Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retrievers are one of the most famous and iconic dog breeds in the entire world and are known for their extensive capabilities and generally loving personality that everyone falls for. Whether it be in movies, animated films, TV series, Dog shows, or many more – you will have undoubtedly seen a Golden Retriever by now, with just how flexible and adored they are by most dog-owners across the world. In fact, we would go so far as to say that the Golden Retriever ranks among the top three breeds of the entire dog breed chart in terms of popularity and general appeal.

However, despite the sheer popularity of the Golden Retriever, rarely do people know more about them than just their names and beautiful coat. So, we have made it our duty to spread the word about Golden Retrievers and tell you everything there is to know about them. And to get things started, first on our list of things to explore is the Golden Retriever’s Basic Dog Profile.

Basic Dog Profile of Golden Retrievers

While most of us understand and have a general idea of what a Golden Retriever looks like, it’s best to know the exact characteristics of their dog profile. And here are some basic facts regarding this dog breed that you should know very well.

  • Sporting Dogs – Like other retriever dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is classified as a sporting dog. Sporting dogs are naturally alert dogs that work well and accompany their owners when hunting and going out in the wild. This is due to their superior instincts in the wilderness compared to other dog breeds, and their adaptability in many situations. Sporting dogs are perfect for field activities.
  • Weight: 23kg – 37 kg – The average weight of the Golden Retriever comes in at around 23 kg – 37 kg, with males weighing considerably more than females. Although they are considered big dogs, Golden Retrievers weigh much less in comparison to all the other big dogs of this category. In general, they come at a normal weight, which most dog-owners will not have difficulties handling.
  • Height: 53cm – 61cm – The average Golden Retriever reaches 53 cm – 61 cm in their height, with this feature being predominantly determined by the genes of their parents. Likewise, as they are considered big dogs, Golden Retrievers may appear tall, but are considerably shorter compared to other breeds, which may appeal to more dog-owners looking for a normal height.

To summarize, the Golden Retriever is essentially an average-sized dog that is very athletic and known for its capabilities on the field. In addition to this, there are certain traits and characteristics that make the Golden Retriever very popular, and today we will be citing eight specific facts that will make you want to get your very own.

8 Specific Facts About Breed Of Golden Retriever

1. Golden Double Coat

One of the shining features of the Golden Retriever is its Golden Double Coat that reflects that sun’s rays and makes the pooch stand out amongst all other breeds when on the field. There are two sides to its beautiful coat – first, its beauty and versatility; not only does it make the Golden Retriever look amazing, but is also water-repellent and makes swimming a viable option for the dog breed. To add to this, baths work wonders for the dog’s coat, but you only need to do them occasionally, as the coat needs little maintenance in terms of keeping it clean.

However, the other side of the spectrum, which makes the Golden Double Coat a double-edged sword, is all the shedding you will have to deal with when the time comes. Once, or sometimes even twice a year, the Golden Retriever will need to shed all its luscious coat and make room for the next lush coat. The challenge here is trying to get all that fur off the furniture, which can be quite a hassle for many dog-owners. In this case, we suggest to regularly brush and groom the Golden Retriever’s coat to remove any of the dead hairs beforehand.

2. Active and Outgoing

If there is one thing that the Golden Retriever should be known for, much more than its beautiful Golden Double Coat, it is the fact that these dogs are extremely active and outgoing. If you consider yourself to be quite athletic and love to go on runs to test yourself, then you may have just found the best companion for a lifetime. Due to their background in hunting and being classified as sporting dogs, Golden Retrievers need vigorous physical activity at least once a day to keep them from misbehaving or becoming restless.

In fact, the optimal amount of vigorous exercise they should get is twice a day, so if you’re quite the beast and athlete, then we can guarantee that the Golden Retriever will match your energy.

3. Sociable and Dog-Friendly

Another amazing trait of the Golden Retriever is that they’re sociable and dog-friendly, which means you won’t have a hard time introducing this doggie to your friends, family, and other dogs. Golden Retrievers have a soft spot for making new friends and acquaintances, and generally just enjoy meeting new people and dogs to liven up the mood and bring happiness wherever they go. This mostly stems from their playful nature and high amounts of energy, as they are always ready to go and have a fun time at a moment’s notice.

