8 Best Low Sodium Dog Food: Why Choose It and What Are The Dangers Of Sodium in Dog Food?

Nowadays, dog food comes in different forms, whether through treats, canned dog food, wet dog food, raw or high-protein meat, or even dry kibble. There is a wide variety of dog food to choose from for dog owners everywhere, all with many different purposes and a variety of benefits. However, with so many to choose from, it has also become increasingly difficult to search through all these brands and choose the best dog food out of them all to suit your pooch’s needs.

And, to help you out, we’ve decided to develop a fast and thorough dog food guide to the 8 best low-sodium dog food currently on the market to guarantee that your doggo gets nothing short of the best! But first let’s face the elephant in the room and answer the question, why choose low-sodium dog food?

Why Choose Low Sodium Dog Food?

Although sodium is an essential part of a dog’s diet, and there are some aspects of sodium that we need to keep an eye on even for us humans. One of these is the overconsumption of sodium that can be tricky not only for the well-being of your dog but even catastrophic for their health. The major reason behind low sodium dog food and treats as growing in popularity as a staple in a dog’s diet is to avoid this from happening and reaping the benefits of well-balanced sodium levels.

This can vary from the simplest of goals as to reducing your pooch’s weight if they’ve added up a couple of unwanted pounds of fat. And even help in more important issues as alleviating a serious heart, kidney, or liver disease. Just by managing your doggo’s sodium intake, you’ll make leaps across boundaries that you didn’t even know existed, and you’ll be able to rest knowing your dog is safe.

What Are the Dangers of Sodium in Dog Food?

Sodium may be important, as we have discussed before, but it is the over-consumption of sodium that could lead to very pressing and harmful diseases and conditions. The following are among the problems and risks that your pooch will face if they have a sodium intake that is too high:

  • Risk of High Blood Pressure
  • Risk of Agitating Existing Heart Condition
  • Risk of Worsening Existing Kidney Condition
  • Risk of Worsening Existing Liver Condition
  • Overweight

By now, you probably understand how important it is to control the sodium intake of your pet because you wouldn’t want the pooch that you love so much to go through such suffering based on those conditions alone! We’ll share our top picks of the best low sodium dog food in 2019, you do not need to be scared.

Low Sodium Dog Food Guide

It shouldn’t be an issue to get the perfect one for your pooch with the variety of low sodium dog food and treats in the market today. The below are our top picks for the best low sodium dog food and treats this 2019 that come in many different varieties to match your dog’s needs:

1. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets is our number one choice for any dog experiencing kidney problems as being the best friend of your dog because it offers balanced nutrition to help support the kidneys of your pooch. It is formulated with low sodium levels and healthy amount of phosphorous and protein to reduce kidney stress and help alleviate any discomfort or pain they experience. Not only that, but veterinary diets from Purina Pro Plan are filled with the optimal nutrition to keep your dog healthy and strong.

Nonetheless, with proper nutrition management and the perfect choice of low sodium dog food, kidney disease can not be cured–but it can make your dog’s life much more comfortable. The fact that all of its protein products come from high-quality sources is one of the beauties of this brand. Added B-complex vitamin is also available to help digestion and breakdown of vital nutrients.

2. The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Dog Food

The key to any dog’s long-life is healthy nutrition, and if there’s any low sodium dog food that gets that right, it’s The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Dog Food. To start with, they use a time-honored method of dehydration to help preserve their pet foods and treats. It makes it possible for their products to be more balanced as they hold more of the natural vitamins and minerals present in their choice of whole food ingredients. Some variables affect the Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Dog Food and its other varieties are diced to help facilitate digestion and help improve nutrient absorption.

Ranch-raised beef is the key source of protein in this dog food, which means having this for your pooch would make sure they get all the vitamins they need to remain strong and healthy. So if you’re looking for the best low-sodium dehydrated formula dog food in the market, this is our top choice for this particular requirement. It is also safe for older dogs as the lower fat and calorie amounts should make weight management much easier for you and the pooch.

3. Earthborn Kibble Adult Advantage

If you’re looking for the best combination of whole meat ingredients and whole grain foods the Earthborn Kibble Adult Advantage would make a wonderful choice for your dog to eat low sodium dog food. It is made from wholesome fully cooked grains such as oatmeal, brown barley rice, and rye that can be easily digested to help alleviate any tummy troubles. On the bright side, they also use high-quality chicken meal and whitefish meal to provide your pooch with their much-needed dose of protein to keep their muscles healthy and strong. It also comes plenty with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid to help with digestion and absorption of nutrients that also aid in keeping their skin healthy and coat shiny.

