Dog Bed for Outdoors: Choosing and Types of Beds That You Can Get for Your Dog

You probably let your dog sleep in your bed, or you may have bought him a comfortable dog bed of his own. His comfortable indoor spots have already been pretty much set, but what about the outdoors? Your dog will very much appreciate an outdoor bed if he likes being outside a lot.

Like indoor dog beds, outdoor dog beds are available in a multitude of types, shapes and sizes. While comfort for your dog should be among your top priorities, there are other things you should consider to guarantee that you purchase a bed that best suits your dog’s requirements. Not only will a dog bed provide a pleasant sleeping place, it can also keep the fur of your pooch from the elements cleaner and safer.

Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Dog Bed for Outdoors

Buying a new dog bed can be an exciting effort, especially if you’re exposed to all the cute dog beds on the market. If you imagine your pooch looking cute while sleeping on it, it’s really easy to get tempted.

However, many pet owners find out pretty quickly that cuteness isn’t the best indicator of a dog bed’s quality. If your new dog bed isn’t well-built, it will soon become a mess of cotton when your dog mistakes it for another chew toy.

Here are some factors that you should consider when going over your dog bed choices:

1.  Bed Materials

Materials from the dog bed generally serve a purpose. For instance, the synthetic fabric usually dries rapidly, and because of its breathability characteristics, it is suitable for warmer weather. On the other hand, beds produced from natural fabrics may involve cleaning and washing more regularly, but they are generally more comfortable.

2.  Build or Construction

An indoor dog bed must be prepared to resist the most harsh weather and high-energy dogs. Therefore, materials that repel mildew, pests, and mold should be used. It should also be able to resist the weight, teeth, and paws of your dog, particularly if it has not yet been fully housetrained.

3.  Size

What is the breed of your dog? Is he a Great Pyrenees, a Labrador retriever, or a Chihuahua? Most dog bed models come in a variety of sizes, from Small to XXXL. Dimensions and allowable dog breeds usually categorize them.

Make sure you buy the bed that will provide your pet with just enough convenience. Getting an oversized bed for a small pet is impractical, while a bed that is too small for a big pet can cause health issues and injuries. To prevent accidents, also follow the specified bed weight capabilities.

4.  Portability

Some owners want dog beds outside so their pooch can relax in the yard or porch properly, while others need them for adventurous outings. While a sofa-like dog bed is an excellent addition to your backyard, the best choice for pooches on the go is a mobile bed which is simple to carry and assemble.

5.  Climate

Pet beds with thick fabrics can keep your dog warm when the weather is pretty cold, while those with synthetic fabrics allow air to pass freely during the summer to maintain your dog cool. A dog bed with electric heating pads can assist your dog better handle the cold if you live in a region where there is snow.

6.  Dog Behavior

Your dog may be the highly playful guy who enjoys jumping on furniture or running around with muddy paws. You’ll need a sturdy dog bed in this situation that can have all the effect. Because most of the time, it is bound to be dirty, it also has to be waterproof and easy to clean.

This short list can hopefully assist you to figure out which dog bed is right for your pet. Just remember that when shopping, the bed look shouldn’t be the first thing you should consider. Even if you want a bed based on its aesthetics, you’re not eventually the one who will use it!

List of Mattress-Type Waterproof Dog Beds

These pet cots are similar to most indoor beds that look like oversized pillows on the floor. Most of them are built with memory foams for comfort and covered with waterproof materials to survive various weathers.

1.  The Dog’s Balls – The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

Available sizes:

  • Small bed (28 in. x 19 in.)
  • Medium bed (34 in. x 22 in.)
  • Large bed / Large bed with headrest (40 in. x 25 in.)
  • XL bed / XL bed with headrest (46 in. x 28 in.)
  • XXL bed / XXL bed with headrest (54 in. x 36 in.)
  • XXXL bed (64 in. x 44 in.)

Available colors:

  • Grey with pink / blue / orange / green / black trim
  • Brown with brown trim
  • Grey plush
  • Brown plush

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed is a minimalist-looking pet bed that not only looks nice in the yard or lounge, it also helps to safeguard some dog breeds from joint issues. It can assist relieve pain from arthritis, dysplasia of the hip and elbow, osteochondritis, and luxation of the patellar, thus giving better sleep for your pooch.

Its waterproof covers are removable, making it easy to clean and wash. Replacement covers are also available if needed.

2.  Petsbao Premium Orthopedic Bed & Lounge

Available sizes:

  • Small / Medium (29 in. x 23 in.)
  • Large (39 in. x 30 in.)
  • X Large (47 in. x 35 in.)

Available colors:

  • Blue
  • Grey

This is another bed that is specially designed for pets with joint issues. Of course, healthy dogs can definitely enjoy their comforts just as much.

Despite being extremely soft and plushy, the removable bed cover is also waterproof, tear-resistant, and stain-resistant, making it very easy to spot clean or deep clean. Its sleek design comes in two colors that will certainly look great with the theme and layout of the remainder of your home.

3.  PetFusion Better Lounge in Solid Memory Foam

Available sizes:

  • Bolster Large (36 in. x 28 in.)
  • Bolster X Large (44 in. x 34 in.)

Available colors:

  • Grey

The pet bed BetterLounge has a waterproof cover made of micro-suede fabric made of polyester. It has a built-in bolster, so you don’t have to worry about having pillows for extra headrests. To avoid excessive movement, it also has a non-skid bottom.

