Colloidal Silver for Dogs: Health Benefits, Dosage, Safety and Side Effects

Many fur parents worry about their doggies getting sick from too much playing in the mud, frolicking in the grass and puddles. We understand that these surfaces are filled by many germs and bacteria. But every time you see them having a good time, you can’t stop them, can you? That’s why a lot of fur parents are making their antibiotics. But the issue is, is it safe, or is it going to do more damage than good?’.

It can not be completely prevented as much as you want your fur babies to resist bacterial and fungal infections. So why don’t you attempt the colloidal silver for dogs instead of making your concoction of homemade antibiotics? This is efficient in fighting-off infections in a safe way. Besides this advantage, there are many other advantages of the colloidal silver for dogs that I will describe later. But, of course, safety is the main issue of all, and that’s why it’s still best to consult a vet about the colloidal silver dosage for dogs.

What is Colloidal Silver for Dogs?

This is a natural antibiotic type consisting of microscopic silver particles that are suspended or floating in a liquid solution. The size of these particles is 0.001 to 0.1 diameters in micron. The usual color is golden deep or yellow.

In fact, colloidal silver has been around for ages, used for various health reasons by the Greeks and the Romans. And it was used in surgical procedures during the 20th century. In medical practice, colloidal silver is 99.9 percent silver. For this reason, many think that colloidal silver is also efficient in the treatment of dog ailments.

The colloidal silver is a form of natural antibiotic for dogs which can cure infections like a yeast infection, eye infections, sore throat, among others. Picky eaters can also use colloidal silver used for dogs as it can improve the dog food flavor. But you would be amazed that the colloidal silver could do other beautiful things for your pets that are listed in the next segment of this article.

How Does Colloidal Silver for Dogs Work?

Bacteria and fungus require oxygen for the metabolic process. They won’t be able to reproduce and survive without oxygen. But an enzyme is used to process these bacteria and fungus into oxygen. But the colloidal silver attacks the oxygen-processing enzyme. As a result, owing to the absence of oxygen, the bacteria and fungus die.

The Health Benefits of Using Colloidal Silver for Dogs:

This has many curative uses, but again, I highly recommend that you talk to a Vet who will teach you the correct dosage of the colloidal silver.

  1. Infections: The colloidal silver can ward-off bacteria, fungus, and viral infections. How? By suffocating these organisms through attacking the enzyme that supplies oxygen to them. And as a bonus, the colloidal silver can also be used as a preventive measure against infections.
  2. Ear Infections: There are dogs such as a Poodle which is prone to suffer from ear infections. Rather than use a regular ear drop, you can use colloidal silver for dogs.
  3. Skin Infections: Dogs are prone to suffer different kinds of skin infections such as ringworm. And as a fur parent, I know that it can be a nightmare since skin infections require long and tedious treatment. But colloidal silver for dogs can be your miracle cure as it is very effective in curing and in bringing back the smoothness of your dog’s skin.
  4. Eye Infections: Dogs suffer from eye infections. Allergies- be it seasonal or food allergies can make the eyes red and itchy. The colloidal silver for dogs is a gentle and natural medication to help ease eye infections in dogs.
  5. Lung Problems: It is disheartening for a fur parent like you see your pooch suffer from respiratory ailments like pneumonia and bronchitis. But with the help of colloidal silver in dogs, you can rest easy knowing that your fur baby will be well soon and will be back on its feet again.

BUT apart from the ailments listed above, there are other health problems which can be resolved by giving your dog colloidal silver, and these are the following:

  1. Thyroid disorders
  2. Fever
  3. Parasites
  4. Lyme Disease
  5. Digestive Problems
  6. Urinary Tract Infections
  7. Wounds

Other Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Dogs:

  1. As a Cleaning Agent: If you are searching for a disinfectant cleaner that will kill the germs and bacteria in your dog’s playpen, sleeping area, chew toys, among others, then you have found an ally in colloidal silver. There is no doubt that when you use silver colloidal to clean your doggie stuff, it will kill all germs and bacteria 100%.
  2. Odor Remover: One of the problems of homeowners that have carpet or area rug is the urine smell. Let’s face it; even the most intelligent dog breed may cause some accidents inside the house. If dogs can no longer hold its urine, the tendency is to pee on the carpet. I know how nasty the smell is but no worry since colloidal silver does an excellent job in eliminating urine odor.

