9 Different Doberman Colors and Coats That Make This Dog Breed Look Cool

Dobermans are renowned for being strong, intelligent, athletic, and extremely trainable dogs that have been recognized as one of the best police dogs in the world, as well as being the ideal pet for any family. A very energetic breed that is loyal to its owner and protects its family; it is no wonder how this dog breed came to be in the spotlight of many dog owners around the world.

The Doberman was even regarded as royalty among the canine kingdom with a very advanced and upstanding appearance–a muscular, quick, and strong dog who stands tall and proud.

But we’re not going to focus on the characteristics that make a Doberman such an upstanding canine in today’s topic; instead we’re going to take a close look at the various colors and coats that this doggie can behold. Despite the view of the Doberman as a loyal companion by the general dog-owner population, this dog breed has one of the most elegant coats and colors to be found in a dog.

And today, we’ll find out the 9 different colors and coats from Doberman that will make them stand out from the crowd! So, take notes because you might even become enticed to get a Doberman yourself with just how beautiful they look:

9 Different Doberman Colors and Coats

1. Black and Rust

First is Black and Rust, the most common color and coat variation of the Doberman and equally the look and color combination that it has become famously known for. Black is its most dominant color covering most of the body of the Doberman, which provides the Doberman its upstanding appearance and powerful look complementing its lean and muscular structure.

Meanwhile, its Rust highlights can be discovered around the face, ears, legs, chest, under the tail, and different parts of the underbody. This simple yet elegant contrast is what completes the Doberman look and makes them look very intimidating and a dog you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Overall, the Black and Rust color variation is the standard for the Dog Breed and gives the Doberman a strong and elegant appearance both on the stage and on the job. Keep the coat healthy, and you will find the utter beauty of shine and glossy contrast between Black and Rust.

2. Red and Rust

Second is Red and Rust, the Doberman’s color and coat variation that most people don’t know about, but is actually the Dog Breed’s second most common color combination. Now, the Doberman isn’t really red, but he has a profound reddish-brownish color that covers most of its body, and instead of making it look very powerful and intimidating, he makes them look very accessible.

The Red and Rust is much calmer, unlike Black and Rust, and looks more friendly than the deep lush black for which the breed is known. Together with Rust, the highlights along with various parts of the underbody complete the appearance of this Doberman as very friendly and sociable.

In some cases, you could even say that the Doberman looks like a large Dachshund that is ready to snuggle and cuddle with you when given the chance. Overall, it is a very beautiful coat that doesn’t always get its time to shine in the spotlight because of the more famous Black and Rust.

3. Blue and Rust

Third is Blue and Rust, one of the rarest and most lovely differences in color and coat that a Doberman can have, and one that not many people know about. Often, the perception of the Doberman is a dog that is strong and seen in the line of police work, but if you’ve ever seen the Blue and Rust for yourself, then you ‘re sure to mistake it for royalty.

Blue doesn’t imply the Doberman is blue like the sky, but it has a bluish-grayish color that covers most of its body because of the diluted recessive gene mixed with black.

Mixed in with Rust highlights, you won’t be able to stop yourself from standing in awe and utter speechlessness at how beautiful a Doberman can become.

In reality, it looks more like an ash grey with a hint of silver combined with rust highlights, creating a unique color combination of Dobermans. Overall, this color and coat variation is considered very beautiful and it is very hard to come by.

4. Fawn and Rust

Fourth is Fawn and Rust, just as the Blue and Rust are caused by a diluted recessive gene, but instead of mixing with the dominant black color, it mixes with the dominant red gene. This in turn produces a distinct Doberman color called Fawn and Rust, also known as Isabella, which covers the entire body in a pale and lighter brown shade.

Compared to all the other combinations of colors, we find this one the funniest and also the cutest because it turns the intimidating Doberman into a puzzled and friendly pooch! Combined with Rust accents and highlights across the underbody’s various parts only amplify the Fawn and Rust’s cuteness factor even more!

Rarely will you ever get to see a Doberman like this, but if you do get the chance, we suggest taking that opportunity and make him your loyal companion. Overall, you will never know what the future can hold and what shenanigans you guys will be up to!

