A Guide In Owning a Gentle Giant Mastiff Lab Mix “Mastador” Dog Breed

Some say that giant dogs are simply the best. And why not? They never fail to create an enormous impression because of their big size. Purebred dogs such as Saint Bernard and Great Dane are lovable and protective of their owners. But there are also designer breed dogs such as a Mastiff Lab mix dog breed which can capture your heart and you would love to include in your daily life.

What do you mean by a designer dog breed?

A breed of designer dogs is the result of two purebred dogs breeding. In the case of Mastiff Lab mix dog breed, it is a cross between a Mastiff and a Labrador retriever. In essence, designer dogs are bred to form a hypoallergenic breed. Not to forget, they are also bred to come up with a much-improved dog breed in terms of intelligence and appearance.

In this article, I will be discussing with you information about a gentle giant called Mastiff Lab mix dog breed. Its origin, traits, and proper care.

The origin:

The Mastiff dog breeds have been around for quite some time now. History says that the Mastiff breeds accompanied humans in their migration around the globe. The Mastiff dogs are powerful breeds, each having their unique qualities. There are four kinds of Mastiff dog breeds, namely:

  1. Bullmastiff: This is a very smart and loyal dog. Although the Bullmastiff is very large, he is very affectionate to his owners. This breed of dog is quiet and primarily relies on their size and strength to ward off potential intruders. 
  2. Mastiff: The origin of this dog breed can be traced back as far as the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome. It can weigh from 120 to 230 pounds. Despite its huge size, the Mastiff is peaceful and mild-mannered.
  3. Neapolitan Mastiff: The distinctive physical characteristics of Neapolitan Mastiff is its wrinkled skin. This dog breed has aggressive tendencies and can be overprotective of its owners.
  4. Tibetan Mastiff: This dog breed has a heavy coat, independent, and very protective. This breed is not for new dog owners.

Now let’s go to Labrador Retriever, the other purebred dog used to come up with a dog breed from Mastiff Lab combination. Due to its friendly attitude, this is one of the most common dog breeds in the US. It is affectionate and can maintain the physical endurance of its owner. Perfect breed of dog for the whole family.

The Labrador Retriever can live peacefully with kids and with other pets.

The Appearance of Mastiff Lab Mix Dog Breed:

  • Coat:The Mastiff Lab mix coat is short, smooth and flat. Sometimes some dogs have a minimal wave in the coat. It comes in yellow, golden, white, black, brown and brindle colors. Black and white patches are usually seen on the chest and feet. The coat is composed of two layers and has water-resistant characteristic similar to a Labrador retriever.
  • Built: This is a giant dog breed, it weighs between 120 to 230 pounds.  In fact, a six-month-old puppy will already weigh 50 to 60 pounds. Height is from 25 to 36 inches. It has a very muscular built as well as long legs.
  • Face: This breed of dogs has a large head and wrinkles around the muzzle. It has almond-shaped eyes with coat color ranging from dark brown to hazel to light black. It also has triangular ears with rounded tips which hang on the sides of its head. One of the distinguishing characteristics of its face is that it has a sad and droopy look in it.

The Traits of Mastador Dog Breed:

Since this is a mix breed dog, no one can predict the behaviors of this dog. It is possible that the trait/temperament can come from a Mastiff or a Labrador retriever. But there are generalizations which are said to be the common denominator of its trait.

The Mastiff Lab mix dog breed may be giant; it is a friendly, loving, protective, and loyal dog. It enjoys having fun with children, but caution and supervision by adults are essential owing to its giant size. This is a strong dog with a tendency to be bumpy and difficult to handle. Though not deliberately, it can hurt kids from rough play due to their size and strength.

Though the Mastiff Lab mix dog breed possesses an intimidating look, it does not possess aggressive behaviors both to humans and other kinds of animals, unless it is provoked. It has an innate tendency to protect its owners from perceived harm. But, otherwise, it is generally a peaceful and calm-mannered giant dog breed.

This mixed dog breed would want to be part of a family so that in some of your outdoor activities, you can bring it out with you. No worries since I had stated a while ago, this is not an aggressive type of a dog and can be very friendly even to strangers. If you leave it for a long time, it won’t enjoy it as it also suffers from anxiety from separation. Lack of human companionship can lead to boredom, followed by destructive behavior. Examples of damaging behavior include chewing around the house of furniture and other products

The Mastiff Lab mix dog breed is an awesome guard dog. Though this is a calm-mannered dog breed, it is also a protector. Its deep and scary bark will make intruders think twice of victimizing your home.

Training a Mastiff Lab Mix Dog Breed:

Its superior intelligence is one of the unique features of this mixed dog breed. Teaching obedience command training, like sitting and standing, will not be hard for you. Its enjoys making his fur parents happy, and that’s why training is going to be enjoyable for you both. Some doggie tricks like roll-over can be readily mastered. Indeed, one of the smartest breeds around is the Mastiff Lab mix dog breed.

Does It Require a Strenuous Exercise Regimen?

For its size, this dog breed does not need a strenuous exercise regimen. Don’t get me wrong though, exercise must always be included in its daily routine to prevent obesity and other health problems. A walk or a run around the neighborhood is sufficient to keep this dog happy and content.

Take note that for giant dogs such as Mastiff Lab mix dog, jumping or leaping forms of exercises are not recommended as it can cause damage to its joints. But if you want to teach it fetch activity, you can but keep it short.

How Much Food Does It Need?

This is a challenge that you can face when caring for a giant dog. You’d be allotting a bigger budget for food. Do not be tempted to buy the less-expensive dog food as there sare no nutrients found in these cheap dog food.

Give it about 2.5 to 3 cups of good quality dog food. This dog breed can also go well with raw dog food which is rich in calcium and phosphates. Avoid over-feeding your dog, lest, it will only lead to obesity.

Health Issues of Mastador:

If you are a light sleeper, then the Mastiff Lab Mix dog breed may not be good for you, why? Because Mastiff dog breed snores and it snores excessively! Not only does it has this snoring issue, but it also has other health issues like cancer. As a result, it is not unusual for a Mastiff Lab mix breed to inherit those health issues from the side of a Mastiff.

Moreover, it is also prone to hip dysplasia, which is one of the health problems of Labrador Retriever. You also need to watch-out for ear infections and teeth and gum infections. Then there is the issue of pet dander, and this is why regular grooming session is necessary to prevent it from smelling nasty.

Other common health problems that may arise are kidney problems, epilepsy, and heart problems.

When buying a Mastiff Lab mix puppy, it is a good idea to check with the breeder the health certificates of its parents to prevent the various health issues stated above. With proper diet and just the right amount of daily exercise, this dog breed can live up to 10 years of age.


This dog breed sheds, unfortunately, and it gets worse during the spring. But shedding problem is minimized by frequent brushing and bathing once a week.

What are the Best Toys Suited for Giant Dogs Like Mastiff Lab Mix Breed?

Play is an essential part of doggie life. They love to play with their owners and when they are alone. And if your dog has separation anxiety, providing some toys will keep it busy and can solve the problem of destructive behaviors. Examples of toys for giant dogs are:

When choosing toys, be sure that it is made for giant dog breeds as these are supposed to be indestructible.


It can offer you so much pleasure and happiness if you own a gigantic dog, particularly when the dog has a calm attitude. While owning a large dog entails higher costs for food and veterinary facilities, no one can dispute that a Mastiff Lab mix dog breed can be a welcome addition to the family.

It is large, but the approach is soft. It has an intimidating appearance but has a very welcoming disposition. No wonder, the dog breed of Mastiff Lab Mix is regarded as a gentle giant.

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