Dogs with Sensitive Stomach: Signs, Best Dog Foods, Dog Treats and Homemade Dog Food

Some dogs like eating something that looks edible, while others are a bit selective. If they are like that, we can’t blame them because they have distinct taste buds and favorites just like humans. However, as a dog owner, we should keep track of what they consume as sometimes, just letting them eat what they like could be harmful to them.

Dogs with a sensitive stomach should be monitored closely by their pet owners to prevent a more serious health issue. You may find it helpful to have a record of what they eat and don’t eat. You can see if the food you give them is good or bad for them by taking notes about the food they choose; you can see if they have allergies and/or if the food upsets their stomach.

Like any individual, pooches are also suffering from various health problems, and having sensitive stomach is one of them, which is why it is essential to consider carefully checking the food you want to feed them. For multiple reasons, some dogs have a sensitive stomach; some are allergic to it, while others maybe because it is genetically passed on to them.

Expert or not, it’s up to you as a dog owner to be cautious about the food you offer your dog. You should be careful about its diet if you own a picky dog or a pooch that readily gets a stomachache. It will be very helpful and advisable to find the most suitable dog food, dog treats or even to create homemade dog food that is good for them.

What to do if your dog has a sensitive stomach?

If you believe or have noticed a sensitive stomach in your pooch, then it is advisable to go to your vet and have them checked. Don’t be in a panic! And never act as a doctor, you need professional assistance to understand what you need to prevent and what food your dog needs to eat. You can also get a better understanding of the scenario by having your dog inspected by a vet. You can ask your vet about dogs with a sensitive stomach and what dog food should you purchase or make.

Dogs with sensitive stomach often end up having stomachache so vets, on the other hand, are to advise pet owners on a diet in particular. Dog lovers can ask for a recommendation or chart to follow in order to avoid harming your dog through the food you give them.

Signs that your dog has an upset stomach

Dogs may suffer from stomachache from time to time. Especially if your pooch loves to eat; it is common. Don’t worry about it. Calm down and call your vet. Here’s the list of signs you need to know if your dog has stomach ache:

  1. Loss of appetite.
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Loud gurgling coming from your pet’s stomach.
  5. Dehydration and excessive thirst.
  6. Excessive burping.
  7. Changes in behavior
  8. Discomfort.

What are the best dog foods for dogs with a sensitive stomach?

When it comes to dog food, the market can offer you lots of options. Some claim to be high in protein, while others claim to be all-natural ingredients. Well, we can’t blame you as a dog owner if you’re tempted to buy these products without a lot of thought. Some pet owners, especially those who care for a dog for the first time, are often seduced by advertisements of dog food, especially if you read or hear good reviews about it. If you own a dog with a sensitive stomach, however, checking its label, conducting your research and following your vet’s recommendation are the best ways to find out which dog food you should buy for your pooch.

Although I listed all of the most popular dog foods for sensitive stomach, there are still products that most dog owners consider to be the best among the others.

The best picks for:

  1. Fresh food for dogs is Ollie’s products.
  2. Healthy grains is Canidae’s All Life Stages dog food product
  3. The limited ingredient is from Nulo Freestyle, the Limited+ (Turkey recipe).
  4. The beef recipe is from Natural Balance

What else?

  1. Best dry food is Purina’s Pro Plan Focus.
  2. Best wet food is the Limited Ingredient Diets from Natural Balance.
  3. Best for senior dogs is the product from Blue Buffalo, the Basics Limited Ingredient Diet
  4. Best for pups is the Wholesome Essentials from Nutro.
  5. Best Low-fat dog food product is from Royal Canin.

What to do if your dog has sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin might be because of:

1. Genetic factors. 

2. The breed is prone to having this kind of skin health issue. 

 3. Maybe it’s caused by something like dust, pollen, or even some ingredients in the dog food in your pooch’s environment.

Sadly, if your pooch has poor skin health, they might not be so pleased with simple things like petting or eating treats.

Some dogs have sensitive skin, mostly pups. If your dog’s skin is sensitive, you should be careful of what to feed them and treats, as they may be allergic to it. Observing your dog and consulting your vet is the best you can do.

What else can you do if you see your dog having skin issues?

If you are still quite unsure if they are suffering from a sensitive skin problem or not, apart from taking them to a veterinarian, you can:

  1. Check if they have pests such as lice and fleas on their skin or fur
  2. If they do not have parasites, then maybe they have allergies.

If you are still unable to determine the cause of the skin issue of your dog, then your next step is to consult your vet and let them examine your pooch.

What are the most usual signs that your dog has sensitive skin or allergies?

How to treat dog skin problems or allergies?

According to The Kennel Club, there are ways to treat sensitive skin. These ways are easy to follow because:

One, you need to groom your pooch.

Two, you can buy a shampoo specifically made for dogs with sensitive skin that can handle skin problems.

Three, why don’t you change the diet plan for your dog? Some vets recommend this to some pets owners, especially if the reason why the skin of your dog gets worse is due to the food he eats.

Four, buy vitamins for your dog. What vets always prescribe is medicine or food rich with Vitamin E. 

Five, wipe the paws of your dog after they went outdoor. You remove the dust or pollen that can cause skin allergies by cleaning their feet.

What are the best dog foods for sensitive skin?

What are the best dog treats for dogs with a sensitive stomach and skin?

Treats are particularly important if you train your dog, as it is an effective way to reward them and remind them that what they are doing is right. But it’s another story to pick the best dog treats for your pooch that has a sensitive stomach. While it’s just a delight for good deeds, it doesn’t mean you can buy anything that looks delicious.

If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, considering their health condition is vital. You need to buy something high in nutrition while not upsetting your dog’s tummy at the same time.

So, what are the best dog treats for your pooch? Here is the list:

Note to remember: Many dog treats in the market assure to be healthy, but in reality, there are many dogs treats in the market with low-quality ingredients that can upset the tummy of your pooch. Knowing the cause can be your guide to understanding which ingredients are right for them if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach. Apart from doing your research, it is also advisable to ask your vet about the best dog treat you can buy.

What is the best homemade dog food for dogs with a sensitive stomach?

OK, now that you are in this phase of the article, I would believe you prefer making your recipe for your dog with a sensitive stomach. This is ideal for some because they could save money, while for others; they believe it is safer than purchasing dog food in the market because you never know what else is in there!

Easy homemade recipes that you can make:

  1. Pumpkin-based biscuits.
  2. Cake with rice and chicken meat.
  3. Dog food with vegetables and chicken meat.

What else?

You can mix boiled chicken meat and rice without any other preservatives or seasoning if you’re searching for an easier go-to meal. With an upset tummy or diarrhea, this can help your dog.

You can also try the following:

  • Cooked eggs
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Canned salmon or tuna
  • Sweet potato
  • White rice
  • Baby food
  • Boiled potatoes


With all these dog foods I’ve listed for the sensitive tummy of your pup, you should still make sure they are suitable for your pooch and have no allergies to any ingredients in the dog food.

Like what I’ve been saying, consulting a vet is the best way to understand the situation of your dog. Professional assistance is particularly essential if you need to alter the diet of your dog and if you want to prevent damaging the stomach of your pooch and starting an allergy. 

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