5. Pure Black

The following colors on our list are controversial and deemed unethical for the Doberman Dog Breed, so we begin with Pure Black just for the sake of understanding all the colors. While some people believe that since Black is the most dominant color and coat gene in the breed, they would assume that a Pure Black Doberman like the German Shepherd would be feasible.

The Doberman will always come with highlights from Rust, however, and a Pure Black Doberman is only the consequence of careless breeding by irresponsible breeders Also known as Melanistic Dobermans due to the absence of highlights and accents from Rust, these Dobermans are more susceptible to health problems.

Overall, Black covers the entirety of the body and is not officially recognized by kennel clubs around the world.

6. Pure Red

Next on our list is the Pure Red Doberman, alongside the list of Melanistic Dobermans that are considered to be unethical to breed, this doggie has the entirety of its body covered in the reddish-brownish color. There are no signs of rust accents nor highlights, and most of its coat shines with the beauty of the dominant red color and coat gene.

However, just like other Melanistic Dobermans, the Pure Red is also at risk of developing major health issues, and despite the beauty that it may possess, it does impose some glaring issues of owning one. As a reminder, we suggest that you steer clear of any breeders who intentionally breed for pure colored Dobermans so that you don’t run into any unwanted problems with your pooch.

7. Pure Blue

Next to the list of Melanistic Dobermans is the Pure Blue, which is often mistaken for a Grey Doberman and is also one of the most unique and straightforwardly mesmerizing varieties of color and coat capable of the breed.

This combination of colors includes a powerful silver-bluish-grayish coat throughout the entire body of the Doberman and makes them look like complete royalty among other canines. They seem to look like a more muscular and defined Greyhound in some instances, although it still has the same problems as with the other melanistic variants mentioned above.

Pure Blue Dobermans experience the same glaring health issues; however to some degree they are more prone to certain illnesses compared to other melanistic varieties. Due to the dilution of their color genes, they are at an increased risk of severe hair loss leading to skin problems and diseases much like the Blue French Bulldogs.

8. White

Second to the last variety of color and coat on this list is the Pure White, it occurs to be one of the most distinct combinations of colors ever to appear in the breed and is the result of inbreeding. They are also regarded as partial albino Dobermans and have the same health problems as other melanistic Dobermans, but they often have more behavioral problems than their counterparts.

Again, we urge you to be careful and stay away from breeders who pretend to have Dobermans ‘ exotic color. They have the same hazardous health problems and may pose more problems than any good it brings to you.

This color combination is also not recognized officially so any hopes of entering shows is a big no as well.

9. Albino

Last but not least is the Albino Doberman, this is regarded to be the complete pure white as opposed to the white Doberman that appears to be colored cream. In contrast to the famous appearance of the Doberman for an intense and intimidating black, the Albino Doberman has a much more serene and calm appearance that makes it look like it came from the heavens up above.

Like other melanistic Dobermans on this list, they carry many health problems and are the consequence of irresponsible inbreeding leading to the absence of pigmentation in their pool of genes. Often, because of this significant obstacle, these Dobermans are very photosensitive and have a hard time living their lives.

We still highly suggest that you remain cautious of breeders who claim to have Albino Doberman, but if by any chance one of the aforementioned melanistic Dobermans is from a reputable dog breeder or a dog shelter, then you may give them a chance.

Doberman Colors: Becoming Responsible

In conclusion, Dobermans create excellent dogs not only because of their traits, skills and abilities, but also because of the beauty and strength they radiate with their appearance alone. With colors from Black & Rust, Red & Rust, Blue & Rust, Fawn & Rust, Pure Black, Pure Blue, Pure Red, Pure White, and even Albino.

There exist a color for everyone if you give them the opportunity and adopt them from a reputable and responsible breeder in your area. However, we placed additional emphasis on reputable and accountable breeders because, as stated in our article, owing to the consequence of irresponsible inbreeding, many pure-colored Dobermen are more susceptible to health problems.

So, make sure to double-check before committing to any single Doberman puppy that will become your life-long companion.

Overall, they are beautiful dogs with excellent capabilities, and when trained and cared for properly will return the love and respect back to you in hundredfold.

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