Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers: Why Chewing? Indestructible Dog Ball and Breeds That Are Known As Heavy Chewers

We all could agree to this: there’s no place like home. Going home is such a relaxing thought –  may it be you’re from your school, university, from work, or travel. There’s this feeling that gives us so much joy when we think of going home and being home, eventually.

We come home for various reasons. On the faces of our parents and siblings, wife or husband, and/or children, we expect the joy when they come to see us from a long day or week or even from a holiday. We look forward to home-cooked meals, sincere laughter, and the comfort of each one’s presence inside our home.

And one of the most affectionate reasons we want to come home is to feel and witness the unintentional rudeness and cheerful way our pooches greet us when they see us. They may not want to hurt us, but they (most often than not) leave bruises or marks on our skin because they can’t contain their joy. And that’s the kind of greeting we get every time, and we still don’t complain. Instead, we love them even more.

You’re lucky if you have someone in your house to look after your things and your pooch. What if your pooch is not watched by anyone else? What’s going to happen when you’re away? Or even for a few minutes? Would you trust your pooch that your home is safe with no one to supervise? And, if you’re not home, would you lock your pooch in a cage or kennel? What were your encounters that you don’t think you could trust your pooch again to wander around your home alone?

If owing to an old experience, you find it hard to trust your pet anyway, that’s where dog chew toys come in handy. For fur-parents like us, pet chew toys are helpful. Nevertheless, we need to understand how our pooches resort to chewing, and in most cases they chew whatever attracts their senses, even inedible objects.

Why Do Dogs Love Chewing?

We may think that chewing is a destructive behavior on our dogs, but the truth is, it is not. Chewing, in essence, is one of the important parts of our dogs ‘ teething cycle, particularly on their puppyhood. And as they get older, they keep chewing (or worse, tearing things up at home, no matter what the thing is) because of three reasons: they’re bored, they’re doing it for fun, and it’s their way of releasing bottled-up pressure or energy all day long, which is also called a displacement conduct.

So, instead of reprimanding your puppy or old pooch to chew, give your furbaby something to chew on in the form of a toy or what the market called dog chew toys.

Reasons Why Dogs Destroy Their Chew Toys?

There are two types of pooch chewers: the aggressive chewers (or sometimes referred to as heavy chewers) and the non-aggressive chewers (or gentle chewers).

We probably don’t think much of a stress on our non-aggressive chewers compared to what we have encountered with the harm our aggressive chewers have done. Because of their chewing habits, however, there are damages in our house. And, it’s not recommended to stop it, particularly if they continue to grow. What we can do is to let them chew on the right things like their dog chew toys.

However, even though we purchased a lot of dog chew toys already, they end up tearing and destroying each one we bought. Why is that?

Guides on Purchasing the Right Dog Chew Toys

Size matters. Ensure the right size for your dog is the pet chew toy you purchased. Get your dog’s chew toy bigger than your dog’s mouth. It encourages the right grasp on their paws and they will not be choked, and the dog chew toy can’t be swallowed easily.

Age specification. Check the age specification of a dog chew toy. Some dog chew toys are appropriate only to a certain age group. This makes sure that the toy that you bought won’t damage the aged teeth of your pooch or strain their paws and front legs when holding the toy down.

Determine what kind of chewer your pooch is. As pointed out earlier, your pooch could be either an aggressive chewer or a non-aggressive one. Check the product’s durability, especially for your aggressive chewer. The more the dog chew toy is durable, the more it can be used by your aggressive chewer. It might even last your dog’s lifetime. It’s a great investment!

