How to Get Rid of Fleas with Dog Flea Powders – Reviews

When the hot summer days come, one thing pet owners fear above all else is fleas! Hot and humid areas do actually have fleas all year round. There are many ways to fight off these pests, but using dog flea powders is one of the most common ones.

Here are tips on how to spot if your dog is infested with fleas, what types of dog flea powder is effective, and what brands are popular.

What are fleas?

Dogs are generally fond of scratching themselves. But if your dog is scratching because of fleas it is easy to know. One can see these dark brown creatures scurrying over the skin of your dog. If your dog has a thick coat, try looking at your dog’s stomach or inner thighs because fleas love to burrow in dark places.

Fleas have powerful legs. So they can jump from one dog to another, or to a dog from the ground. These plagues are difficult to kill, as they are very resilient and adapt to their environment. Some owners have noted that some fleas have apparently developed immunity to certain anti-flea products. So, it’s very important that you buy a product specially formulated for killing fleas.

A bite from a flea can make a dog itchy. So your dog will scratch at the bite. But some dogs develop severe itchiness, inflammation, skin infection, and hair loss, having an extreme allergic reaction to a flea bite. Some dogs even react allergically to a flea’s saliva and develop full-body itchiness from just one flea bite.

How do dog flea powders work?

Flea powder formulated for dogs kills fleas on contact. It can also act as protection against future infestation. Some can be applied directly to a dog’s skin while others can be added to a dog’s food.

Many owners like using flea powder because it’s cheaper than other methods of anti-flea. You can also use the best brands of dog flea powder on furniture or other surfaces to kill fleas inside and outside your home to prevent another wave of infestation.

But these flea powders sometimes need constant re-application especially if your dog is frisky and likes to shake the powder off her body.

Before you buy a flea powder for your dog, consider these:

  • Your pet’s condition – The needs of your pet must be your principal concern. If she has sensitive skin, then search for a product with a mild formula. If the infestation is really bad, then get a formula that acts quickly. Read the product label carefully so that you can find the brand and the ingredients your pet needs.
  • Range of use – The flea powder you buy should kill not just fleas but other pests such as lice and ticks. It is also supposed to kill pest eggs and larvae, not just the adult forms. Some products which kill only adults can act quickly, while those which kill even eggs act slowly. Decide what you want the most when buying a product.
  • Ingredients – Many owners prefer products that have natural ingredients because these are safe and do not irritate dog skin.
  • Application – As noted earlier, the powder is difficult to apply and maintain, especially on a dog that won’t stay still. Try to find a product with attachments or packaging that makes the powder easier to apply.
  • Your home – Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs which can fit their environment. The eggs will hatch right away if the weather is favourable. If the weather is cold, the eggs may remain frozen until the weather turns hot again.

So, even if you treat your dog but neglect her surrounding, then you will have infestation each time the weather is favourable for flea growth.

If you have other pets, you should also check whether they could be hosting pests. Or, perhaps during your walks, your dog comes into contact with other infected animals. You need to find products to protect your dog even when you’re out.

6 best dog flea powders

Here are the best-rated dog flea powders that you can consider if your dog has a flea infestation.

1. NaturVet Herbal Flea Powder for Pets

This brand takes pride in using only natural ingredients such as lemongrass, thyme and rosemary oil. These ingredients have been proven repelling fleas. The skin of your dog can absorb the oils easily, so that their effectiveness will last even after the powder has fallen off the skin.

This vet-formulated and FDA-audited powder is easy to apply. Just massage it to your dog’s skin.

The ingredients smell nice on a dog’s skin and eliminate the excess oil. Plus, the powder contains no harmful chemicals so it can be used as often as necessary. It can even be used on your dog with other topical medicines you might be using. You can also put the powder on the bedding and other surfaces your dog likes to sleep or play on.

But be careful, since it can not be used on dogs younger than 6 weeks. Some owners have also reported that the results could take days to be seen. But once the fleas die, the ingredients have a long-lasting effect and prevent new infestations.

