Australian Shepherd Husky Mix: Characteristics, Behavior, Aussie Siberian Lifespan and Care

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is one of the most popular crossbreeds in the crossbreeding world. Dog owners prefer this dog breed because you will definitely fall in love with them once you laid your eyes on them. 

If you own one, then you know what I’m talking about, but if you’re new to the world of crossbreeding and owning a dog, you should read the rest of this article as I will inform you all you need to know about the famous Australian Shepherd Husky Mix in detail.

What’s the origin of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

A crossbreed between a purebred Siberian Husky and purebred Australian Shepherd result is the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix. This crossbreed is known as Aussie Shepherd Husky, Aussie Siberian, or Aussie Husky, apart from its long name.

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is regarded as a breed of designers. They’ve been around for about 20 years. Since its advent to the crossbreeding world, this breed’s popularity has grown as years go by — it is seen in the crossbreeding world as a fast-rising star.

This crossbreed’s history is not as rich as its roots, the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. But what most crossbreed owners do when they doing a background check is to look into the history of the parents of the Aussie Husky.

  • The Australian Shepherd

One of the parents of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is the Australian Shepherd. You might be confused if I tell you that despite having the word “Australia” in its name, the dog breed did not originate from the country down under. 

According to Innovet, the Australian Shepherd (or known as the “Aussie”) has many names before like the California Shepherd, Pastor Dog, New Mexican Shepherd, Spanish Shepherd, and Bob-Tail. The breed is said to have originated back in the 1900s from the Western United States of America. Australian Shepherd was initially bred for herding, but the breed was also used as therapy dogs, rescue dogs, family dogs, and dogs for detection as time passed by.

  • The Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are originally bred as sled pooches. This breed appeared in North America in the 20th century. They serve as search dogs and rescue dogs in the US Army. Siberian Huskies have other names too such as Chuksha or Chukcha, Sibe and Husky.

What are the characteristics of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix? 

Knowing who is an Aussie Husky among the dogs in an animal shelter is quite easy for most dogs owners. Some first-time dog parents are confused about how to determine whether or not they are looking at an Aussie Shepherd, unlike professional dog owners.

These are the characteristics of an Australian Shepherd and a Siberian Husky crossbreed:

1. Medium-sized. 

2. Can either have blue or brown eyes.

3. Coat color: it is hard to predict the color of this breed’s coat.

4. Palate color: red, brown, grey, black, and white. 

What is the behavior of an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix? Should you be concerned if you have kids?

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is an intelligent designer breed. They are tough, responsible and have an incredible work ethic. These Aussie Huskies have lots of energy so as a dog owner; you need to keep up with them.

According to The Happy Puppy Site, they need a lot of mental stimuli to remain happy which implies that you have to give him tasks to feel complete. If you wonder what kinds of work you could assign your Australian Shepherd Husky Mix, well, you might order them to bring your slippers, books, or newspapers. You can also ask them to assist separate your laundry, remove or pick up the garbage inside your house.

  • Aussie Husky as a family dog

A playful crossbreed is the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix. They enjoy their owners and other pets to play with. You can let them deal with your stubborn kids who don’t want to stop playing since they have a lot of energy that they can use in different activities. As it is also deemed a family pet, the Aussie Husky gets along well with children.

This breed of dog bonds with his owner very firmly and with people that he loves most. He knows how to return the attention and affection that he gets from the people around him. These are the possible explanations why most pet owners who already have their own family prefer to adopt an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix.

  • Aussie Shepherd as a pet

Aussie Huskies get on well with anyone just like his parents. They adapt well and are well mannered in their new environment, especially if you train them early. Australian Shepherd Husky Mix trainers are well aware of the significance of early teaching of this dog breed about socialization and how to be obedient. Training them these skills early will greatly benefit any Aussie Husky owners out there as they will find it easy to manage their conduct once they suddenly decide not to follow your instructions and be a rebellious pooch.

What else should you know about the temperament of this breed?

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is susceptible to boredom because they always love to play and mess around, you should always be prepared for surprises as an Aussie Husky owner. These dogs also have moments like humans, so if you don’t want to go back to a messy house, you should prepare your dog’s activities to drain its overflowing energy.

Although they are a little playful, they are family-oriented pooches so it won’t be an issue to be around with while looking after your children (but it will surely be a messy playtime). The attention span of Aussie Huskies is short, so it is advisable to have an exercise to improve concentration and mental stimulation.

Moreover, these crossbreeds can be your friend and your loyal employee because they were bred as a working dog and as a companion dog. 

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix breed’s health and lifespan

The breed, Australian Shepherd Husky Mix, can live up to 10 to 15 years, thanks to their genes. However, just like what other dog experts and veterinarians are saying, any dog’s lifespan can be affected by poor health.

As a dog owner of a mixed dog breed, remember that Australian Shepherd Husky Mix can readily be affected by any of its parent dog breeds ‘ inheritable health problems. Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dogs are maybe susceptible to:   

· Anxiety or stress

· Epilepsy

· Hip dysplasia

· Allergies

· Elbow dysplasia

· Ear issues like deafness

· Corneal dystrophy

· Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Feeding: What you should remember when giving food to Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dog breeds

Since the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia, adding fish oil to their dietary consumption is advisable. It is best to ask your veterinarian about this when it comes to determining the best dog food for your pooch. To prevent developing health issues such as overweight, you can ask your veterinarian about the best and suitable diet for your dog.

Once you ask your vet about your dog’s condition, they will offer you a list of the best dog foods in the market based on your dog’s breed, age, health, and weight. 

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix: Grooming and Care

This crossbreed dog needs regular brushing because it has long fur with bushy undercoat. This is an important routine especially if you want your dog’s coat to become healthy and shiny. 

You should also keep in mind that no matter how much you groom your dog, they will still shed a lot so do not be surprised because it is common to any Australian Shepherd Husky Mix pooch.

NOTE: The crossbreed’s fur shedding is much more noticeable in the early spring. It is advisable to frequently brush your dog’s fur during spring to prevent matting. 

You don’t need regular bathing because it will dry the skin of your dog. What most Australian Shepherd Husky Mix breed owner do is to bathe their pet when they are obviously dirty. On the other hand, although I said it is not advisable to bathe them every day, but it is necessary to trim the nail of your pooch every day.

Exercising Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dogs

Just like what I have written above, this breed is really energetic, which means it is not suitable to dog owners who like to chill and lay down on their favorite sofa (unless you are willing to change your lifestyle). 

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix requires a lot of physical and mental exercise because it is one of the most active crossbreeds in the market. They are okay with substantial practice, long walks and run. They love to be in the outside world because they are athletic and they love much liberty.


Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is an excellent working dog and companion dog. So, if you are planning to get one, make sure that you can keep up with their overflowing energy. Not meeting their needs can affect not just your relationship with them, but also their health. 

Keep in mind that when adopting a dog, you should always consider your lifestyle, particularly those that are active because they need more than just dog food and care. As a dog owner, if you want to get an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix, you must make sure you are patient, and you can adjust your daily routine and schedule because they need someone who can keep up with them and provide them with their needs.

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