Rottweiler Husky Mix: Appearance, Traits, Temperament and Health

Do you love adopting mix dog breeds? Are you an athletic person? Do you love being active and being busy? Then you are on the right page! Rottweiler Husky mix is just right for you. 

If you’re curious about this breed mix, you’ll have to read this article to the end. The Rottweiler Husky mix is a unique dog. So, if you’re wondering if this pooch is the right one for you, then you’ve got to know these things in this article that I’m going to detail.

You will be informed not only about the characteristics, temperament, and health of the dog breed in this write-up. Additional information will be provided, for you to determine if the Rottweiler Husky mix dog breed is suitable for your lifestyle.

We will take a closer look at this mix dog breed, even the smallest detail will be listed here, so get your snack, sit down and enjoy reading the following:

What is the origin of Rottweiler Husky Mix?

The Rottweiler Husky Mix is a combination of two strong dog breed, the Rottweiler and the Siberian Husky. They are two of the most athletic dog breeds in the dog world. 

  • Rottweiler

The Rottweiler dog is a German breed and is regarded as the number eight most popular dog breed in the United States. This pooch is often used as a guard dog. They are mostly described as aggressive dogs. Other than that, some observant say that especially to other pooches, Rottweilers are a bit intimidating.

Some Rottweiler dog breed owners might disagree with the description above because most dog lovers say that this breed is actually considered as muscular but gentle playmates that are ready to protect his loved ones no matter what. 

Although this breed likes to be active almost all the time, Rottweilers still love “cuddle time” with their owners. They love to spend time with the one with which they grew up. They’re playful, yes, but they love it every time you spend time with them. 

Rottweilers are playful, but they can be a bit different, distant outside around other dogs, especially around strangers. 

  • Siberian Husky

The 14th most popular dog breed in the dog world, Siberian Huskies, came from Russia’s Siberia. They were used as sledge dogs in the beginning. The semi-nomadic people of the Chukchi tribe in Siberia used them to pull lightweight things over long distances. Other than being a working dog, the people also used them to warm children and women at night. In order to help them keep warm, they let the dogs sleep with kids and women.

Meanwhile, it is known that Siberian Huskies are sociable and noble when it comes to their personalities. It’s not surprising with their friendly nature that they like being in a group. They love the crowd— dogs or people— which means adapting to a new environment and meeting other people and dogs is not going to be a problem for them.

If you want to own a Siberian Husky, then let me remind you that they shed a lot. But don’t worry they do self-grooming just like cats and they do not have that typical dog odor that you usually smell from the other dogs. 

Now back to the breed itself – the Rottweiler Husky Mix

One of the most well-known crossbreeds, Rottweiler Husky Mix is also known as Rottsky, a combination of the name of Rottweiler and Siberian Husky. They are typically called the Rottweiler Husky Mix, however, to avoid confusion.

What is the appearance of a Rottweiler Husky Mix?

  • Physical appearance

Since they are crossbreeds, a Rottweiler Husky Mix may vary, but they usually look like their parent Rottweiler, but a little more fluffy. Looking at them online, you’ll notice they’ve got a slightly longer muzzle, their Siberian Husky parent’s eyes, and partially dropped ears. 

Rottweiler Husky Mix could be brown, gray, white and sable, cream, red or black when it comes to their coat colour. On the other hand, it might be either liver, brown, or black when it comes to their nose.

  • Eyes

Rottweiler Husky Mix has a mixed color of the eye, meaning that one eye may be brown and the other eye may be blue. If you’re worried they might have an eye problem, first hold your seat! Usually, Rottskies have multicolored eyes. It’s a genetic mutation result.

Note: Sometimes, these two colors, brown and blue, can even mix on one eye.

  • Body size

Since the parents of Rottweiler Husky Mix are known to have a wider range when it comes to their weight, it’s really hard to determine what their weight will be.

Note: It will totally depend on Rottsky’s genetics. But, they usually weigh somewhere between 50 to 100 pounds. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to Rottweiler Husky Mix’s height, they could grow between 21 (55 cm) and 26 inches (68 cm).

Rottweiler Husky Mix: Diet Requirements

Rottskies are very active dogs – they are very athletic, which means they need a good diet. They need to replenish the energy that they used in every activity they do to stay healthy. 

Note: Since they use a lot of energy, you should give three to four cups of dry dog food every day to Rottweiler Husky Mix puppies. When these dog breeds become an adult, you should reduce the times you give them 2 cups a day to avoid bloating.

Experts say that Rottweiler Husky Mix should eat food containing protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fatty acids. A puppy needs food that contains 22% protein and 8% fat. They need 5% of fats and 18% of protein when they become an adult.

Note: Although they need to be fed a moderate amount of food to keep them healthy and fit, you should never exceed in the required numbers of times you feed your Rottsky. If you overfeed them, he will end up having digestion problems or worst, he will be obese and it might threaten their lives.

Rottweiler Husky Mix: Temperament

Rottskies have traits from both Rottweiler and Siberian Husky, which means if you want to own one, then you should be ready for a roller coaster ride – he will show a mixed bag of attitude to you. 

This crossbreed, when properly trained, is active and social. They are loyal and playful, but at the same time, when they first meet people, they are also wary of strangers and other dogs. However, most of the time, if properly trained, they won’t have a problem meeting kids and playing with them.

Rottweiler Husky Mix’s common health concerns

Rottskies have their own set of unique health problems just like their parents, so it’s important to be really vigilant about the health condition of your pooch. If you try to investigate it or ask your vet for some details about your dog, it will be helpful.

It is important to know its parents’ health issues so that you will have an idea regarding your Rottsky’s health and to make sure that they experience it as they age. 

What you need to watch out:

They might have the same health issues as their parents:

  • Osteosarcoma
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Bloating

But they can also encounter these health problems:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

The lifespan of Rottweiler Husky Mix

Rottskies have a lifespan of nine to 14 years because their parents have a long life as well. Rottweilers can live up to nine to 10 years while Siberian Huskies can live up to 12 to 14 years. 

Note: You should always talk to your breeder if you are a first-time dog owner or if you want to adopt another dog breed. Make sure that it’s legal. Getting a crossbreed from a reputable breeder is really recommended. Although compared to others it’s much more expensive, at least you’re sure they’re really well cared for and they’re legit.

Other benefits of getting your dog from a reputable breeder, they will know the dog properly and you can make sure you have someone you can contact if you want to know more about your adopted pet.

If your dog is from a legal dog breeding house, then you can request for your dog’s health certificate and proof of a veterinarian test.

Final thoughts about Rottweiler Husky Mix

If you want to own Rottsky, you need to make sure you can provide them with the things they need like a space to move around. They are active dogs, which means that they love to run and play. They are athletic, so you should be ready to go with them–if you want to adopt this crossbreed, you need to change your “introvert” lifestyle.

Remember that no matter what breed you want to adopt, it is really important to consider your lifestyle as a factor. The way you live should be suitable for the dog you want to adopt. 

Do your homework and assess the dog you’d like to buy. If you think your lifestyle is not appropriate, consider either searching for another breed or crossbreed or changing your own lifestyle so you can take good care of it. 

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