Pros Cons
Contains natural, non-toxic ingredients Not suitable for puppies younger than 6 weeks
Pleasant smell Effects may take a while
Effective in killing and repelling fleas  
Can be sprinkled on bedding  

2. Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Another powder made of a natural substance. Diatomaceous earth is produced from fossilized algae remains. It is used in numerous products. It contains a lot of silica that can kill insects by dehydration or drying them out.

Harris’ powder doesn’t have additives or chemicals so you can use it around kids and pets, it is safe. It is even approved for organic use by the Organic Minerals Research Institute (OMRI), so it is safe even when taken in by humans.

The product can be used in two ways. You can add this to the food of your dog, or massage it to the skin of your dog. You can even sprinkle it on infested surfaces. It can even kill ants, spiders and cockroaches 2-3 days from time of usage.

Pros Cons
100%  diatomaceous earth as the ingredient More expensive than other brands
Effective against different pests Leaves residue
Can be ingested  

3. Fleabusters Rx for Fleas

This product is highly recommended for killing not only adult fleas but also the eggs. The powder attaches and dries larvae and eggs so they don’t become adult fleas. So even the root of the infestation is attacked by this powder.

It also works fast. It can be sprinkled over surfaces or cracks and safe to use even around children.

Some owners have complained, though, that the powder leaves a residue.

Pros Cons
Fast-acting Leaves residue
Targets even larvae and eggs  
Safe even around children  

4. Hartz Ultra Guard Flea And Tick Powder For Dogs

Hartz has long been working on perfecting a formula that can be used for many breeds. Among effective flea powders, this is the most recommended budget-friendly brand. You will see results quickly and their effect can last up to 7 days. In addition to fleas, it is also effective against ticks and lice.

To use this, simply dust the entire body of your dog, including the paws. If there is thick fur in your dog, massage the powder through the coat to ensure it reaches the skin. You can sprinkle it on your dog’s bedding and other surfaces to prevent fleas from being attached to your pet.

Besides its low price, owners like the water-resistant quality and nice fragrance of this powder. So you can use it on your dog even when you know it’s about to get wet.

You don’t have to re-apply it constantly because it’s very effective. For long-lasting potency, the powder can be re-applied each week. However, some owners have said it is not as effective in killing eggs and is not suitable for a puppy who is under 12 weeks old.

Pros Cons
Budget-friendly Does not kill eggs
Effective against fleas, lice, and ticks Not suitable for puppies less than 12 weeks old
One application’s effect lasts up to 7 days  

5. Zodiac Flea and Tick Powder

This brand kills the fleas, lice and ticks quickly. Its shaker facilitates the application of the powder to a dog’s body. The effects last a while, so you don’t have to continue to apply it on your pet. It has a mild formula for use even on puppies, kittens and pets with sensitive skin.

Some owners have stated, though, that it should be used with other medicines to be effective.

Pros Cons
Effective against fleas, ticks, and lice May not be effective unless used with other topical medicines
Mild formula is suitable even for puppies, kittens, or pets with sensitive skin  
Shaker makes application easy  
Pleasant smell  

6. American Pet Botanicals Skin Parasite Dust

The formula of this brand has certified organic herbs and ingredients which are not toxic. These ingredients are mild that even if your dog has sensitive skin, you can use the powder. Like the other brands, it can be applied to bedding and other surfaces to keep fleas away from within and outside your home. The top shaker helps owners liberally apply the powder to the body of a pet.

Its ingredients may be mild but they act fast. The effect lasts so long as you don’t bathe your dog or get her wet. This is one reason why it is a bit more expensive than other brands.

Pros Cons
Acts fast and long-lasting A bit more expensive
Contains natural ingredients  
Can be used for dogs with sensitive skin  


One advantage of flea powders is that when compared to other types of treatments, it is obvious that it is easy to apply and inexpensive. Good brands contain both natural and non-toxic ingredients, formulated to kill fleas and other pests while caring for the skin of your dog. Some brands, however, require constant re-application.

Some dogs require more than one type of flea treatment like flea sprays, collars, or medicines. Sometimes you have to try different treatments before you can find one that works on your dog’s condition.

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