How to Use Colloidal Silver in Dogs (Dosage):

It is important that you know that not all dosages are the same for all dogs. What is sufficient for one dog may not be or toxic to some. Therefore, for safety and precautionary measures, you need to consult a vet. But here is how colloidal silver for dogs is used:

As Maintenance:

  • 10 ml once a day for small dogs
  • 15 ml once a day for a medium-sized dog
  • 20 ml once a day for large breed dogs

As treatment for non-serious ailment:

  • 10 ml twice a day for small dogs
  • 30 ml twice a day for medium-sized dogs
  • 40 to 50 ml twice a day for large breed dogs
  1. Topical Use:  You can pour the colloidal silver in a spray bottle and then spray it directly to the affected areas. Another way of applying it is by using a cotton swab. Dab the cotton swab in the colloidal solution and then carefully apply on the affected area. This is best if your dog has skin allergies or skin burns.
  2. Inhaler:  If your dog has a respiratory problem, colloidal silver for dogs is an excellent way to relieve discomfort. It is recommended to nebulize the silver colloidal and then turn into a fine mist. The recommended dosage is three times a day for fifteen minutes.
  3. Ear Drops: If your dog is showing signs of ear infection, use the silver colloidal for dogs undiluted. Use it like an ordinary ear drop solution. By doing this for ten days, it will effectively cure the ear infection. It can also be used as a preventive measure.
  4. Eye Drops: The nice thing about colloidal silver is that it does not sting. It will make the job of a fur parent much easier. Use it like the ordinary eye drops, about three drops for each eye on a daily basis.
  5. Oral Medication: The silver colloidal for dogs is tasteless, thus, you shouldn’t have any issue giving it to your pooch. It is either you feed it directly, or you can mix a tablespoon to its water. The dosage that you will give depends on the size and the weight of your dog. As I stressed a while ago, always consult a Vet for the right dosage.

What to Give In Conjunction with Colloidal Silver for Dogs?

Since colloidal silver is a form of antibiotics, it can also kill good bacteria in your dog’s stomach. This will lead to diarrhea and imbalance. To prevent this from happening, give your dog or yogurt probiotics to replenish the lost good bacteria. This is the best way to keep your dog’s stomach balanced.

How Fast Does Colloidal Silver for Dogs Work?

The efficacy of colloidal silver in the treatment of various illnesses is rather rapid. On average, you will see improvements over five days. And, wait for your dog to be fully cured on the tenth day.

But it does not have any side-effects. These are very mild, though. Side-effects may include sluggishness, sleeping all the time, among others. That’s why it is highly recommended that you feed your pooch balanced diet.

Safety Guidelines when Using Colloidal Silver for Dogs:

The first thing that a fur parent should do upon purchasing colloidal silver is to read the instructions very well. I listed below the guidelines on how to safely use this product:

  1. Though some can be given orally, most are used externally only.
  2. In case you see that your pooch exhibits changes in its behavior like vomiting, take it to the Vet immediately.
  3. Do not overdo it. Give or apply colloidal silver for dogs based on the recommended numbers of days only.

Preparations of Colloidal Silver for Dogs:

It comes in various forms such as:

  1. Oral Colloidal Silver for Dogs
  2. Topical Colloidal Silver for Dogs
  3. Drops Colloidal Silver for Dogs
  4. Inhalant Colloidal Silver for Dogs
  5. Colloidal Silver Soaps for Dogs
  6. Colloidal Silver Gel

What are the Possible Serious Side Effects of Colloidal Silver for Dogs?

If this antibiotic is used in excess and without vet monitoring, it may have severe side-effects. One of which is called Argyia. This condition causes skin, eyes, teeth, gums, and internal organ discoloration. The problem with this condition is that it is permanent.

Another severe side effects are kidney damage and seizures.

The colloidal silver for dogs can also have an interaction with other medicines like thyroxine and quinolone.

These serious side effects if the use of colloidal silver is under the supervision of a Veterinary doctor.


Colloidal silver for dogs is an alternative medicine for dogs. The FDA has not yet approved it. For this reason, always ask the Vet to read the correct dosage, so that you don’t risk overdosing your fur baby. Otherwise, the colloidal silver for dogs, when used properly, is very efficient and safe in the treatment of various types of diseases, whether bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

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