List Of Names For Your Female Dog And Their Meaning

Are you a little short on naming ideas for your new furry gal? Or a bit confused on what name to call her and why you should name her that? If this is your case, then you’re on the right spot.

Giving a name to your dog is most likely difficult for you to do so because but not limited to, these possible reasons:

  1. You want it to be super-duper special for your special friend.
  2. For you, it’s as important as giving your child a name. Well, you are a pet-parent.
  3. You can’t change it once your female dog gets used to it so whatever it is that you come up with, that’s it – stick to it, or you might confuse her!
  4. You don’t know which name is suitable for her.

Now, you may not be one of the pet owners who experienced the above reason because you have another, but the issue is still there – you still don’t know what to name your female dog. To help you with that, here’s a long list of names you can choose from with their meaning:

Dog names female and meanings

Personality or Traits

  • Victoria/Vicky – From the root word itself, “victory.” Is your dog feeling a lot victorious or are you feeling victorious for the pet you have? Here’s a name that shows that.
  • Scarlet/Scarlett – Scarlet is defined as a bright red hue. Do you think your dog got the fiery attitude it takes to stand up to this definition?
  • Darlene – There are female dogs that are just too soft and feminine — they’re such a darling. Darlene means “darling” or “dearling” so why not name her that if you have that kind of dog?
  • Athena – She must be some next-level genius if you’re naming her after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Also, she can have the name for bravery since Athena is also the Goddess of Warfare.
  • Aphrodite – Give her the name of the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty if she is either lovely, lovable, or loving.
  • Honey – I’m probably naming my female dog “Honey” if she’s as sweet as it.
  • Cora/Coraline/Corazon/Cory – Some girls are so girly that they seem in a different league. If you have a dog that’s so girly, you may name her one of these.
  • Fae/Faye – A dog with a name like this is either as sweet as a fairy or as loyal as a soldier.
  • Delle/Della – A name for a noble one — kind of majestic for a dog to be named after.
  • Amelia/Mia – Now, this is a name suitable for a dog with never-ending energy. It’s like work is its middle-name, if dogs even have one.
  • Claire/Clara/Clarita – Children are often praised for their brightness. Dogs can be commended for being bright too, and is their a cooler way to name your pet with something that defines brightness?
  • Faith – Faith is, in some way, loyalty.
  • Audrey – Audrey is another name that symbolizes nobility.
  • Blythe – This name is a more trailblazing version of the word “carefree.”
  • Sunny/Sunshine – We all know the sun is often analogous to happiness and joy, so if you have a furry ball of happiness waiting to be named, then this is the best idea.
  • Avery An Old English name that means your dog is holding a lot of power – it may be over you or other dogs.
  • Sophia/Sophie/Sofia/Sofie – A smarty-paws furry gal deserves a name that translates to “wisdom.”
  • Angel/Angela/Angelina/Angeline/Angie – Do you have an angelic dog? Or do you want your dog to be angelic as it ages? Choose one of these if that’s the case.
  • Gwyneth – It is said that most of the ones given this name grew up to be shy and timid.
  • Rose – It might be beautiful, but its defenses are up, that’s what it means to name your dog “Rose.”
  • Ada/Addy/Addy – Getting a hunch that one day, your female dog will prove its nobility? Well, if so, then call her one of these names.
  • Agatha – A good name for a good dog. Why? Because in Greek, it means “good.”
  • Emma – This name means “whole” or “universal” in Germany. If your dog likes welcoming people or fellow animals, then this is a suitable name for her personality.
  • Princess – Got a pet that’s feeling too princess-y or a diva? Then grab a name for the princess she is.
  • Charlotte/Charlie – In French, it means “free.” If you got a female dog who loves playing and being carefree, then the name is created for her.

Physical Features

  • Belle/Bella/Bela/Isabella – It means beauty, what better way to explain it?
  • Elle/Ella/Ellie/Ellen
  • Rachel/Rachelle
  • Luna – For werewolves, a Luna is the most powerful and beautiful among them.
  • Diana – Also, a name connected to the moon.
  • Daisy/any flower – No one can deny that flowers are one of the prettiest creations in nature. Calling your dog with the name of a flower means she’s as beautiful as one.
  • Pearl – Pearls are hidden treasures of the ocean for it’s exceeding shine and beauty. Your dog must be a beautiful treasure for you too if you’re planning to name her this.
  • Hazel/any plant or tree – Just like flowers, plants are pretty to look at too.
  • Stella – What better name to give to a dog that’s as beautiful as a twinkling star?
  • Phoebe – A name for a shinning dog. It’s suitable for female dogs that have greatly washed, shiny, and silky hair or coat.
  • Jade/any gem – Every dog is a gem. The color of the gem, like Jade, which is green, can be chosen by something related to your pet such as the color of his fur or eyes.
  • Barbie – This is self-explanatory. Got a pet that’s as pretty as a doll? Then she’s a Barbie.


Often, pet-owners name their dogs after something that it likes. It’s not a bad idea to incorporate something with a connection to her. If she likes that thing, then she would probably like it as her name too.

Some samples of names that could be a favorite ‘something’ are:

  • Apple – She likes apples.
  • Cherry – She like cherries.
  • Jumper – She likes to jump.
  • Bitey – She likes biting.
  • Telvy – She likes watching the television.
  • Cuddly – She likes cuddling.
  • Pooh – She likes Winnie the Pooh.

Celebrities or Characters

You can choose a celebrity name or a character name for your dog if you want. If you think it’s suitable for her because she has a similarity with your idol, then go right ahead. There’s also no requirement to have any similarity though, you can do it just because you like it that way.

Here are a few examples:

  • Agnes – From the animated film “Despicable Me.” This girl is very adorable and cute yet loud.
  • Jolie – When you’re a big fan of Angelina Jolie, and you want your dog to be a reminder of her.
  • Jasmine – The name of a well-known Disney princess who is both graceful and fierce at the same time.
  • Queen B – Let your awe to Beyonce be shown through the strength and fierceness of your doggy.


There are also a lot of names to choose from the bible. It’s never a bad thing to name your female dog after holy personalities and be a reflection of God’s eternal grace. In addition to that, she is a blessing to you, isn’t she?

These are some of the biblical names you can choose from:

  • Anne/Ana/Anna/Annie – In Hebrew, the name stands for God’s gracious gift.
  • Chloe/Khloe – This is a rather popular name that’s usually not known to be biblically-inspired. It means being in growth.
  • Delilah – In the Bible, the name is associated with being a “temptress.”
  • Eve/Eva – This is an excellent name for female dogs who are already mothers since Eve is a “giver of life.”
  • Judith/Judea/Judie/Judy – Choose one of these names if you have a pet which is usually praised by other people.
  • Louis/Luisa/Louise/Luis – This is a name for a fighter or a warrior. Does that define your female dog? If so, then call her by one of these names.
  • Maria/Mariah – Although it’s not that good of a thing to have a rebellious pet, this is a name for her if she is one.
  • Naomi – This is a female name that translates to “pleasant” in Hebrew.


Basically, as a pet-parent, you should treat your girly bud as your kid. That also gives you the right to name her anything you want. The list above is not your only source of options.

If you come up with something that connects you the most to your dog, then that’s the best choice you should go with. Whether it’s a combination of your names or a self-made name, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re fully committed to it.

Remember, the name you’ll give her is the name she’ll grow up getting used to. Don’t forget it because she won’t.

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