Types of Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Based on the personality and features of your furball, you will want to know the different types of dog chew toys for dogs, so you’ll know which one is right for your pet, and which one to bring to your dog under different circumstances. You see, if your dog is extra jittery for some reason and you feel like he needs to get it out through his toy, there’s a specific dog chew toy for that. If your dog is up for a slow and mellow afternoon, there is a perfect chew toy for that as well. Here are the various types of dog chew toys:

  • Typical Chew, Toy-this kind of chew toy, is what you see mostly in movies, pet shops and pet grooming stores. It looks like an animated bone in particular, you know how it is. This chew toy is only used by dogs who love gnawing relentlessly on one thing without caring about anything else. With that means, this is not the chew toy for dogs who enjoy interactive toys. Also this chew toy doesn’t work as a toy for tugging or a toy for throwing it’s too heavy for that.
  • Indestructible Dog Ball – it is better to use this form of chew toy as fetching material The chew toy will most please dogs that enjoy engaging activities The ball-like shape makes bite and catch easy for the dog, it’s easy to throw, and it’s going to bounce in ways your dog won’t expect. Even if you throw it in a row for 100th time, it’s still going to please your pet. There are some solid indestructible dog balls. Personally, I enjoy playing a hollow one with my dog because it feels more versatile for me. But you ought to be good to go as long as the product is sturdy This type of chew toy is not optimal for long periods of gnawing and tugging games. Make sure that you keep this toy out of your dog’s reach if you’re not playing with him.
  • Tugging Chew Toy – If you want to play more with your pet and your pet is up to the challenge, then both of you need to get a tugging chew toy As the name suggests, a tugging chew toy is a toy made to be tugged. It has a handle that also serves as the best place for the pet can bite one end when you use it and pull the other. Dogs may also use some tugging chew toys for some long-term gnawing. I am strongly opposed to this, however. If you allow your dog to just gnaw on his tugging chew toy, he might not enjoy tugging it with you anymore and just wait for you to give it back to him to gnaw at.
  • Treat-Hiding Toys – some typical chew toys have this feature. If your dog enjoys rewards, then consider getting one of these. The treat-hiding toy is a chewable toy that can be embellished on the inside with a delicious dog treat. Show it to your dog and watch him try to get as soon as possible to that treat. This is a safe way to deal with any biting issues with your dog and it is a good replacement for typical chew toys if they ever get sick of it.
  • Novel Chew Toys – These chew toys are the physical manifestations of chew toy manufacturers ‘ unbounded creativity. These are the new and innovative chew toys designed and created as you read this sentence. So far, these novel chew toys still don’t suit any of the current definitions, that’s why they get their own. There are some outstanding models out there, so be sure to check them out, and perhaps there’s one that’s perfect for your dog’s needs.

Materials to Look for to Ensure Safety

Like the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the houses we build, we also need to make sure that the materials in your dog’s chew toy or the materials used to make it are safe, strong, helpful to dogs, and just what we want for our furbabies. Here are the things you want for your dog’s chew toys and here are what you need to avoid:

Ideal to have for your dog’s chew toy

  • Thick rope. Rope toys are of great benefit to you and your dog. It is an effective dog toy, and its cleaning is very easy. Even if your dog is strong enough to bite off some of the strands, you will have nothing to worry about if your rope material is thick.
  • Rubber. Settle only for a virtually indestructible rubber. If you have a puppy that is teething, search for soft rubber and not the hard rubber chew toy for adults.

Red flags for your dog’s chew toy

  • Plush toys. In an ideal world, there would be a durable plush toy. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that ideal world. Plush toys are nice and cute, but an aggressive chewer will be able to break it 100%. If it breaks, there’s no stopping your dog from consuming what’s inside.
  • Squeaker toys. I strongly discourage you from buying squeaker toys, however they are extremely calming for your pet. They’re going to break like Plush toys. Nothing can stop a diligent dog from biting through the surface just to get to the thing inside the toy that squeaks. If your dog accidentally swallows it, your dog may need surgery to remove it safely and avoid further damage in your dog system.

Breeds that are Known as Heavy Chewers

Some dog breeds are innately more aggressive than others, especially when it comes to chewing. If you have one or more of these dogs, you should definitely consider buying a big, strong, and durable chew toy:

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