Beagle Lab Mix “Beagador”: Find Out If This Dog Breed Is The Perfect Pet For You

This Beagle Lab mix is a designer dog breed which is a result of breeding two purebred dogs namely a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever. The result is an energetic dog breed that is loving, energetic, playful, and loyal. It belongs to a medium-sized dog breed weighing an approximate of 25 to 45 pounds and can reach a height of 22 inches. It is also known as the breed of Beagador dogs.

Since the Beagle Lab mix is a cross between two parents, predicting the behavior, appearance and over-all temperament are rather difficult. This article will help you decide if the Beagle Lab mix dog is the perfect pet for you.

The Parents of a Beagle Lab Mix or Beagador:

A Beagle’s origin can be traced back to Essex, England in 1930. But some claim it can also trace its origin back to the Ancient Roman times. The Beagle, however, is included in the hound family and the Beagle actually ranked fifth in the hound dog category in terms of popularity. This dog breed has a notable sense of smell that makes it very helpful in airport bomb-sniffing operations and other populated areas.

On the other hand, a Labrador Retriever has its roots at Northwest Newfound in Canada. This dog was bred specifically for hunting but is later regarded as one of America’s favorite dog breeds. It is known to be gentle and sweet demeanor, but it can also be an excellent work companion alongside police and military personnel.

Now crossbreeding these two dogs result in a designer dog breed called the Beagle Lab mix or the Beagador.

The color of the coat can vary and can be tan, brown, black white, dual or tri-colored. It has a sweet look in it and remains that way past puppyhood. Thus, it still looks sweet as a puppy even when fully grown already.

The Temperament and Personality of a Beagle Lab Mix:

  • 1. Since both of its parents are regarded as intelligent dog breeds, then it is no surprise that this dog breed carries with it the brilliant minds of its parents. Training the pet is pretty easy as it likes to please its owners. Although it carries a Beagle’s stubborn character, it is tempered by a Labrador Retriever’s gentle ways.
  • 2. The Beagle Lab mix is highly skilled in hunting. This is due to a Beagle’s keen sense of smell. Add to that, it also has awesome retrieving skills from the side of a Labrador Retriever. The combination of two factors-hunting and retrieving skills make a Beagle Lab mix a great adventure buddy.
  • 3. Take note though that a Beagle Lab mix is a highly energetic dog and therefore, it needs plenty of physical activities. If this need is not met, then you may be in for some nuisance behaviors like destroying the things around the house.
  • 4. It loves to get its owner’s attention, especially at puppyhood.  And if you think you can’t give it time and attention,  then this dog may not suit you. This attention-seeking behavior stems from the genes of a Beagle which is a hound dog. Hound dogs are known to dig, destroy, and even if they have human companions, they chew anything. This is because a Beagle is bred for running up to five hours a day! Appropriate physical activities are the best way to manage it.
  • 5. It is fun-loving and affectionate towards kids. Though it can be stubborn, but it is never aggressive making a Beagle Lab mix a good family fur buddy. It is very tolerant of children and will simply walk away if the kids get too loud and rough.

How Much Exercise does a Beagle Lab Mix Need to Have?

This is a hyperactive dog which requires an hour or more of exercise each day. If you don’t offer her the exercise regimen that it body needs, then expect some stupid stuff around the house. It’s going to chew things up and get really destructive.

It won’t pass on any types of outdoor activities, whether it’s running, hiking, a frisbee game, or swimming. It just requires an exciting moment outside where it can make use of all its energy. 

Grooming a Beagle Lab Mix:

This dog is relatively easy in maintenance when it comes to grooming. Its short hair does not shed and it will only require at least once to twice a week of brushing. The frequency of bathing depends on your canine buddy’s activities. If you spend a lot of time outdoors; then to remove harmful skin irritants, you can bath it more frequently.

A regular grooming obligation for a potential Beagle Lab mix owner like you is its nail maintenance. Its nails tend to grow long, but it is recommended that professional groomers cut their nails to prevent hurting the dog.

Training a Beagle Lab Mix:

It is natural for a possible dog owner of Beagle Lab mix to get curious if this dog is highly trainable or not. The answer to that question is quite ambiguous. Training this dog because of its Beagle genes can be quite a challenge. It can disobey its owners as it enjoys being the pack’s leader.  A Beagle is a very stubborn dog, as most dog owners know. It can not sit still for a long period of time since it is bred to do a lot of running. This is why early training and socialization is highly recommended.

In some cases, the help of a professional dog trainer can help lessen or totally eradicate the stubborn behaviors of a Beagle Lab mix.

What you Need to Feed a Beagle Lab Mix:

This dog breed is not a picky eater. It does not have any issues at all, having a sensitive stomach. Nonetheless, it is still very important to give it food enriched with fresh ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Over-feeding is not recommended to prevent obesity health issues.

Are they Healthy?

Since this is a mixed dog breed, it can not be prevented if it comes with numerous health issues. Hip and elbow dysplasia, eye degeneration, and epilepsy are examples of possible health problems. This is a problem in designer dog breeds because of its tendency to inherit bad medical genes from both parents.

What are the Potential Behavioral Problems of a Beagle Lab Mix?

  • Barking could be a behavioral problem. This is one of the behaviors that it inherited from a Beagle side. Beagles are known to vocalize or howl while they are hunting and this is passed on to the Beagle Lab mix dog breed.
  • It has a high prey drive. It can have the tendency to chase animals such as cats and hamsters.
  • It chews anything when it’s bored.

You should start socializing your Beagle Lab puppy at a young age to stop those potential behavioral problems. This will teach it not to hunt the smaller pets in your house.

To stop it from chewing your much-loved shoes or any objects in the house, buy chew toys to keep it busy. Examples are:

Is a Beagle Lab Mix an Aggressive Dog?

Some individuals mistake this dog breed because of its hyperactive nature as aggressive. This is, however, a very affectionate dog breed that is gentle to kids. There is no record of aggressive behavior of a Beagle Lab combination.

What is the Ideal Home of a Beagle Lab Mix Dog? Is It the Perfect Pet for You?

The person who should care for this dog breed must live an active lifestyle. It loves going out and spends lengthy hours outdoor, exercises like hiking and running. If you have young children at home, this dog may be hyperactive, but it is very nice, gentle and tolerant to young children.

But when it comes to training, you need to be tough as it tends to behave like an alpha dog. A person who should take care of a Beagle Lab mix must know that through continuous training the innate stubbornness of this dog breed can be corrected.

In addition, one of the issues that you may face is the separation anxiety. This dog is so full of energy that it likes to be included in your regular routine. It will lead to destructive chewing if left behind. But you should be able to manage those behaviors by early socialization and by providing the correct chew toy for it.

Ultimately, the Beagle Lab blend is a mixture of sweetness, gentleness, and obstinacy that will delight all family members. Minor disadvantages should not prevent you from caring and loving a dog that will remain faithful and loyal to you until the end.

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