When going to a dog park, the Golden Retriever will have a lot of fun and might get a running start from the get-go, so be careful and keep things in check. Not only will the park be a great place for the dog to meet new friends, but it will also make them turn into an unstoppable force when it comes to meeting other dog-owners due to their friendliness!

4. Very Intelligent

To match their endless amounts of energy and constant need to be active and playful, the Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog that can learn any command if given enough time. This quality comes from their hunting background and sporting dog classification, which makes them very obedient to their owners and gives them a knack to listen to commands and do as the owners say. In fact, even when training your Golden Retriever, you wouldn’t need to use as much treats compared to different dog breeds, because your furry pal will simply be ecstatic to be with their owner and learn from them.

Fair warning on the usage of treats, though; when you forget to have regular vigorous physical activity with this dog and overcompensate with treats, then they might go overweight. So, to be a responsible dog-owner, you must set the limits for treats used during training and match your dog’s lifestyle with proper exercise.

5. Gentle and Trustworthy Family Dogs

One factor that always serves as a deal breaker for many families trying to get a dog are the dangers and risks associated with dogs and children. However, in the case of the Golden Retriever, plenty of dog-owners are able to vouch that they make one of the best family dogs ever. This is because Golden Retrievers are very gentle and trustworthy when it comes to people, they are close to their owners and capable of controlling themselves to keep others safe. So, even when they are around kids, they tend to be less playful and rowdy, and instead opt for a calmer and more complacent nature to match the child’s attitude.

Fun fact, Golden Retrievers also make great service dogs, because they are very easy to train in terms of keeping their owner safe, despite the copious amounts of energy.

6. Perfect for Dog Events

As we have mentioned before, the Golden Retriever is very obedient and comes from a long history of dogs that used to be hunting companions and excel in field activities. This obedient nature makes them perfect candidates for dog events that showcase how well a dog can perform and follow the commands of their owners. So, if you’ve ever wanted to enter a dog event, then you may want to start looking for a Golden Retriever; they are excellent in almost every aspect and don’t get tired easily.

In addition, they also make great candidates for Dog Shows due to their beautiful luscious Golden Double Coat, which can easily win over the judges’ vote if taken care of and groomed properly.

7. Strong and Healthy Dogs

Diseases and illnesses are dangerous and no stranger to dogs, but if there is one thing that gives the Golden Retriever the upper hand, it is its outright healthy nature. The Golden Retriever is one of the healthiest breeds of dogs out there, as they don’t come with a background of being the subject to illnesses. In fact, a quick medical check-up with a skilled veterinarian is all you will need to ensure that your Golden Retriever is and remains in peak condition.

However, on the down side are its flappy ears; when not taken care of properly, they can lead to dangerous infections. So, if you’re planning to get yourself a Golden Retriever, then you should make sure to check and clean their flappy ears at least once a week in order to ensure that there are no infections.

8. Loving and Affectionate

Last but not the least, the Golden Retriever is one of the most loving and affectionate dogs you will ever get to meet. Despite their endless energy and hunting background, these gentle beings have a very soft heart that knows nothing but love for their owners and a constant quest for affection. Golden Retrievers are the type of dogs that will snuggle with you at night, whether you like it or not, just to feel the warm embrace of their owner. In fact, this loving and affectionate nature is the fundamental factor that makes all other traits ten times better.

Important warning, though, Golden Retrievers can’t handle not seeing you for a long time, and that is the direct result of their loving and affectionate nature. So, it is in your best interest to never leave them alone and always dedicate some of your time to them.

Summary: A Perfect Companion

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful dog with lots of energy that is very loving and affectionate towards its owner. They make great companions for athletes, hunters, and even families due to their versatile set of traits and lovable nature. They have very specific needs in terms of exercise, company, and need help in controlling their food intake to refrain from becoming overweight.

Overall, Golden Retrievers are the perfect companion, and if you want to add more spice and adventure to your life, then this might just be the perfect dog for you. If you want to read more about dogs, you can check out our article on the Labrador Retriever, where we try to find out if they’re the perfect match for you!

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