bloodline, which has always been known to be very friendly and kind. So, you won’t have to worry or get nervous about going to a dog park, because this doggie will be just as excited as you to go there!

Sure enough; he’ll easily make friends and run around with them the minute they get the chance. This dog just can’t get enough of socializing, and if you enjoy it, too, then you guys will make the best of friends.

Dogwatch Summary: Golden Shepherd Mixes Have a Golden Heart

In summary, the German shepherd golden retriever mix makes for a great companion, and plenty of their traits will ensure that you live a happy, active, and social life with this doggie. They have specific needs due to their behaviour and size, but these aren’t so technical and specific that you’ll have to break the bank just to make ends meet. Overall, this mixed breed will be a warm welcome in anyone’s life and is sure to bring plenty of fun and bundles of love with them!

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