Overall, it is a great choice of low sodium dog food kibble that comes in many different varieties for the pleasure of your dog’s taste choice. It provides holistic nutrition that should keep any doggo up and strong all day long!

4. Fromm Gold Weight Management

Low-sodium diets are perfect for dogs seeking weight reduction but still maintaining optimal nutrition to stay healthy and if that’s what your doggo needs, then Fromm Gold Weight Management should do the trick for him. While not specifically making low sodium dog food or treats, many of their dog food types offer options that are relatively low in sodium because it comes with weight management naturally. It is prepared with a special blend of lean turkey liver, duck, chicken lamb whole egg and Wisconsin cheese; combined with L-carnitine to promote weight management.

Despite its benefits though, Fromm Gold Weight Management can come at a very hefty price, but if you’ve got the budget and coin to purchase this quality low sodium dog food option, then, by all means, you shouldn’t hold back from buying this great product for your dog!

5. Wellness Complete Health Dog Food

As we said, high sodium levels can lead to heart disease complications, which is why a low sodium diet is important for any pooch with an existing heart disease to deal with –and if this is the case your dog is in then, the Wellness Full Health Dog Food should be your dog food option. It is rich in nutrients, made of high-quality foods, and uses only organic ingredients to make sure your dog gets nothing short of the finest. The primary source of protein is from the lamb and is paired with a healthy dose of fruits and veggies to maximize your dog’s benefits.

Its motto is to provide uncompromising nutrition for your pet’s unconditional love, and the Wellness Complete Health Dog Food never fails to deliver. So, if your dog matches any of the specifications, this product can help with, then don’t waste a single second from getting this one!

6. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food is another great option for dogs with heart problems and existing heart disease. It is a highly digestible, great-lasting, low-sodium nutritious dog food packed with essential nutrients to support the cardiovascular function of your dog and keep it in perfect health and condition. It has exceptional grades of arginine, carnitine, and taurine to help your dog reach perfect cardiac health and even has tocopherols to help boost their immune system.

In fact, it also offers the standard high-quality source of chicken protein and a good combination of whole grains for quick and safe digestion. Additionally, it is rich in vitamin B and other key vitamins to help alleviate heart problems and boost the strength of the immune system to keep the body as best as possible. And, if you’re looking for a low sodium dog food that can help boost the overall heart health of your pooch, then the Royal Canin Veterinary Dog Food is the best choice for you.

7. Orijen High-Protein Grain-Free Premium Dog Food

No one just does it like Orijen High-Protein Grain-Free Premium Dog Food when it comes to providing low sodium dog food and treats. Sodium intake is classified at 0.3% making the sodium levels nearly non-existent, but without losing any of the vitamins or advantages, you can get from other quality low sodium dog foods on this list. Most of its carbohydrates are specifically selected to provide the best energy sources and contain healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acid to help with digestion and to give your doggo healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Overall, Orijen High-Protein Grain-Free Premium Dog Food is a popular choice among dog lovers who want nothing but the best for their pooch. They are nutrient-dense, backed by the best ingredients, and very low in sodium – making it an awesome choice for anyone on the lookout for dog foods that are needed in the most extreme of cases.

8. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Nothing compares to upright truth and dog science nutrition to get your pet the best and nothing cries louder than Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. This low sodium dog food is specifically formulated to fuel the needs of any kind of dog breed; whether they are small or large, they will have the perfect variety of low sodium dog food for your dog. It is made entirely from natural ingredients.

 To add to this, many other dog-owners have also claimed to observe much better bowel movements after switching to Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. This means you won’t only be keeping your dog healthy but will be helping them go poo much healthier as well.

Low Sodium Dog Food Guide Summary

Overall, there is a wide range of choices to choose the best low sodium dog food and treats that suit your dog’s needs. Eventually, it all depends on your judgment and your veterinarian’s discretion as to what would help your dog best. This way, we strongly encourage you to take part in this low campaign for sodium dog food because it will not only make your pooch healthier but also much happier in the long run!

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