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Are you a dog owner for the first time? If so, I bet you’re frustrated every time your dog goes out, without giving you a warning. Most dog owners, new parents of dogs or not, have experienced being paranoid when their four-legged buddy is missing. What is the solution, then, and how can you stop it?

Do you know that pet gates are very helpful when you’re caring for a stubborn, playful doggo? Since it’s been commercialized and approved online and on pet magazines by many dog experts, dog lovers have become fans.

There are many different types of dog gates in the market and many brands have claimed that their product is the best! But how can you know you’ve chosen the right dog gate for your pet?

I bet, you as a dog owner want to buy the best one, right? Since there are many brands that you could choose from, it would be difficult for you to choose which one to buy especially for those first-time dog owners. In this article, I’ll focus on the type of dog gate you could easily set up — the retractable dog gates. Are you curious about this gate for pets?

What is a retractable dog gate?

When you open it, a retractable dog-gate disappears. If you want to have a low profile gate, then, it is a good choice. This type of gate for dogs has a convenient opening mechanism.

Retractable dog gates are best suited for those dog owners looking for a dog gate that is easy to set up. Though it’s really convenient for dog owners to use these gates, dogs , on the other hand, can’t open it easily.

Why do you need a retractable dog gate? 

Retractable dog gates enable dog owners to keep their four-legged furry buddy inside. We know dogs love to be going around the house. They love to climb on sofas and beds, which might cause pet owners a bit of trouble.

While dogs can be trained on how to behave properly, it’s still important not to be too complacent simply because you’ve taught your pet to stay away from the sidewalk, your stairs or go out without you. As a dog owner, you’ve got to make sure your pet is really safe because accidents also happen to those dogs already trained.

What are the qualities you need to consider before buying a retractable dog gate?

If you are looking for a retractable dog gate, bear in mind that as dog owners, you should buy not only the best dog gate in the market but also the safest one. If you plan to buy a retractable dog gate, first you need to have a checklist of the things you need to consider when choosing the product you are going to buy.

With all those marketing strategies, discounts, and flowery advertisements, I bet you’re feeling a bit confused about which product to buy. That is why a checklist is important, so you won’t find it hard to choose what’s best for your lifestyle and dog.

So, what are the characteristics you need to consider first in buying a retractable dog gate before getting all that dollars out of your zipped pocket?

Here are the qualities you should check first when deciding which retractable dog gate you should purchase:

  • Make sure to buy the right size.Of course, when buying a retractable dog gate, you need to know if it could fit the place where you want to put it. Aside from that, it also depends on the size and the abilities of your pet dog.

Additional note: Be a smart buyer. Dog experts encourage dog lovers to always consider their dog’s size, when it will be older. When you buy a retractable dog gate, it’s best not to buy the smaller one simply because your dog is just a pup now. That is, if you’re looking for a puppy, you need to think ahead of time — you need to consider your dog’s breed’s adult height and width so you won’t have to buy another when it grows up.

  • Another important thing you need to check is; could it withstand your little four-legged friend stubbornness? The retractable model dog gate you need should be strong enough to face your dog’s scratches and paw punches. On the other hand, if design is important to you, then you’d also want to check whether the style fits your taste and home interior design. It’s also important that it matches the interior design of your house so that your house won’t look messy and your retractable dog gate won’t be an eyesore.

Additional note: If you’re like me who’s always busy and has no time to read the manual over and over again, be sure to ask the online seller or saleslady if it’s easy to set up the retractable dog gate you want to buy. Why?  Because I bet one of the main reasons you chose a retractable one over the usual dog gates you see on the market is because you want to set it up without becoming sweaty.

What are the best retractable dog gates in the market?

With all of these simple considerations, here is the compilation of the best retractable dog gates in the market that you could buy:

1. Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate: This retractable dog gate type is well known among dog websites as it is made of high-quality material. Many have given a double thumbs up to this product. It can be found in nearly every product review site.

This retractable dog gate is scratch proof. It is suitable not only for dogs and cats but also for babies. It also comes in a variety from small to extra wide dog gates. 

The only downside to this retractable dog gate is that it’s rather costly and tiny doggos can sometimes squeeze underneath the gate. 

2. Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Dog Gate: The retractable dog gate of Evenflo has many ways to open the gate, and is very mobile. This dog gate brand works well not only for dogs and cats but also for infants.

The only disadvantage for this retractable dog gate is it is not that strong nor durable. 

3. Perma Retractable Outdoor Gate: This is a cheap and versatile retractable dog gate that has a walkthrough part. It is produced for use indoors and outdoors. Its design is sophisticated and stylish.

Perma retractable dog gates can be folded down easily and are expandable to any width. It is ideal for all dog breeds and it can also be used for cats and babies. 

The only disadvantage here is that the walkthrough part is a bit narrow.

4. Babyseater Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate and Pet Gate: This retractable dog gate has a unique opening. It can fit almost everywhere from stairs, doorways and hallways. 

The retractable dog gate for Babyseater has a non-slip rubber feature that prevents scratching of the floor. It also consists of premium woods and metal materials and is suitable for all dog breeds.

5. Carlson Pet Products Expandable Pet Gate: Dog owners do not need tools when setting up this retractable dog gate. It is adjustable and very easy to arrange. 

While the design of this retractable dog gate product is not as attractive as the aforementioned dog gates, it is made of a strong light gray plastic.  In other words, dogs can’t break it easily. In addition , it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Perma retractable dog gates only drawbacks is that it can’t be set up in uneven platforms. Add to this, it is also not suitable for large dog breeds, as they are likely to be able to jump over the gate. 

How to make a DIY dog gate?

If you could not find the retractable dog gate you want, why not make a dog gate by yourself? I Yes, it takes time and effort and needs some cash and work to make one but it s definitely worth it. 

Materials you need to make a dog gate

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Hinges
  • Trellises
  • Slidgehedges

Steps to follow:

Making this dog gate is not that complicated, so don’t worry! Just make sure you have the right tool and follow the easy steps below.

  • 1. Make sure you know exactly what width and height you want to make for the dog gate. The size of the dog gate depends on where you want it to be placed, as well as your dog’s size, breed and ability.
  • 2. Use the hinges to attach one trellis to another. The number of hinges you will use depends on the height of your dog gate. 
  • 3. Use the measuring tape to make sure that you put the hinges evenly across the whole dog gate. 

That’s it! See? It is really simple! You can finish your project in just a day! 


Now that you’re in the last part of this article, I bet you’ve decided to buy a retractable dog gate now, or you’re just going to stick to the traditional ones, or maybe you’re going to try to make the dog gate for your pet.

It is up to you to choose either one of the retractable dog gates above, or to still stick to the traditional dog gate or DIY pet gate.  Just remember, what’s important is that you should always first check if the dog gate you want is right for you and your four-legged friends. Also, make sure it’s safety is your priority.

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