The cover holds up well even if your dog has a scratching habit. Because of its sizes, this bed is great for large dog breeds like the Bernese Mountain Dog or St. Bernard.

4.  Snoozer Waterproof Rectangle Dog Bed

Available sizes:

  • Small (44 in. x 28 in.)
  • Large (54 in. x 36 in.)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Hazelnut
  • Gunmetal

This is another bed that even for the biggest breeds of dogs is large enough. It has a robust, waterproof cover produced mainly for the rugged outdoors. This dog bed is also portable enough to be carried on adventures such as road trips and camping with its machine-washable cover.

If you want a round bed, they also have a model that comes in two sizes (36 in. diameter and 48 in. diameter).

5.  Brindle Orthopedic 4-Inch Memory Foam Pet Bed

Available sizes:

  • Small (22 in. x 16 in.)
  • Medium (34 in. x 22 in.)
  • Large (46 in. x 28 in.)

Available colors:

  • Charcoal black/velour
  • Khaki
  • Mocha blue
  • Navy trellis
  • Red sherpa

The Brindle Memory Foam bed can be a great option for you and your dog if you’re searching for an outdoor dog bed that has exciting color combinations. The outer cover is not waterproof, but the inner enclosure is waterproof to protect the foam from potty accidents, dirt, and weather. The bed is hypoallergenic as well, which helps to repel dust mites a lot.

List of Elevated Outdoor Dog Beds

Usually, elevated pet beds are made of mesh-like fabric to carry the weight of your pet. Its feet are built into non-skid rubber surfaces to avoid slipping. For those who don’t have pet kennels or those who want to maintain their dog away from dirt on the floor, this could be a useful purchase.

1.  Kuranda All-Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed

Available sizes:

  • Mini (25 in. x 18 in.)
  • Small (30 in. x 20 in.)
  • Medium (35 in. x 23 in.)
  • Large (40 in. x 25 in.)
  • X Large (44 in. x 27 in.)
  • XX Large (50 in. x 36 in.)

Available colors:

  • Smoke
  • Forest green
  • Khaki
  • Burgundy

Probably the most expensive choice in this list is this all-aluminum chew proof dog bed, but for a good reason. The lightweight but extremely durable frame is sufficiently powerful to support up to 250 lbs. It’s the largest model.

The solid vinyl fabric can withstand the weight of the heaviest dogs and the stubborn pounding of habitual diggers. Its no-frills design may look boring, but it can blend in with your home quite easily.

2.  K9 Ballistics Chewproof Elevated Dog Bed

Available sizes:

  • Small (30 in. x 20 in.)
  • Medium (35 in. x 23 in.)
  • Large (40 in. x 25 in.)
  • X Large (44 in. x 27 in.)
  • XX Large (50 in. x 35 in.)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Snow camo

This is another great choice for dogs that have not yet outgrown their chewing and biting habits. Because of the aluminum frame and the ripstop ballistic fabric of the bed, it is mostly indestructible. If you’re looking for a bed that can’t be torn apart, this one is for you.

Aside from resisting common destructive dog behaviors, it also resists moisture, hair, and dirt. Like the Kuranda dog bed, the design isn’t much, but it gets the job done.

3.  K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot

Available sizes:

  • Small (22 in. x 17 in.)
  • Medium (32 in. x 25 in.)
  • Large (42 in. x 30 in.)

Available colors:

  • Chocolate / Black

This raised dog bed features an added comfort and safety booster. The 600-Denier nylon fabric used for the bed, apart from maintaining your pooch cool and comfortable, is resistant to mildew, mold and damaging bacteria.

However, unlike the first two options, this is not chew-proof. Hence, you should only get this if your dog is well-behaved.

4.  Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

Available sizes:

  • Small (35 in. x 21.5 in.)
  • Medium (42 in. x 25.5 in.)
  • Large (51 in. x 31.5 in.)

Available colors:

  • Grey
  • Nutmeg
  • Gunmetal
  • Brunswick green
  • Terracotta
  • Aquatic blue

The cover of this bed is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) breathable material that helps maintain your pet cool and minimize warm spots. Its lightweight, powder-coated steel frame makes it durable yet flexible enough to carry indoors and outdoors when required.

It also keeps your pooch safe by repelling fleas, mildews, mites, and molds. You can buy replacement covers once your old one gives up.

5.  Pawhut Elevated Cooling Dog Cot with Canopy Shade

Available sizes:

  • Small (24.25 in. x 18.75 in.)
  • Medium (30 in. x 24.25 in.)
  • Large (36 in. x 30 in.)
  • X Large (48 in. x 36 in.)

Available colors:

  • Grey / Black

It may not carry as much weight as the other raised beds, but it comes with a canopy top that can safeguard your dog from the sun! While this function may not be needed if your yard is well-shaded, when there are no roofs or trees around it, it can be quite useful in outdoor playfields.

Conclusion: Which Outdoor Dog Bed Should You Get?

With multiple alternatives to choose from, knowing which bed will be the best fit for the requirements and lifestyle of your pooch can actually get pretty confusing. A shortlist of your initial choices can be created based on the size of your dog, the intended location of the bed, and the level of behavior and energy. Then, go for the one you believe would be the most comfortable for your dog from your shortlist.

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